Thursday, October 30, 2014

what I wore: the glucose test

top: c/o PinkBlush Maternity, leggings: c/o PinkBlush Maternity, bracelet: c/o Tiny Dazzles, watch: no longer sold (similar), flats: JcPenny (similar)
28 weeks

Sometimes it's hard to find clothes when you're pregnant, and it's not just with the way things fit. For some reason maternity clothes tend to be double the price of regular clothes which seems extremely ridiculous.  Thankfully I've found the best kind of store that sells inexpensive trendy clothes. Pink Blush Maternity and for all my non pregnant friends there is a Pink Blush Womens, and this week on Pink Blush there's a 20% off coupon code that you can redeem. Seriously you guys, they have the cutest clothes and it's such an expensive price.

I'm loving my crochet maternity top, leggings and this scarf -outfit photos coming soon with the scarf, I couldn't distract from this awesome top!  I love the leggings, they are the thick kind perfect for winter and for not being see-through. The crochet top is absolutely amazing, such detail and the fringe... the fringe!


So, this week was the glucose test -I've been dreading it for the past 8 weeks.  Everyone -well most everyone- told me all the negatives about it, how horrible the drink tasted, and how they had to do a three hour test. I'm starting to feel like I can't trust certain people about these topics. For me the drink just tasted like a really sugary orange slice soda, and there was no three hour test in an uncomfortable room.

The part I hated the most was the needle. I hate needles, so Brand went with me for moral support -he's my hero.  So the phlebotomist who usually is there is super nice and knows that I'm the biggest sissy. With my luck she took the day off, so I had a substitute phlebotomist, I mean really? Of all times. The lady wasn't very nice, I kept warning her that I almost passed out last time and that I'm a big sissy with needles, she didn't really seem to care. She told me that I needed to grow up because I was going to have a baby. How rude. Some people man. 

Lastly, this little girl has two favorite spots to sit, it's the funniest thing ever.  She knows what she wants.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Foster Farms Crispy Strips

I'm a sucker for chicken strips, and chicken nuggets, really I'm a kid at heart -serious, at restaurants I order off the kids menu. So trying these new Foster Farms Crispy Strips was something I couldn't resist. These meals come in a variety of assortments, from Orange Chicken, to Chicken Nuggets, Foster Farms offers a variety of 100 percent all natural frozen cooked products to meet busy consumers’ needs One of the cool things about Foster Farms is that there are never any added hormones or steroids in our Frozen Cooked Chicken products. 

Foster Farms has been around Since 1939, being one of the main suppliers for premium quality chicken products.

One of the things I liked about the chicken strips was the taste, they were not greasy or fried tasting, they were crispy and the chicken was so tender and delicious. This product worked great for Brand and I because we like our chicken different and we were able to make it how we wanted. Brand likes Buffalo Chicken so he added Buffalo sauce to his and I'm a traditional ketchup girl, it was a perfect Sunday afternoon/after church meal!

Visit to check out the other chicken assortment meals!

This post was sponsored by Foster Farms, but the views are mine.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

what I wore: make a statement

top: mom's closet not maternity, maternity jeans: motherhood (similar), sandals: target, necklace: tiny-dazzles, bracelet: tiny-dazzles,  
27 weeks

Sometimes when you're pregnant getting dressed can be a real big pain and it's nice to have a few pregnancy staples.  Seriously though, I had this same problem before I was pregnant so it really includes everyone that has a hard time picking out outfits! 

My current favorite closet staple? The statement necklace -with a coordination bracelet of course.

A few weeks back I was trying to find a skirt to wear to church -or somewhere fancy I can't remember- and I tried on a handful of my fancy dresses and skirts and I looked like a tuna boat in each and every outfit. Nothing fit me. The same happens with my normal -might you say- outfits I find myself reverting back to my favorite plain-ole white-t almost every time.

But the best part about this?  Put on a plain-white-t with a patterned skirt, or with your favorite skinny jeans, add a statement necklace and bracelet and you're golden. I mean, really it's wonderful. 

Because we love statement necklaces so much my friends at Tiny-Dazzles are bringing you an awesome coupon code to use for the next week.  Use code Dawson25 to get 25% off your Tiny-Dazzles purchase.  Stock  up on statement necklaces and bracelets for the holidays, and treat yourself to something nice. 

