Friday, January 30, 2015

one week old

me: top: f21
Hazel: outfit: carter's, socks:me, hair bow: feathersandpoppyseeds

It's sure hard to believe that our little girl is already a week  old. I would be lying if I said that I didn't cry the night before the day she turned a week old. I was staring at her and holding her while she slept and I couldn't help but think about how long I've waited to be a mom, it was finally here. I just love this little bitty girl of mine,

Hazel likes to take baths, especially when the water is warm and the heater is on in the bathroom. She likes to fall asleep in your arms because she likes to be all warm and toasty. She knows the sounds of her mom and dad's voices. She loves the pacifier the hospital gave her. Hazel loves to smile when she sleeps, but sometimes she has sad dreams too and gives a big pouty lip.

Hazel doesn't like having her diaper changed -those wipes are too cold for her. She doesn't like getting changed - like her clothes, she sure puts up a fight.  She likes to ride in the car,but doesn't like when the car stops.  She did really well getting her heel pricked and didn't cry one bit.

Hazel is a calm, sweet, happy baby girl and we are lucky to call her our own


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hazel Anne

Welcome to the world Hazel Anne, my-oh-my how long we've waited for you.

January 22, 2015 5:19 pm
7 pounds 4 ounces
19 inches long


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

an induction worth waiting for

40 weeks

So here I sit on the couch waiting for 10 pm to roll around. Tonight we are being induced, unless someone bumps us that is, and I cannot even start to describe all the things that are going through my mind. Tomorrow I'm going to be a mom. As I type those words I get all teary eyed. You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment. 

Waiting for the arrival of a baby really gets you thinking. First I think about how different my life is going to be once she gets here. This morning I slept in real late because who knows when I'm going to be able to do that again. I took my time getting out of bed and didn't even get ready till noon, noon people! This house is going to change so much with this little girl's arrival,  I sit here and think of how nice and quiet it is right now and I'm enjoying it for the last time. I think about how clean my house is right now and I'm enjoying it for the last time. I sit and think about how it's our last night being just us, just Brandon and Alyssa, taking a mental image and soaking it all in. But with all these lasts I think about how extremely grateful I am for this little baby, holy cow am I ever so grateful and excited for this new time in our lives. 

Then I think about how all these little movements I'm feeling in my belly -the ones that only both of us know about- I'm not going to feel it anymore, it's like a secret club we're in. For the past few weeks I've been missing these movements and I'm still pregnant. Maybe it's the knowing. There's something special about being able to carry a baby in your belly, I swear there is no other feeling like it. The hiccups, the kicks, the elbows, and everything in between. 

Then I think about her getting bigger and growing up. My first thought goes to when my brother comes home from his mission, she'll be 18 months old and I cannot even imagine that. I think about her first words, first smile, first tooth, and I think about how I already want to freeze time and keep her little. 
I think about seeing Brand hold her for the first time, and holy cow there go the tears again.  This little girl will have him wrapped around her finger in no time. I cannot wait to see him be a dad, oh what an awesome dad he is going to be.

Oh, how I'm so excited, anxious, nervous, and anything else you can think of, to have this sweet little baby in my arms. 


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

we've waited for you for our whole lives

top: jcpenny: cardigan: kohls, maternity jeans: ross, flats:toms
28 weeks /and 5 days)

I don't think there will ever be words to describe how excited we are for the arrival of this little girl. 
And I don't think there will ever be any words to help her or anyone else know how long we've truly been waiting for this moment. 
It's true, it took some time to get to where we are -waiting for this girl to show up. 
We prayed, pondered, fasted, did most things you could think of. 
When I look back on the times we struggled, watching our family and friends have babies, hearing of abortions, and seeing all these teenagers get pregnant, I just think that it wasn't our time yet. 
Everything happens for a reason and He has a plan for us all. 
I'm so grateful for this wonderful blessing that will soon come to our home. 
I'm grateful for all the hard times that we've had to overcome, and for all the strength we've gained through it. 
For some odd reason I wouldn't change it for the world because if there's anything I've learned over these past several years it's just that. 
There's a purpose for everything that happens in our lives, to learn and grow. 

our baby shower

Back in December my mom threw us a baby shower. One thing you must know about my mom is that she is an excellent party planner, sometimes I think she could make a great living planning parties and using other people's money.  When she plans parties, one this is for sure, you'll have the cutest decorations with every bit of anything places just exactly where it should be. Sometimes  I wonder where she learned these perfecting tricks.

