Friday, June 06, 2014

without my glasses I'm in trouble, so thanks Firmoo

top: f21, jeans: f21, flats: target, glasses: Firmoo

I can't do a whole lot of near sighted things without my glasses.
I can't crochet at night-or in a dark room.
I can't work on the computer.
I can't read a book.
I can't paint my nails.
You name it, all the fun up close work I cannot do without my glasses.

So obviously I bring them with me anywhere just in case.

When Firmoo contacted me a few weeks back I was super excited because I was in serious need of some new glasses.  There were so many custom options I was able to choose from when I purchased my glasses.  I picked my own prescription, had the option for tinting, and different size lenses, such great options. I had my glasses in a week and was wearing them right away.  The other best thing about Firmoo is that their prices are very inexpensive. I feel like when I go to the eye doctor the glasses alone cost me a good $100, not with Firmoo thought!

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  1. Those glasses look awesome! I wear glasses as well and I know how important stylish glasses are.

  2. I just got new glasses that look so similar to those. I've never embraced the whole "wear glasses" like I should, but I'm in love with my new ones!

  3. Cute glasses! But psst. . .on the first pair is free for new customers - pay for lenses only!

  4. I love your whole outfit, it's adorable. I also love Firmoo!

  5. I love Firmoo glasses! They are very flattering on you!

  6. I love that top! And you make me miss Arizona lol. :P

  7. Those glasses suit you perfectly, and your outfit is super cute!

  8. Beautiful outfit and glasses too x

  9. Great pics! I love Firmoo and the frames you choose!



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