Thursday, June 26, 2014

Coppertone® Clearlysheer™ Sunscreens

No matter where you live-unless you live under a rock-going outside is inevitable. I live in Arizona where the sun shines for over twelve hours during the summer time. Which means that if I don't want to get a sunburn-I've had plenty of those in my day-and if I don't want to get skin cancer I'd better be making sure I protect my skin with sunscreen.

Coppertone ClearlySheer sunscreens were designed with your skin in mind, and they have so many benefits.
First, the sunscreen absorbs in seconds and is clean and light.
Second, the moisturizing formulas help leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.
Third, it won't clog pores or cause breakouts.-huge one for me and when I used it on my face I was happily surprised to see that there were no breakouts.
Fourth, you can use it under your makes up, it isn't oily and has a matte finish.
Lastly, it smells like lotion, most sunscreens have the typical sunscreen smell, ClearlySheer smells like a great summer lotion!

I was happily surprised when I used this sunscreen for the first time and can tell you that the benefits of it are real! Clearlysheer smells so good and I think I'm hooked.

I am a BuzzAgent and I received these products for free, and these are my true feeling. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend

This-just might in fact mark the last weekend we spend in an apartment. And I am completely thrilled about it! Crossing our fingers that we get the keys to the house this week and get to move ourselves in!  In reality I just want to get this whole move over with. I don't like the packing, the unpacking, the cleaning up of each place before you move in and after you move everything out. It can be a draining process. And for living in Arizona we couldn't have picked a more hot time to move. But, that's just the way it all works out-isn't it.
This weekend Brand and I volunteered at ahs at an off site location and got to hold puppies all day. It's one of my most favorite parts about volunteering at an animal shelter-there are puppies galore! (In general though, that's not really a good thing, that there are puppies galore.)  But, really I guess it's not just the puppies, it's the senior citizen dogs that just can't catch a break and end up at the shelter, or ones that are just "too active" and their previous home didn't realize that they would have to actually spend time with their pet. Sad stories I tell ya. 
So we volunteered for alllllmost seven hours on Saturday-standing up on our feet holding pets in the warm air. We were pooped when it was all over. And we spent the rest of the night watching World War Z-an end of the world movie that I actually like. 
We also had a costco date earlier in the week. We borrowed my mom's card to get a berry smoothie-the most delicious thing, and we walked around like we owned the place-well, not really. They had some samples out and Brand went around trying them, there weren't any treat samples so I was a bit disappointed, maybe next time. 
Sunday was filled with church and family-as it always is and that's just how I like it. We wrote my brother-2 weeks down! And I'm anxiously awaiting his letter on Wednesday! I love hearing from my missionary! 


Thursday, June 19, 2014

when I go to Russia I don't want to look like a tourist

.01   .02   .03   .04   .05   .06   

If you follow me on twitter you will know that we are headed to Russia before the end of summer. 
We are getting our visas back next week and will start the planning of our trip! 
I'm super excited for this trip because I love to travel, yet Brand and I haven't been on vacation very much. 
There was the occasional trip to mexico and the anniversary trip to prescott, but those have really died off within the past three years. 

Brandon served his church mission in Moscow, Russia and has always wanted to go back. 
Lucky for him, because I've always thought it would be a fun place to visit-plus he knows the language and his way around so it's like having a free tour guide! 

If there is one thing that's for sure it's that I definitely don't want to look like a tourist when I'm there.
It's obvious that we automatically will with Brand tagging along-I mean, red hair... apparently there isn't much of that in Russia. 
So I asked Brand what Russians typically wear on any given day, to make sure that I could fit right in. 

He says they wear casual clothes, but they love their shoes and typically always have a nice pair of shoes on. 
That's easy enough for me, I've got plenty of casual wear. 
So I headed on over to sheinside and picked my outfit of choice for my trip to Russia. 
I'd say it looks pretty Russian, don't you?!

Where are you headed this summer?!
Got any tips for my Russian-wanna-be attire?!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I feel like Lucy would be proud

dress: eShakti, shoes: tjmaxx, pearls: gifted, watch: gifted

I'm pretty sure that Lucy would wear this dress. 
Hers might be a bit longer-perhaps a navy blue polka dot. 
Her heels would be shorter, and of course her hair would be up in curls.
But, if there is one exact thing that we have in common, it's the pearls, Lucy and her pearls. 

The moment I put on this dress I knew I would love it, the simple, but wonderful, polka dot pattern. 
The fact that you can pare it with, really, anything.  
And I especially love that when you pair it with a set of pearls and nude heels it's practically perfect. 

If there's one thing I love about eShakti it's the dresses and skirts. 
Back in December I purchased this skirt and I've loved it ever since. 
One of the best things about buying form eShakti is that they let you customize just about everything. 
One of my favorite things is that they all come with pockets! 
When have you NOT wanted pockets on your dress or skirt?! 

