Tuesday, July 08, 2014


 cardigan: c/o Outer Inner, top: target (old), jeans: macy's (old), flats: jcpenny (similar), watch: similar

Watching: 16 and pregnant. It makes me feel completely normal.

Crocheting: a baby blanket for a friend! She had a boy a month back and he's the cutest! 

Anticipating: our trip to Russia. Seriously I am so excited I cannot wait, but for some reason I feel like I'm going to forget something. 

Listening to: the air conditioner vent rattle, I don't know if the thing is loose and needs to be put on tighter or what. 

Thinking about: what my missionary is up to. I miss my brother so much! 

Feeling thankful for: life and for all that I have, to know my worth and know that I am not alone. A girl from my graduating class at asu passed away this weekend, such horrible news. 

Wanting: it to be fall so I can open up these windows and smell the fresh air. 

Enjoying: not having to work. It's seriously the best thing every, well I nanny so that's kind of work, but you know what I mean! 

Wondering: what books I should bring with me on our trip. I hear they don't have very good tv channels on my flight so I want to find something to occupy my time. 

Smelling: the wallflower that I plugged in last night-kitchen spice it smells so good! 

Wearing: still in my pjs right now, I'll change later. 

Following: my schedule to make sure that I get things done on time. 

Feeling: hungry.


Friday, July 04, 2014

I'd rather move in than move out

 top: c/o sheinside, jeans: f21, sandals: target-last year, watch: no longer sold, earrings: old

Brand and I move into a house this last weekend! I cannot tell you how many "we are living in a house and not an apartment" jokes we've cracked over the past five days. I'd say it's obvious that we are really enjoying being in a house and having all these walls to ourselves.  One of the very first things I noticed was that I didn't have to be quite when I walked around, I no longer have anyone living underneath me! 

Last week we took practically the whole week to pack everything up. You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to pack it all into boxes and then-at that exact moment-you feel like a hoarder. Well, at least I did. We had boxes piled and stacked every where we could fit them. I was so self conscious of the whole thing that Brand and I took several trips back and forth to get some of the boxes out before our moving help came along. 

Thankfully we have been able to unpack all the boxes within a couple days-same work schedule as last week-and now I feel less like a hoarder. And then I think, boy I could move into a house any day, but moving out is totally different. 

Why is moving out so much more difficult than moving in? Either way I'll take later. Move me in any day. 


Secondly, let's talk about this shirt. 
I think I've found my new favorite shirt, all I can say is it's super light and breathable and I love how it's long and big. 
It's a definite ideal travel shirt. 

Happy Fourth of July!!!

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