Monday, June 01, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend times 2

Last week there were no updates. Memorial Day and four month shots are to blame. If it weren't for a really snuggle baby all week something might have gotten done, but because there was nothing did.
First, Hazel turned four months old on the 22nd! Four months? Yes.

Last weekend Brand's sister got married.  It all seemed like a pretty quick day.  Mesa Temple, 9:45 pictures and Bahama Bucks after. Luncheon at 1:00, and then it was nap time. Hazel doesn't always believe in the idea of a family nap, but we got her to sleep sooner rather than later. Pictures before the reception at 6:30 and then reception at 7.  It was a beautiful wedding, Ash looked so beautiful in her dress, she looked just like a princess. I loved her flowers, the flower filled arch was heavenly, so beautiful and filled to the brim.  The location was practically perfect, and so was the weather, being outside on May 23 was quite wonderful.  We left the reception early on account of Hazel needing a real good nap, and that wasn't happening at the reception with the dj on full blast. 

Sunday and Monday were extra fun, Brand's brother and sister-in-law were in town with their kids and we got to spend some extra time with them. Memorial day was a blast, loaded with lots of family time and some of the cutest babies. Hazel went swimming for her first time, she wasn't sure what was going on and seemed quite confused as to why other people were allowed in the big bathtub with her. 
This weekend we had Brand home. It was the first weekend we had him alllllmost all to ourselves. It was wonderful and so very nice to be able to spend time with him. We took Hazel to one of our old haunts -Cheesecake Factory.  We went to the mall, went looking for rocking chairs, and spent some quality time playing and laughing. Hazel is quite the social gal here at home. 

Saturday Hazel was on tv, before I had her I was on a local tv show that showed off homeless pets. It's the funnest show ever! I think she was the star of the show. 

Sunday was a nice day of rest, with church, and then a little nap, and family dinner to follow. I love the weekend and I love that Brand is kind-of on a break from school. It's so nice to have him home. Only three more years of school! But, let me tell you that I absolutely don't like saying that because that means Hazel will be 3 by the time he is done. It's all going to go by so darn quick. 


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