Wednesday, April 30, 2014

awkward and awesome

top: c/o Choies, jeans: tjmaxx (similar), shoes: target (similar), watch: no longer sold (similar), bracelets: threads, sunglasses: c/o Choies, earrings: nana. 

- When you braid your hair and you forget a loooong strand. I was already at school and wasn't going to redo it. 
- Realizing that I got outside the "lines" with this pink lipstick, guys obviously I don't do this often. 
- When you're teacher asks who's going second and someone raised their hand, but you yell out "we are, we're going second, we already called it." I kind of embarrassed myself, but I only have one more day so what's the harm riiiight? I kind of felt like Katniss too, I volunteer, I volunteer as tribute!
- When flies buzz around me... it makes me feel all kinds of stinky-and sometimes I check to see if I am. 
- Close talkers-let me juuuuust scoot back a bit, or maybe I can find a chair to put between us. Yikes.  
- Toe pictures on instagram-just don't people. just don't. 
- Telling a veterinarian that you think the cat's "udders" are big-they're teets, not udders, cows have udders. 
- This is a good one... Sitting at a city council meeting and an elderly woman bends over in her chair and farts. Brand and I look at each other and walk out. Guuuys she straight up farted!!! 

- The voice of a four year old "I know what they call old people.... elderly." As if it's a bad word or something. 
- Having my nana on tv with me last week. We showed off her foster pups and I got to show her the ropes. 
- Long Flow-y dresses for spring time-you know me. 
- Finishing school, done with my internship and done with school... tomorrow. One of the biggest accomplishments I've ever done, even though it took so long it was so worth it! 
- Switched at Birth referencing Anne of Green Gables, I always thought Daphne had a similar resemblance to Anne. 
- Still rediscovering m&m mcflurrys, they're treating me great and if I wouldn't get onset diabetes from eating them every day I would be in that drive through line promptly after dinner time... or later at night-that seems to be when I get the most m&ms! 

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Influenster #UniVoxBox review

Broadway Nails imPress Press-on Manicure 
-Not a fan of press-on nails so I was skeptical at first. They were good at being the right size for my nail, but for me, personally, I wasn't a fan of how long they were-I like my nails shoooort.  But I think for someone who likes longer nails this would be a nice and easy trade from going to the salon every week! 
Expert Last Lip Color in Forever Fuchsia 
-This lip stick smelt so good, I don't think the color was my color, but I wished it was.  Such a pretty fuchsia.  It went on great, but when I wanted to take it off it would stain my lips juuuuust a little bit. There are also other colors that I think would be great to try out! 
Pilot Acroball PureWhite
$4.59 per 3 pack, $6.24 for 4 pack, $7.49 for 5 pack
-I find myself to be a pretty tough critic when it comes to pens, I like the kind that write really smooth and are thinner so that my hand doesn't cramp from writing so much. Unfortunately I was not a big fan of this pen. I didn't like how it wrote, it felt kind of bumpy and again I like when my pens write smoothly. 
Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation
-Makeup is such a hard thing for me. I'm verrrry picky and was thoroughly impressed when I started using this makeup.  It was a bit thicker than my current makeup foundation, but I really loved this Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation.  It went on smoothly and covered my blemished really well.  I would highly recommend this make up. 
Playtex Sport Fresh Balance
-I loved these. It's kind of awkward talking about products like these but I have to give Playtex props because they officially converted me. The applicator is easy to use and works great! When I used these I couldn't feel a thing, it was almost like I wasn't even having my period.  I would recommend these to everyone! 
Red Rose REAL TEA Premium Water Enhancer
-I had my nana try this because I don't drink black tea.  She said it was really good and she didn't have to use very many drops to get the consistency that she wanted. It was a good flavor and a nice change from just plain water. 
I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

as Rachel Lynde would put it "patience has ceased to be a virtue"

chambray: f21 (similar), cardigan: tjmax (wanting), leggings: c/o toADORN, shoes: target (similar), belt: thrifted, necklace: macy's (similar), watch: no longer sold (similar

Last week I was filling up my tires with air. I have never done this by myself and was reeeally not looking forward to completing this daunting task. What if the tire blew up in my face? What if I filled the tire too much and it blew up when I was driving? A lot of my worries were of course about the tire blowing up but, I think that's pretty normal. Oh, and I'm filling up the tires because I don't want to not pass my emissions test-and don't get me started on the emissions testing thing, all I'll say is that we passed.

So I pull in to fill up my tires and there were two trucks full of teenage boys just standing around talking to each other-why they weren't in school is beyond me. But I feel awkward because I don't want them to watch me and start heckling me-awkward high school memories start flashing back.  Anyways, I get over the boys, for all I know they aren't paying attention to me anyways. As I'm filling up my tires I see this older gentleman sitting in his truck waiting... I assume he is waiting for me. Poor guy doesn't know what he's in for. So I'm on the other side of the car filling up the other tires and he drives away.  I assume that I took too long for his highness.  But I kept trucking along with my tire fill up. 

