Friday, May 08, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

Just look at those sleepy eyes.

I'm getting to this rather late. This week Hazel has been enjoying nap time with mom... back to her newborn days where she only likes to take naps in my arms. I'll take what I can get. So needless to say this whole week -and last week- I haven't gotten much accomplished. 

Last weekend Brand's brother and his family came to town for a bridal shower and a baby blessing. It was a fun weekend, Hazel met her Uncle, Auntie and cousins for the first time -her Auntie has the magic touch and Hazel fell asleep in her arms twice -this mom was raising the roof.  We went to Brand's sister's bridal shower -we got there late because once again miss Hazel was boycotting nap time so I decided we were just going to go and she could fall asleep when she was tired, which she did.  

Later we had some fun cousin time with all 9 of Hazel's cousins -this girl already has more cousins then I do.  It was almost like a circus Saturday night, kids running up and down the stairs, through the house, around the kitchen island, and out the back door. At one point one side of the stairs was covered in blankets which they were pretending to be a "trap". Little did they know it really was a slippery trap that no one dared to climb.

Sunday was Hazel's blessing. The girl slept in till 9:45. Silly me though, I should have woken her up at her normal time because it threw off the whole morning.  Brand gave her blessing and it was beautiful, she squawked at first, but that's because her pacifier fell out... have I discussed this pacifier thing? Girlfriend is addicted! But, once the pacifier was in she was quite content, Annnnd because our morning was thrown off by a late sleep in, nap time at church was non existent, except for when she fell asleep five minutes before sacrament meeting ended.  Which was short lived because we went outside to take pictures and the bright-mean-ole-sun woke her up.  That afternoon she slept for almost three house. You go girl!

Sunday night was more family and cousins running through the house. We love being with family and hanging out with them. Such a fun weekend to have Brand's brother's family visit. 


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