Wednesday, April 15, 2015

the pearl earrings

Easter weekend little Hazel got her ears pierced.  A few days, maybe even a week leading up to the whole thing I was almost as anxious as I was when she was getting her shots.  I had heard that the ear pierce cry is quite the same as the shots cry and I was not ready for that again. Hazel did really well though, I was very happily surprised. 
Saturday morning we met with the kids that I nannied, it was their first time meeting Hazel and it was going to be a very special day.  The girls didn't know they were getting their ears pierced and they were very happily surprised when they found out. We had Hazel go first, just in case her cry was like the shots, we wanted to be able to calm her down.  
So, Hazel went first -she was sleeping and it was a really rude awakening -but she did so good! They marked her ears, we made sure the marks were even, and looked right, and then, one, two, three her ears were pierced. She cried for just a little bit, no tears, I held her, her daddy took this picture and made her smile. She loves her earrings. We got video of the whole thing, because the question always seems to be: when I got my ears pierced did I cry? So, to answer the question, yes Hazel, you cried, but you didn't shed a tear -and let's go watch the video. 
Also, let's talk about the pearl earring.  Brand picked it out. He picked it out when we walked by pagoda months ago, maybe you remember me talking about it. It was the very sweetest thing, and so that's the story, he picked them out and they will forever be her very first earrings that daddy picked. 
At first I couldn't stop looking at her earrings, thinking about how much bigger they make her look -and they really do. But I love it, just another tradition us girls have -middle name, check. ears pierced at two months, check.  Oh how I love this sweet little Hazel of mine.



  1. She is so cute! I have three girls, twins who are almost 4 and a 22 month old, I haven't decided when we'll do their ears yet

  2. What a little cutie! My baby sister got her ears pierced a few weeks ago--she's 8 already, but I can't believe how much more grown up she looks to me with her little earrings!



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