You know, I have a comment about these air-filler-machines. They don't blow air for very long. I swear I had to push the on button at least six times. And then the hose that you have to yank out has waaaaay too strong of a recoil, I'm pretty sure if someone were to have caught the whole scene on camera the video would go viral. "girl tries to fill tires, hose recoil is too strong for her weak self!!!"

Anyways, so I'm done, I get in the car and I'm sitting there waiting for the "tire pressure is too low" light to go off.. I mean I'm pretty sure I filled em up pretty good-10 second rule. And I start calling Brand to see if I might have done something wrong when this old man starts walking to my door.  He looks at me in utter disgust points to his truck and then points to the spot I'm in, in a very abrasive manner.  I motion to him that I'm sorry-I didn't see him come back with his truck-and he huffs his way back to his car. 

I contemplate sitting there for a while juuuuust to irk him even more, because I honestly did not know that he was waiting there, and he was super rude about the whole thing. But I didn't. 

Really, why do people not have patience anymore? And why is everything all-of-a-sudden only about you you you? I don't know, I guess it't just something I've been thinking about a lot lately. People have become less patient, more greedy, and less friendly. What is this world coming to?

Welp happy Tuesday! I hope you don't run into any grumpy guys like I did! 

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Monday, April 28, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend

I'm not dreading Monday today. I'm done with my internship and I don't have work. Not that I dread my internship, but it's nice to have no where to go. Really nice. 
My nana was on tv with me this weekend! It was seriously such a fun moment. She's the one that got me hooked on AHS, so it was that much more fun to have her there and to be able to show her the ropes of the magic that tv brings.  And to top that off we showed her foster pups, aren't they the cutest?! 
This weekend I babysat-yes, I'm 25 and I still babysit, I'm sure you'd understand if your husband was constantly at school studying and you didn't have kids or friends. Haha!  Plus, it's money that I cannot pass up, and it's fun. -That's my explanation of thaaat. We went to this park, it was an open green park that I loved and one that I knew we'd spend a lot of time at. Plus the breeze was to die for-great weather just adds to any kind of adventure.  I could picture myself just lying on a blanket on the grass, listening to the calm breeze and the baby birds chirping. 
Saturday we went to the temple! The flowers that lined the temple sidewalk were so fragrant, I feel like I can still smell them. It was such a beautiful day, Arizona really showed her stuff this weekend because the weather was amazing. I used to hate the wind, but now after getting a bite of the heat I don't mind it one bit. 
I also finished making another giraffe for a school-mate, her sister is having a boy and it was super fun creating this custom guy. I'm kind of excited for the summer because I know I'm going to crochet till my fingers fall off-I've gotten really close before. But when it's my therapy and something that I love so much I'm not sure how I can say no to it.

How was your weekend? Link up your weekend recap in the comments so I can come visit you!

Happy Monday Friends!


Friday, April 25, 2014

I needed non-mommy bloggers and I needed them now!

A few weeks back I was scrolling through my instagram feed, I was scrolling and scrolling-like we all do- when I got kind of annoyed.  Almost every picture on my feed was in regards to someone: being pregnant, showing a picture of their child, showing a picture of themselves at the water park (while I was at work mind you), and other ones that I just can't remember right now.  Now, lets get things straight. I'm happy for these people, glad that they have these opportunities and I am in no way discrediting them or calling them annoying-in fact I'm sure I liked (double tapped) all the pictures. I'm a crazy liker. But here's the thing... I cannot relate to them one bit. 

So that's when it hit me, I needed to reach out and find some of my fellow bloggers-and I knew they were out there-to follow along with. I needed someone to relate to, someone to be able to talk to about work, the kind where we both agree about how crazy/nice/unreal/annoying/over with our co-workers, or consumers, or bosses, or even just drivers that we have to deal with on our way to work, can be to work with. Also, those descriptions were in no particular order... 

So I tweeted, I facebooked and I tweeted some more, and I found it. I was told-on twitter-about a facebook group for non-mommy bloggers, it was like the light at the end of the tunnel. So I have for you a list of non-mommy bloggers... I've developed the name "Not Your Typical Blogger" to describe us because... well I couldn't come up with a more creative one. If you have any ideas plllllease send your ideas my way! 

You can put this button on your blog, or pin it so that you can refer back to all of us "Not Your Typical Blogger"s. (: 

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Happy Friday! If you are a non-mommy blogger please link up your blog name and link in the comments! We'd love for you to join us!