So our baby shower was a little family party, close relatives from my side and others from Brand's. It was such a fun time being with everyone, having them see my little "basketball". I loved all the compliments and I loved that everyone loved the decorations. It was such a wonderful time to celebrate this new little life that would be coming oh so soon. 

My mom decorated the shower to match this little girl's bedroom, her colors are teal-blue, coral, peach, and accents of gold. There was a wall of some of her clothes draped like bunting, with mine and Brand's baby pictures underneath with her little shoes, and then some of the barbies that I played with when I was little.  You can bet crochet blanket were present, although I didn't bring her nursery blanket that I made -selfish of me, but I didn't want it to get ruined. We had balloons, beautiful wreaths, delicious food, wonderful decorations, and of course great company. It was such a great time to be with family and enjoy the last bit of time we had before this little girl gets here. 

My mom did such a wonderful job with everything and I cannot thank her enough for all the effort and planning that went into this shower. It all means the world to me! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

 40 weeks
Friday night sunset after walking up the stairs

Holy cow you guys, baby girl was due Friday, but she never showed up. No matter how many natural labor inducers we tried I was still dilated the same. Friday we walked the upstairs level and downstairs level of the mall, up and down three flights of stairs three times, around Brand's school twice, walked the top level of the parking garage, ate spicy buffalo wings and pineapple. Saturday we just walked around a lot. Sunday night we did the "curb walk", went up and down three flights of stairs three times, walked Brand's school, walked the top level of the parking garage three times and ran like five paces -I wasn't about to run anymore it just didn't feel good. 
So we went to the doctors earlier this morning and my doctor said there was absolutely no progress in dilation and that we were just going to schedule an induction. Boy was I relieved! This whole pregnancy has been so nice, it has been pretty easy for me and I really don't have anything to complain about. I guess I am just very blessed with a body that handles pregnancy well. But, this last week I've been so uncomfortable, I've dropped completely, and there seems to be no more room in there for this little girl and boy do I feel bad for her. Just imagine being all kinds of scrunched up in this tiny space. Gosh. 
Anyways anyone have any good induction tips to share? 
I'm sure excited to meet this little girl and I cannot wait to see what she looks like! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

because you just can't reach

jean jacket: old (seriously from 7th grade),  maternity top: target, maternity jeans: ross, flats: jcpenny
37 weeks

So, with a big accessory -also known as a belly- things can get pretty unfortunate and uncomfortable around here. There seems to be a few things that just can't be done because you simply can't reach. 
Good luck trying to paint your toe nails, because you just can't reach. 
For that matter, good luck trying to cut your toe nails, it's the most awkward thing, because you just can't reach.
Shaving your legs might be a thing of the past, I've tried shaving my legs many different ways - it can be difficult to balance on one leg and bend over,  but try to make sure you're pregnant during the cold months because you just can't reach.
Do you wear shoes that have laces, or any other shoe that you can't just slip on? Well, now you don't. Bending over to tie your shoes feels like you're bending your baby in fourths (fourths because they are pretty much in half already -poor babies). It hurts and you get all out of breath and finally you realize that you just can't reach. 
Putting on socks, or pants for that matter, starts getting pretty tricky too. You'll find that sitting down works best, but just the other day I had to ask Brand to help me put on my pants one day... tmi? Really though, I just couldn't reach! 

