Tuesday, March 31, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

I feel like a failure at these weekend posts, because it's not just about my weekend especially when my week feels like the whole weekend. Have I told you yet that I absolutely love being a mom? Well, there it is again, just in case I hadn't said it enough. I do love, love it. the thick and thin, from the mountain of laundry that I still need to fold, to the poop covered pajamas I have sitting waiting to be cleaned. Things seems to have a less of a priority now-a-days. 

Hazel got her shots last week (Monday) and she absolutely hated it. She screamed, not a baby scream it was a real little girl scream. I couldn't believe the lungs on this girl. I think that she realized she has a voice because all week shes has been much more vocal. Monday afternoon we snuggled and she slept the rest of the day... and night, and only woke up to eat. Monday night she got a fever, 100.8 of course I was a little worried -first parent syndrome- we gave her some baby Tylenol and her fever dropped. Tuesday was much the same, more snuggling and sleeping. Needless to say we got nothing accomplished. Who cares. 
We went on our first date night since sweet little Hazel was born. And we sat in an actual resturant instead of getting takeout and eating it in the car -we did that for a while this whole rsv thing.  It was so much fun. We loved it, and lets just say if Hazel acts like this every time we go out to eat then who needs a baby sitter?! Haha, I know, I know, it doesn't last long. We had fun though, I pretty sure we mostly talked about Hazel, it's difficult not to though really. Also, pancakes are not the same when they don't have chocolate chips in them... 

Sunday Hazel stayed at church for the whole three hours and this is her face after.  It's difficult to get a clear picture when she has all her limbs flailing. She is such a happy little baby, we couldn't have asked for anything better.And yes, for the record I held her the entire time, except for maybe 10 minutes when Brand held her. I love this girl and cannot get enough of her smile. 

This week she started laughing at us. It's seriously the best. She has the cutest giggle and the smile that comes with it is like a flirty kind of thing. She makes girly high pitched noises and tries so hard to say things. She's getting so very long and has legs for days! 

How was your weekend?!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

March seems to be birthday month around these parts and Saturday was my mom's birthday. We spent the morning at breakfast celebrating her -Brand was studying of course, darn you dental school. Hazel did really well at the restaurant, she is such a good baby, I don't know how we got so lucky to have such a perfect little girl. She was nice and content giving smiles and all, until she got hungry of course. I don't blame her, I get a bit grumpy when I'm hungry too! The rest of Saturday seems to be kind of a blur, we went shopping and then came home and took a good nap, well Hazel took a nap (:
Sunday was Hazel's first day of church -we went for the first hour and are going to work our way up. She did really well, was awake for half the time, and asleep for the rest. We realized that she'd never seen so many people in one place before so she might have stayed awake just to be nosey - she's kind of the neighborhood-block-watch around these parts.  Of course Brandon and I held her the whole time, she didn't have her shots yet and it was her first day of church. Honestly though, that's how I'll be for quite a while.  I've waited so many years to have a baby and call me silly, but I've always dreamt  about holding my baby at church and in public. Maybe it's because I've seen so many other moms hold their babies and it's just been something I've imagined for a very long time. But let's just say I don't care if my arms fall off from holding her so long, I'd do it all day... oh wait, I do! (:


Thursday, March 19, 2015

two months old

headband: feathersandpoppyseeds, dress: mine when I was a baby, bracelet: gifted, socks: me
8 weeks old

It all seems like we are getting the hang of things around here -both Hazel and I. We've developed a routine and it is working pretty darn well. Little Hazel is growing strong and is learning so much, it's fun to see her do new things.  And poop, I never knew how happy I would be to change a poopy diaper. I think one of my most favorite things is seeing her in the morning all bright eyed and happy because she got some good rest. These kinds of mornings are the best because she gives the biggest smiles -they are the best, sweetest smiles. 

At two months old Hazel: 

Likes to hold things, usually my hair, a blanket, or someones fingers. 

Still hates tummy time, but is getting better every day. 

Still prefers to take naps when being held, but she will occasionally take a nap in her swing. 

Is starting to roll onto her side.

Has started breaking out o her swaddle at night, this makes for a lot of waking up.

Can sleep for 6 hours at night.

Loves to blow bubbles.