Here are a few ways I've worn my favorite Tiny-Dazzles necklaces.  

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend

I mean really, these weeks have been flying by so quickly! Just as Saturday comes around I think, wow, now I'm 27 week along, I wonder how fast time will fly when she gets here.  For the most part I can hardly remember my weekend. I know I had a date night with Brand, we bought a baby outfit and went to the mall to see the puppies, I've been very forgetful lately.  I do know -because of this picture- that I made dinner at school and the kitchen smelled wonderful for it. 
This weekend I had my very first pregnancy dream, it was as odd as they say they ever are. We were at the doctor's office getting a sonogram, except this one was a very high tech 4D sonogram where a life like doctor came out with a baby in their arms saying it was "our baby".  It was extremely weird, and she didn't look like our baby, I mean yeah she didn't have any hair -I'm thinking ours wont- but she wasn't our baby.  And that's it for weird pregnancy dream number one. 
Friday I had an itch to make this elephant, the picture I saw made me think she was going to be muuuuuch smaller than what she appears to be. She's huge! So, now I'm not so sure where her place is going to be in the nursery, I'll let you know how it works out.

And for something super weird.  In our apartment I made chocolate chip cookies at least every other week for Brand as a treat to ease the pain the masters program brought. They were delicious cookies and they always turned out perfect -I'm not bragging, they are the easiest cookies to make.  But ever since we moved to this house it's been the exact opposite. The mixture has been so liquid-y and abnormal at best.  So I decided to give it a go again last night, and they turned out! I was so happy and kind of frustrated at all the other times it didn't work. I blame it on this house, is that a thing? Anyways Brand was excited to say the least.

Happy.... Tuesday?!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

awkward and awesome

top (maternity)/cardigan: ross, maternity jeans: ross, sandals: target (similar), necklace: cents of style, watch: no longer sold (similar) belt: nordstrom rack
26 weeks

- I don't know if this is considered awkward or awesome, buuuut my belly button is starting to pop out.  I'm really starting to embrace this whole changing body thing, it's almost like I'm back in seventh grade -I guess it's not really that awkward.
- I told a lady the names we are thinking of for our baby, her response: Well, you better make sure you give her a normal middle name in case she doesn't like her first name.
- I've got loads of mosquito bites on my legs, so many that I look like a leper -I-kid-you-not.
- People staring at you in public. They are thinking: So, is she pregnant or does she just have a gut?
- I'm starting to waddle, this cannot happen I'm only 26 weeks along.

- We went to our second prenatal specialist sonogram appointment this week to check out the "cyst" or what we've been calling the bubble. Our little one wasn't very cooperative and had her rear up where the bubble was supposed to be so it was kind of hard to get a look at it. There were a few moments when the ultrasound tech could get a peak at where it was supposed to be and she kept saying that she didn't see the "cyst".  To make sure I turned to each side to try and get a better angle, and she still couldn't find anything. So longer story short, they are saying the "cyst" is gone and we don't have to do anymore specialist appointments!! We are so blessed!
- Being able to rest bowls on my belly, this thing makes for such a great table!
- A new craving of mine is hostess chocolate donuts -the little ones- I can eat them all day. The funnest part though it that they really get our baby moving.
- Starting to make some hair bows for this girl, I don't want to go overboard, but I want to be prepared.
- A few weeks back Brand and I went to the mall and we looked at baby earrings, I had my ears pierced when I was a newborn baby -as early as they could do it- and so I thought I should carry on another tradition with this little one -I don't care if you judge me. So we were looking at baby earrings and Brand found these really pretty little pearl ones and we were thiiiiis close to buying them. I love that he is into this too!
- My favorite times of day are when I can feel and see her moving around in my stomach, even when it's 230 in the morning, seriously my favorite!
- So there are times when my skin smells like a baby, I don't mind though because I loooove the smell of a baby!
- Bringing back the crochet beaded socks for our little girl, I fell like I'm bring back the 80's with these.


Monday, October 13, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend

I'm pretty sure time is flying at an unruly pace, everything seems to be going by so fast I cannot seem to figure out where my days are going. I guess they are right when they say time flies when you're having fun, this is especially true when you have work, and even more true when you are at work and not having fun because then time practically stands still.

