Monday, April 13, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend.

Welcome Monday. I've got big plans for this week... not really.  Just the same kinds of things. Ya know. Today is my brother's birthday, he is serving a mission I Honduras and I miss him like crazy! That has nothing to do with my weekend, but I do, I really do miss him -hey, it's what I'm thinking about!

So, this weekend was pretty fun for us girls. My SIL is getting married next month so little Hazel and I went shopping for our dresses. As we were heading out of the mall we were going down the elevator -I've never been to reliant on these things, but when you can't take your stroller down an escalator...  ...So we were in the elevator and I asked Hazel if she was having fun shopping with me and ^^^ was her response. A karate chop, yes mamma I am!  She's so very honest these days.

Saturday was more shopping, and visiting. We went to a boutique that had loads of shops and it was lots of fun. Let's just say I've found Hazel lots of first birthday presents. Lots. We visited family, and friends, and we even got to go on a dinner date with dad! We were busy girls this weekend.
Obviously Sunday was a day of rest. (It's weird that you can see the veins in her head so well.) Hazel slept through some of church, but she's in this phase where she doesn't want to fall asleep because she is afraid she'll miss something -that's what I think anyways. Sunday at church I talked to my SIL about nap times -she's a pro with this baby thing- and after talking to her I decided it was time for me to try and get little Hazel to take a nap in her own bed -just a nap... I'm not ready for her to sleep there at night. After the second try of her waking up it seemed to be a success.  This means two things. One, Hazel sleeps better and gets a good sleep.  Two, I can actually get something done during the day. I'm kind-of not liking this in-your-own-bed nap thing. I seem to be more worried that she isn't breathing, or I just want to go in and look at her. It's also probably the fact that she is growing up and I want her to want to cuddle with me when she sleeps.  It's all a give and take really.

Oh, and she also wore another one of my dresses to church. I love these little vintage dresses. They are so fluffy and sweet.  A little girl at church described Hazel as a itty bitty baby with a really pretty dress. She's right. But, she forgot to add how cute she is.

And I'm not sorry that my weekends are always about my girl, she's our life now. Also, what's crocheting and when can I pick up a hook again?! I'm depriving myself of a little crocheting. Oh well. (:

Happy Monday!


  1. She is so adorable and looks just like you!

  2. She's so precious! You never have to apologize for sharing pics of her!

  3. Thank you! And I must say it's my very favorite when people say she looks just like me. It makes my day!

  4. Thank you! I think she looks like a little flapper in that outfit! (:

  5. Thank you! Good because I can't stop!

  6. Sweet pics. I love the name Hazel!

  7. Your baby is so cute!! Thank you for sharing, I wish you all the best.

  8. Awww, what a sweet little face Hazel has! I have some of the clothes/dresses I wore as a baby--my girls use them as doll clothes now :) I got a couple of pictures of the girls in them before they got too big. So sweet! Looks like a great weekend to me :)



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