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Tuesday, January 06, 2015


maternity top: target, cardigan: target, leggings: c/o simple addiction,
36 weeks

Watching: The Bachelor, the question might be who isn't, but all I've got to say is I'm excited to spend my Tuesday mornings with my little girl watching The Bachelor. Haha! Great mother daughter quality time that's for sure. 

Crocheting: Starting some baby shoes/booties. I can't believe I forgot to make them before now. Better get to it before this girl gets here. 

Anticipating: Her birthday. My-oh-my how time sure has flown by. I feel like she could show up any day now... and she really can. I feel like I'm mentally prepared for her, just maybe not physically prepared  -blame it on laundry

Listening to: Well, last week I was still listening to Christmas music and yesterday when I was getting ready for our maternity pictures I was listening to Taylor Swift's new cd. 

Thinking about: When this baby will be here. Is Brandon going to be taking a test? Will he be done with his presentation? Will I be woken up? Sometimes I wish I had a magic eight ball that would tell me the answer. 

Feeling thankful: For such a healthy pregnancy. For all the non-nausea days and the few food aversions. 

Wanting: Chocolate, this whole pregnancy I've wanted chocolate every day.  Also, recently I've been craving apples -it's a first- it's probably a good thing to crave healthy foods, and it actually makes me feel a bit better about my snack choices.

Enjoying:  Time by myself. I'm soaking it all in and enjoying every bit of it. 

Wondering: What she is going to look like, and will she be bald? It would be okay if she was because I've got loads of bows waiting for her. (:

Smelling: Tangelos. In our backyard we have a lemon tree, a grapefruit tree, and a tangelo tree. So this morning to beef up on some good ole vitamin c I juiced 12 tangelos and our house smells so wonderful! 

Wearing: Leggings, long shirt and a long cardigan. I can't be in anything but leggings, I swear if I wear pants it feels like it's cutting off my circulation and it's just so uncomfortable. I guess it's leggings for the next several months -I don't mind that's for sure. (These are some of my favorites if you are wondering - 1  2  3)

Following: Any giveaway that has anything to do with baby stuff. I'm starting to break the bank with all the accessories I'm purchasing for this little one, and so I'm really crossing my fingers that I will win some of these giveaways! 

Feeling: SO many emotions come up when you are waiting for a little one to get here. I'm anxious, excited, nervous, and worried all in the same moment. I cannot wait to meet this little one that has been growing in my belly for the past  months. Pregnancy is such an amazing experience, the whole thing is so amazing.  A new life is about to begin and I have full responsibility to keep her strong, healthy, and to teach her all that I know. What a huge responsibility, but really I'm so excited to meet her!


If you're looking for really comfortable fleece leggings, or just some really cute comfortable patterned ones head here. Like I said, I'm practically living in these leggings and they are so warm and comfortable. I purchased the mocha, black and gray colored ones, the best kind of leggings I've had!


Monday, January 05, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend.

 38 weeks

So this weekend I gained another SIL, Brand's brother got married! They were the cutest couple, and her dress was absolutely amazing!  It was a fun day to celebrate them and be with family. They got married in the Phoenix Temple, and this little girl was all excited to be able to be there for it. She was wiggling around in my belly and going all kinds of crazy -silly little girl she is. The luncheon was super cute and vintage, and I couldn't stop taking pictures of it. The reception was super fun and I think my favorite part was watching the little nieces and nephews dance, boy were they cutting a rug. Sometimes I wonder where they learn these awesome dance moves. 
Saturday my contractions were something else, I could have sworn that she was going to make her big debut, but it seems as thought she is comfortable  right where she is, which is fine because Brand has two tests and a presentation this week. If we were honest, Friday afternoon would be a perfect time to have a baby -here that little one... friday afternoon. 
I'm finally finishing up her laundry. Boy this girl has the most clothes I've ever seen, shes's got more of everything than I do. She wont be naked even for a minute the whole first year of her life. For real. 
The weekend was great, and now I'm ready to get things done this week to prepare for this little person's arrival. 


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