Friday was Brand's White Coat Ceremony, no, no, he hasn't graduated quite yet it's just a tradition that the school does to welcome the students and share their excitement for these future doctors. The whole thing was great, I found my self dazing off a little bit here and there though, don't people understand that when we go to events like these we are simply looking to clap for our person, Brand being my person. It's like all the other hullabaloo is pretty pointless.  I did hear a few things that one of the speakers was talking about, especially because I found it so outrageous. She -the Dean of the school- said that she received phone calls from parents asking if their kids are okay, and wondering if they should come down and help them with their school work, you know make it less stressful. She also said that some parents stay in the student's dorms as their idea of moral support. I was rather confused by the whole thing and I couldn't believe that graduate students had parents that were still so much into their lives, but then I guess there's exception to ever rule... but is there? I mean calling the Dean of the school? Yikes.
I must admit, I've become quite addicted to these waxy things, and I love them even more when they are cold. I'm pretty sure this is what has taken refuge on my hips and made me no longer eligible to fit into some of my church skirts. But really, lets not blame it on me, my doctor told me that if I have a craving I need to listen to it. And so what if I crave these morning, noon, and night/-fine maybe I don't crave them that often. I would also like to give thanks to these leggings and Brand's shirt, they are the most comfortable thing to wear right now. Can someone please direct me to a store where I can purchase more of these leggings, but the kinds that aren't so thin?

I also started working on another blanket for baby girl, check out the pattern here.

How was your weekend?!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

what I wore: so blessed

top: thrifted/mom (similar), maternity jeans: ross (similar), flats: jcpenny (similar), watch: no longer sold (similar), necklace:  c.o Choies
25 weeks

They call them flutters, some people compare it to a feeling of gas, and some even say it feels like there's a little fish swimming around inside. Whoever you take advice from they are right, but it's so much more than that. It's become one of my favorite things about being pregnant -besides being able to eat whatever I want whenever I want. 

My favorite part of the day is when I feel her kicking and moving around in there. She seems to be most active when I'm sleeping or when I first lay down in bed. I hop in bed, rather awkwardly because it's getting a bit difficult to bend certain ways, and I slowly move down to my side. It's like clock work though, I lie there and wait a few minutes and she stretches her little legs -I assume it's her legs because I feel this stretching kind of pressure on my side, like little feet.

And then there are times when it's 2:30 (or 4:30 or 5:30 she picks) in the morning and I feel these kicks and twists and turns and I can't help but smile, because she's in there moving around -that tiny little body of hers is moving and stretching and growing. It's seriously my most favorite part! 

A few weeks back I was holding my new niece -this little ones' cousin- and this girl went nuts! She was kicking her cousin and moving around just getting crazy. I don't know if it was her way of trying to get my attention or if she was getting squished -I mean, she was probably just getting squished, but I couldn't help but crack up.  

It's amazing this whole pregnancy thing, all these changes that happen, the development. I'm so extremely grateful for this little one, to be a mom is all I've ever wanted and I cannot wait to see her and hold her. Babies are such a blessing! 

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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend

Yes, my weekend officially ended Sunday night, I'm just a little bit late, but as the good ones always say, better late than never.

I have to say, things around here have been quite like they were this time around last year, except Brand is in the Dental program and we have a baby on the way. So mostly it's been me at home doing laundry and cleaning and house-wife kind of stuff. I'm really digging the whole thing. I think my favorite part about it is being able to prepare for this little one. I've got so many projects that I want to get done before she gets here, but it seems like all the yarn fairies are working against me, that or everyone else is buying the same exact yarn colors that I'm buying.  Also, how do you working moms do this pregnancy and work thing? I'm tired by 1 and can't seem to wake up before 7 without being so groggy the whole day. You guys are so awesome.

So, if you follow any number of lds bloggers on instagram you would have seen that it was General Conference this last weekend. Which -if you are speaking in lds terms means: we get to watch church in our pajamas!  But seriously, it's the best kind of time and Brand might have started a new tradition where he makes pictures out of pancake batter... you did see the video on the didn't you?

Annnnnd I've been making hair bows. It hasn't gotten too crazy.. yet, I did however find a few outfits in her closet and make a specific bow for each outfit.  And last night I was watching this show where the sonographer told the patient she was having a girl and they really had a boy, soooo that's been on my mind, I have however received 4 confirmations that she is in fact a girl, so that reassuring!


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