Monday, December 15, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend

It's been yet another week and we are getting that much closer to meeting our little girl. You know the story about me and two of my SILs having girl babies within four months of each other?! Seriously so exciting! It's getting down to the wire for these two babies and I cannot wait to meet them both! Such a special time for our families, babies are the biggest blessing ever!

Friday I spent a little bit of time making hair bows for these girls! Everyone needs a hair bow twin... or triplet in our case! (: I've got lots of errands and just general things to do around the house, but I've found that I'd rather play and crochet... understandable because I'm not going to have much time for that in the future. But really, I need to get to work.

Saturday Brand and I went to the second annual Downtown Glendale Christmas Parade, I loved it again, except this time there were people standing in the streets blocking our view, kind of not nice and ruined it a bit for us. Some people are just not so considerate I guess. Other than that it was a fun parade -and it's finally getting cold outside so it's feeling more like Christmas! FINALLY!
35 weeks

 I know this is a blurry picture, but I couldn't help but laugh really hard when I saw how ridiculous I looked. This button up has never had to work so hard, I could hardly breathe and as I was unbuttoning the shirt one of the buttons came undone by its self, I think it was its own way of saying this is not happening.  It made me laugh even harder.

Also, I've been wearing my Russian wedding ring for the past few weeks, something about not wanting to have my wedding ring sawed off my finger as these babies get more swollen.

Last night I was laying on my side, on the couch, and this baby was going crazy. She was moving all around, showing us her knees and her bum... well you couldn't see the outline, but really it wasn't her head so what's the next option? This girl is cracking us up already. It's so weird to think that in 5 weeks we are going to have a baby in our house. Such a wonderful blessing, my very favorite belated Christmas gift for sure!

Happy Monday! 


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  1. So cute! That's awesome you are all having babies so close together!



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