Thursday, June 19, 2014

when I go to Russia I don't want to look like a tourist

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If you follow me on twitter you will know that we are headed to Russia before the end of summer. 
We are getting our visas back next week and will start the planning of our trip! 
I'm super excited for this trip because I love to travel, yet Brand and I haven't been on vacation very much. 
There was the occasional trip to mexico and the anniversary trip to prescott, but those have really died off within the past three years. 

Brandon served his church mission in Moscow, Russia and has always wanted to go back. 
Lucky for him, because I've always thought it would be a fun place to visit-plus he knows the language and his way around so it's like having a free tour guide! 

If there is one thing that's for sure it's that I definitely don't want to look like a tourist when I'm there.
It's obvious that we automatically will with Brand tagging along-I mean, red hair... apparently there isn't much of that in Russia. 
So I asked Brand what Russians typically wear on any given day, to make sure that I could fit right in. 

He says they wear casual clothes, but they love their shoes and typically always have a nice pair of shoes on. 
That's easy enough for me, I've got plenty of casual wear. 
So I headed on over to sheinside and picked my outfit of choice for my trip to Russia. 
I'd say it looks pretty Russian, don't you?!

Where are you headed this summer?!
Got any tips for my Russian-wanna-be attire?!



  1. I love that top! I have been addicted to stripes lately.
    I am excited to follow your Russian adventures!

  2. how exciting...and i think as long as you're not wearing a fanny pack you'll be incognito :)

  3. how exciting...and i think as long as you're not wearing a fanny pack you'll be incognito :)

  4. I love everything about this outfit! Especially that little bag! <3 SO CUTE! :)

  5. Definitely want that top!! I'm obsessed with stripes!

  6. All my Russian friends are bleach blonde like the swedes and they so love skinny jeans. The educated ones or those who have left Russia before are not too fussed but those who haven't are lol

  7. I am in love with those shoes! How lucky for you to get to go to Russia! I can't wait until I'm a world traveler! ^_^

  8. love every part of this outfit, especially the shirt!

  9. love. this. outfit.

    also. can we hang out in real life sometime?

  10. LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! From the shoes to the bag to the necklace! Have a great Russia trip!

  11. I'm all over stripes so loving the top!



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