Sunday, March 08, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

Brand had spring break last week, so needless to say my weekend turned into a week. We didn't do much, a whole lot of hanging out,  running errands, and watching end upon end of white collar -we didn't complain. I'm sure going to miss him this week when he goes back to school. 

We did however have a meet up with these three cousins. If you remember back in September I talked about how little Hazel was going to have 2 girl cousins her same age. Well, these three girls got together this week and I cannot begin to describe how excited these pictures make me feel. It's going to be so fun to see them grow. I wonder how long till they are all the same size. One of my favorite pictures of these girls is this one below. Doesn't it look like Hazel is telling Ruby a little secret? These girls are going to be some kind of trouble aren't they.
Hazel has become quite a good sleeper at night. One night this week she almost slept for 6 hours straight. It's the most wonderful thing and it really surprises me that I can survive on such little sleep. The one thing that Hazel really seems to love is routine. She thrives on it and it's great because I'm one in the same.

This little girl is growing so quick and time is just flying by, she is doing so much! This morning we came out to the family room -at our routine time- and we were sitting there hanging out when all of a sudden I feel something warm and wet on my leg. Sure enough she escaped her diaper and was going potty on me -I blame it on the diaper, these Huggies are not my favorite we've really just had a bunch of problems with them.  Anyways, I was changing her and talking to her and she gave me the ^^above face. One sweet smile and lots of chatting.  Boy, I love this girl! 



  1. Awww... I love that there are three girl cousins! Caleb has a boy cousin due in May and then another cousin (on the same side of the family) due in June. My brother and his wife aren't finding out what they're having but we're hoping it's a boy so there can be three little guys all the same age running around together.

  2. Oh man! That's so fun! It's going to be neat to have all these cousins the same age! Crossing my fingers it's a boy!! (:



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