Again, I want to say that this post is in no way trying to say that mommy bloggers don't matter-heck if I get to be a mom I'd post about the same thing-it's just a different kind of outreach for us! Thanks for understanding!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

what I'm liking:

01 Multilayer Bracelet ▲ 02 Geometric Print Dress  03 Rose Blazer  04 Black Button Satchel  05 Gold Heart Chain 
Spring has sprung throughout the country and I am loving all these flowery instagram pictures. This time of year I get obsessed with dresses, long-flowy-dresses. They are the epitome of spring, the wonderful air, the cool grass, the brushing trees, the way your hair blows in the spring wind. I'm obsessed.  

I'm also obsessed with this dress above-it also comes in a green hue. Just imagine twirling around in it with your favorite sandals, grass beneath your feet. Yikes, I'm in heaven. I'd say it's the perfect picnic outfit, a blazer juuuust in case the cold breeze is too cold while you're under the shade. The sweetest heart necklace, with the most perfect bracelet set, and a sturdy satchel that will perfectly fit your camera, or your sandwiches and fruit. It all makes me want to plan a picnic just because.  

Anyways, Sheinside has tons more long flow-y dresses at the perfect price, I especially love this little number. The embroidery is to die for, it looks so extremely comfortable, and again-flow-y.

Happy Thursday!! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

to quote shakespeare: parting is such sweet sorrow

Holy cow you guys. I finished my internship today. Yes, on employee appreciation day, and they brought us ice cream, and they had sprinkles, and nuts, and hot fudge, and cherries, I could have eaten all the ice cream. It was like they secretly planned the party for me but called it employee appreciate day instead.  I didn't mind though.

It was all so surreal today. I woke up just as I would any old Monday or Wednesday and I got ready for my internship, I hardly thought about it being my official last day. I did however play "One Day More" but I think that obviously needed to happen. 

It was difficult saying goodbye to everyone, they were apart of a whole nine month chapter in my life. I think there's something about having certain people in your life for a certain amount of time. I know that I was supposed to be at my internship for a reason.  I was supposed to be there to support the people I worked with and they were there to support me. They have had such a great impact on me and have taught me so much about becoming a social worker, and about becoming what I want to be. Some of my favorite times where driving in the car with them, just talking about life building friendship relationships.  They were such a positive part of my life and I feel so blessed to have been a part of their team for the past nine months. 

It was definitely hard for me to leave. Normally I'm out the door by 4:30, but today I took my time.  I said my goodbyes and made sure I had everything picked up. The day wrapped up, I logged off the computer, took one last look at the cubicle where I sat for the past four months-allllll those cats!!, and my supervisor walked me out. It was such a weird feeling, to be walking out those doors for what may be the last time.  I definitely made sure to save the tears till I got in the car, I must say though I got really close to crying quite a number of times, some of the day's conversations were tough and made me a little emo, but I kept it under control. 

I feel so relieved, my internship wasn't horrible at all, I'm just relieved that I'm that much closer to being done with school. To graduating and finally getting my degree. It's really starting to feel so real to me. 

8 days.


Monday, April 14, 2014

last week in pictures

It might just take a few hours to get through this post.  I just discovered mean girls on netflix... 

Holy cow this week flew by. Today I officially have 17 days left till I'm done with school.  I also got my certificate for the Dean's List, this time asu was too cheep to send them out in the mail and we had to go pick them up ourselves. You raise my tuition but you can't send me a letter in the mail? Yeah. 

This week was super hot in Arizona, I walk to the shuttle in the mornings and worked up a sweat just walking. Kinda ridiculous. Thankfully this weekend was a bit less hot and we had some nice breezes. 

Saturday night Brand and I went out for frozen yogurt and of course met up with Brittany. I've gotten to know Brittany better within the past few months, and I must tell you she is awesome! If you don't know Brittany you must get to know her. She is as sweet as they come and is such a positive person! Oh, annnnnd she's a blogger, even better! 
On my Friday off I made some more animals and also had a little photo shoot session in my apartment.  If there's one thing that's true it's that if you don't have kids to take pictures of you find some thing else... a different kind of creation. And such is my life.

Annnnd of course, my week is not complete without a little bit of pets on parade. I cannot tell you how much fun it is to volunteer with homeless pets and find them homes. Seriously the best place I've volunteered. It's another kind of therapy, trust me.

With the weather getting warm it's allergy season also known as spring. There's yellow pollen all in the air and it really has some people feeling under-the-weather.  But, it makes for good pictures so that's all I care about.

I think that's all that really happened last week.. I mean, there was going to my internship and going to school, but those aren't as fun to talk about.

Happy Monday Night!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

my biggest weakness.

One of my biggest weakness is animals. 
I've had a soft spot for them my whole life and it didn't matter the breed. 
Although I'm allergic to cats I still enjoy being around them-even if the aftermath is sneezing uncontrollably. 
What makes this ironic though is that I don't have a pet of my own-I guess that's why I volunteer. 
So this weekend Brand and I were walkout out of our apartment when we saw one of our neighborhood cats. 

