Thursday, March 19, 2015

two months old

headband: feathersandpoppyseeds, dress: mine when I was a baby, bracelet: gifted, socks: me
8 weeks old

It all seems like we are getting the hang of things around here -both Hazel and I. We've developed a routine and it is working pretty darn well. Little Hazel is growing strong and is learning so much, it's fun to see her do new things.  And poop, I never knew how happy I would be to change a poopy diaper. I think one of my most favorite things is seeing her in the morning all bright eyed and happy because she got some good rest. These kinds of mornings are the best because she gives the biggest smiles -they are the best, sweetest smiles. 

At two months old Hazel: 

Likes to hold things, usually my hair, a blanket, or someones fingers. 

Still hates tummy time, but is getting better every day. 

Still prefers to take naps when being held, but she will occasionally take a nap in her swing. 

Is starting to roll onto her side.

Has started breaking out o her swaddle at night, this makes for a lot of waking up.

Can sleep for 6 hours at night.

Loves to blow bubbles.

Is starting to grow her hair back, and it seems to be a darker red. (:

(and of course all the other things she did at one month old)

Boy do we love our girl.



  1. She is just precious!! And I love the name! Hazel is strong but feminine and timeless. I'm glad you guys are getting a routine down. I hope you are having a blast being a new mama—congrats!

  2. Omg she is so precious!!! Seriously, she's beautiful! Yay for 2 months!

  3. She is the cutest! I miss this stage! Every moment is so sweet!



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