Is starting to grow her hair back, and it seems to be a darker red. (:

(and of course all the other things she did at one month old)

Boy do we love our girl.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dear Hazel,

 Hazel: outfit: Carters, pacifier clip: ryanandrose, hairbow: feathersandpoppyseeds

You are my favorite girl. I tell you this at least ten times a day, at least.  Every time I do it's always the same. Hazel, did you know you're mom's favorite girl, you are, you really, really are. And each time you give me the sweetest little smile, sometimes the smile is bigger or sometimes it's just a little one, but every time I love it.

During the day you only want to be held. It isn't for too long that I can lay you down on the ground -with you surrounded by all your toys- till you start squawking because you aren't in my arms. I don't mind, really I don't. I love holding you and cuddling you, because I know you are one day going to grow out of this stage where you want me to hold you -I'm not looking forward to it by the way. So sometimes I lay down by you and I hold the toys in the air and we look at them and talk. This usually ends up with me taking videos of us laying side by side -see video here- and you squawking some more because you can see my face in the camera and you're wondering why I'm not holding you. Hazel, you make me feel special. 

On our car rides I sit in the back with you, maybe it's because I'm worried you'll choke or maybe it's because I just want to sit back there with you -you decide. While your dad sits up front driving us around we sit, again side by side, and you just stare at me with those big blue eyes -they are killer. I stare right on back, talking with you and holding your hand. Occasionally you'll have your pacifier in and occasionally, when I talk and smile at you, you'll stop sucking on your pacifier, spit it out and give me that big smile you've become famous for.  

I must admit, I love it when someone else is holding you and I catch your eye and you smile at me instead.  Or when I start talking and you look in my direction. I love you my Hazel. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love you, how long I've waited to be your mom. I'd go through all the hard times to be right here where we are, right here with my most favorite little girl. 


Sunday, March 08, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

Brand had spring break last week, so needless to say my weekend turned into a week. We didn't do much, a whole lot of hanging out,  running errands, and watching end upon end of white collar -we didn't complain. I'm sure going to miss him this week when he goes back to school. 

We did however have a meet up with these three cousins. If you remember back in September I talked about how little Hazel was going to have 2 girl cousins her same age. Well, these three girls got together this week and I cannot begin to describe how excited these pictures make me feel. It's going to be so fun to see them grow. I wonder how long till they are all the same size. One of my favorite pictures of these girls is this one below. Doesn't it look like Hazel is telling Ruby a little secret? These girls are going to be some kind of trouble aren't they.
Hazel has become quite a good sleeper at night. One night this week she almost slept for 6 hours straight. It's the most wonderful thing and it really surprises me that I can survive on such little sleep. The one thing that Hazel really seems to love is routine. She thrives on it and it's great because I'm one in the same.

This little girl is growing so quick and time is just flying by, she is doing so much! This morning we came out to the family room -at our routine time- and we were sitting there hanging out when all of a sudden I feel something warm and wet on my leg. Sure enough she escaped her diaper and was going potty on me -I blame it on the diaper, these Huggies are not my favorite we've really just had a bunch of problems with them.  Anyways, I was changing her and talking to her and she gave me the ^^above face. One sweet smile and lots of chatting.  Boy, I love this girl! 


Monday, March 02, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

It sure seems like it's difficult to take a picture of a moving little lady, I never knew pictures could be so blurry.

So, last week Brand had finals, and of course he rocked them... I didn't expect anything less! He is the smartest and if one thing is for sure I hope little Hazel shares these same smarts!  So, this week we have Brand all to ourselves. How lucky are we?!  

The weekend was nice, Hazel doesn't like taking naps unless she is being held. I'm not just being silly, I'm completely serious. I rock her to sleep and then set her down she wakes right up and won't go back to sleep -unless I hold her. I really don't mind holding her all the time, because I know one day she wont want to be held and these times are already flying by so I'm really trying to enjoy them! 

But this weekend with extra hands -and right now, I'm actually blogging- It's nice to have a helper. 
 Our weekends really consist of hanging out for the time being. I'm still paranoid about all these germs -rsv, influenza, you know- and I'm not ready for my little Hazel to be sick.  So we've had lazy weekends at home, driving around in the car with dad is the most action we really see. But, it's all for the good. 
Happy Monday!



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