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Influenster: Venus Snap VoxBox

pictures via
Have you ever had a time where you missed a spot shaving and it's in the most obvious spot possible and you wish you had a razor that very moment. 
I know I have. 
And I have to tell you the venus snap razor is a life saver! 
It's the perfect travel size razor, you can put it in your purse or take it with you on your vacation this summer. I've always loved Gillette products, they work so well and are such great quality! 

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

my new favorite dress

dress: c/o Sheinside, cardigan: f21, shoes: nordstrom rack, watch: michael kors

I wore this dress to my brother's farewell talk on Sunday, so that makes it a little bit special to me. I love the way it hangs-so loose and comfortable. It blows in the wind and sways when I walk. It's the kind of summer dress I've been looking for and wanting ever since I talked about long flow-y dresses. And it's in royal blue of all colors, who doesn't look good in royal blue?

I love a good flow-y dress. The kind you can wear anytime because its comfortable. The kind you wear to a picnic because it's does this thing where it kinda poofs out over your legs and you can drape it however you want. The kind you can wear with a baseball hat and tennis shoes to make is much less fancy. But then when you want it to be fancy you can go all out. Okay, that's it I love dresses like this.

What's your favorite kind of dress?!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

best two years

You see that tall gangly looking guy in the middle there? Yeah, that guy left to serve a mission last night and I couldn't be more proud of him.  He's my youngest brother-we've already lived through one brother going on a mission.  So here I'll wait, patiently for two years, for that happy moment in the airport where I'll be holding my sign and anxiously looking to see if I can see him walking up the terminal.

Our family is pretty close knit. There are three kids, me, and my two brothers. We do pretty much everything together, and we really haven't ever been apart for very long-one reason why I think we were blessed to get accepted to Midwestern.  I wouldn't change the tight-knitt-ed-ness for anything in the world. But it's obvious that for moments such as these that we would have a hard time saying goodbye-see ya in two years. And it hurts like ton of bricks. But really saying goodbye is the hardest part, the points leading up to it were definitely difficult, but the goodbye.

Brand and I tried to spend as much time as we could with Ty{ler} before he left-which is why I haven't been blogging lately. But that's what we did, we spent lots of time with him, watching The Office, hanging out-sitting around talking, like it was going out of style. I loved it, and sometimes I want to rewind to those times. Brand and I took Ty to breakfast one time-family tradition, we went to our childhood favorite-Wildflower Bread Company, and got our childhood favorite-traditional pancakes (they melt in your mouth and it was just like I remember).  We went to the mall and the boys goofed around, I thought about how quiet the house would be without my goofy-fun-loving brother there, so quite that house.  I thought about all the good stories we would read from him, the experiences he would have. And holy cow he is going to grow up even more! It's hard for me to believe that he's old enough for all of this, that little baby T. -Boy am I getting touchy and nostalgic.
For his last meal we went to Grimaldi's, his favorite restaurant. He loves pizza and-frankly-I'm pretty sure there isn't going to be much pizza in Honduras. 

The rest of the day we spent getting him ready. I went around the house finding random knick-knacs to put in his suit case-that's what he did to Mike so I figured he'd appreciate the little things. We were just about to load up the suit cases with an hour to spare when my dad was taking them down the stairs and one of them breaks-good one Satan, or was is fate?  Dad went to the store and bought another one with a more sturdy handle and we were able to make it out on time.  We got to the airport and saw a few other missionaries-which made my sister heart happy that he would have other people looking out for him and I could rest easy.  The airport was my least favorite part, goodbye's are not my forte. But one of my most favorite pictures of Ty is when he's standing facing back at us in the terminal waving goodbye with thee biggest smile I've ever seen. Okay, best two years. 
We got home to find his shoes right under his seat where he always left them. I started to wonder if he did it on purpose or if it was just habit. Either way it got my water works going again. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone, he got his mission call and now he's off to serve the Lord. Boy am I gonna miss that brother of mine and all his silly antics.

Look out Honduras, here he comes!


Friday, June 06, 2014

without my glasses I'm in trouble, so thanks Firmoo

top: f21, jeans: f21, flats: target, glasses: Firmoo

I can't do a whole lot of near sighted things without my glasses.
I can't crochet at night-or in a dark room.
I can't work on the computer.
I can't read a book.
I can't paint my nails.
You name it, all the fun up close work I cannot do without my glasses.

So obviously I bring them with me anywhere just in case.

When Firmoo contacted me a few weeks back I was super excited because I was in serious need of some new glasses.  There were so many custom options I was able to choose from when I purchased my glasses.  I picked my own prescription, had the option for tinting, and different size lenses, such great options. I had my glasses in a week and was wearing them right away.  The other best thing about Firmoo is that their prices are very inexpensive. I feel like when I go to the eye doctor the glasses alone cost me a good $100, not with Firmoo thought!

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