Friday, October 24, 2014

Foster Farms Crispy Strips

I'm a sucker for chicken strips, and chicken nuggets, really I'm a kid at heart -serious, at restaurants I order off the kids menu. So trying these new Foster Farms Crispy Strips was something I couldn't resist. These meals come in a variety of assortments, from Orange Chicken, to Chicken Nuggets, Foster Farms offers a variety of 100 percent all natural frozen cooked products to meet busy consumers’ needs One of the cool things about Foster Farms is that there are never any added hormones or steroids in our Frozen Cooked Chicken products. 

Foster Farms has been around Since 1939, being one of the main suppliers for premium quality chicken products.

One of the things I liked about the chicken strips was the taste, they were not greasy or fried tasting, they were crispy and the chicken was so tender and delicious. This product worked great for Brand and I because we like our chicken different and we were able to make it how we wanted. Brand likes Buffalo Chicken so he added Buffalo sauce to his and I'm a traditional ketchup girl, it was a perfect Sunday afternoon/after church meal!

Visit to check out the other chicken assortment meals!

This post was sponsored by Foster Farms, but the views are mine.


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