She was laying on the sidewalk and at first it looked like she was just sunbathing.  
She is the sweetest cat and loves a little ear rub, she has the most beautiful eyes and such a unique face. 
When I got closer to her, and when she got up, I noticed that she wasn't putting any weight on her paw and that it looked all bloody and red. 
I immediately called ahs and told them about her, and they asked me to bring her in because they were so busy. 

Thankfully this sweet little cat let me pick her up.
So I wrapped her in a blanket and we got in the car and drove to the shelter. 
I cannot begin to tell you how nervous I was for her. 
She wasn't even my cat and immediately I was worried that she wasn't going to be okay, that she wasn't going to be adoptable. 
Every horrible thing ran through my mind and I was a wreck.

We got to the shelter and she seemed to like the car ride, or at least she didn't mind it, she sat in my lap for a bit but I think the sun was too hot on her paw so she took refuge down by my feet away from the sun. 
I was worried that she would be too scared to sit in the lobby with all the other animals, but she did such a wonderful job. 
She sat there in my arms like a pro-after watching "my cat from hell" I've come to realize that cats don't really like to be held so that's another thing that got me all worried. 

Sitting in the waiting room with other people who were surrendering their pets just made me so sad. When people were saying goodbye to their dogs I couldn't help but start to cry. 
I cried for the animals, but I also cried for the owners because you knew they were having such a hard time with it all. 

I was sitting there, petting Doily (that's what I named her), giving her chin scratches that she loved so much when the lady next to me asked. 
How old is she?
I'm not sure, she's a neighborhood cat and she had an owie on her paw. I replied with a few sniffles. 
We're here because our kitty is 16 years old and he can't get up any more so we're here to put him to sleep. 
Water works start to flow from both our eyes. 
We get to talking about cats, she tells me about how many cats she has saved and how she wishes she could save them all. 
Of course I agree with her and we start crying some more. 
She gets up, grabs herself a tissue, me one as well, and then comes back to sit down. 
It was our turn to go up to the counter and the rest is history. 

The man that helped us was really nice and was so sweet to little Doily. 
I hope she gets fixed up and finds a home real soon. 

I'm pretty sure I'll never forget this day.  
So many new experiences, so many emotions wrapped up into one day. 

I hope I get to see Doily again.


Monday, April 07, 2014


top: c/o Persunmall, jeans: tjmaxx: sold out (similar), necklace: caroline g. (giveaway I won), shoes: famous footwear '06, watch: fossil (gifted)

watching: the guardian. It's one of those social work-y type shows that I just-can't-stop-watching. And it's from 2001 so that makes it even more great, the theme song screams 90's as do the outfits, it makes me feel like I'm waiting for Y2K to strike again. 

crocheting: I just finished a huge afghan, fourth of all time, this time it was for a special someone who has literally given me many things.  I'm also in the process of crocheting more mini owl dolls and large giraffes-they are my new favorite projects. 

anticipating: the capstone project I juuuust literally finished. As I write this I come to realize that the rest of the work that I have to do this semester is so extremely trivial that I should just start celebrating my graduation now.  I mean 24 days left, this is getting real. 
listening to: I made a playlist for school. It's got of monsters and men, some lana del ray, only the deep tracks though, they're the better ones. 

thinking about: graduation, summer plans, a trip to Russia (crossing my fingers that these people don't screw it up), babies, family, what I'm going to wear to school tomorrow, should I do my hair or not. 

feeling thankful for: Life, being here at this place and this time. I feel like I'm leaping over these big huge banks with a superman cape strapped to my back. But it's been such a trying road, and it continues to be, but I'm thankful. 

preparing for: a new house to rent? I'm kinda done with apartment living. I don't really love hearing my neighbors sneeze at night, or hearing them use the restroom, or hearing loud rumbled from above. Cross your fingers that we find a house close by! 
Boy time is flying by. Happy Monday friends! 

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April Fools Giveaway, Paypal Cash + Ad Space!

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! 

April Fool's Day can be one of those tricky days where you wonder if you can believe anything anyone says. I'm sure you've already seen numerous pregnancy announcement on Facebook, pranks husbands and wives play on each other, and occasional April Fool's Day pranks teacher play on their students. That last one has happened to me a time or two, and then I remember times where I wished my teacher were just pulling our leg about a certain assignment. 

Either way, I am here to bring you a giveaway that is extremely real and not a prank in the least. I have some fabulous blogger friends that want to give you something to believe on this day of fooling. 

Impractical Composition △ Auteur Ariel △ Dreaming About Someday △ Sunny Tales & Happy Mail

The Bradleys △ And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson △ Love, The Skinnys △ Friday We're In Love △ Taush.O

Good luck to you all!



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