Tuesday, May 06, 2014

thinking about lasts

 top: tjmaxx, necklace: c/o toADORN, pencil skirt: jcpenny, (also worn like this), flats: jcpenny sold out (similar), watch: Michael Kors (gifted), sunglasses: c/o Choies

I've been thinking about lasts a lot lately. A few weeks ago the kids I nanny for moved into a new house and I had one last walk around their old house. Remembering all the times we went swimming in that pool, jumping from the waterfall trying not to burn out feet on the rocks. Feeling the crisp cold air on our faces when we would play in the leaves in the backyard. Our noses would turn pink because it was soooo cold outside. Sitting on the couches in the family room where I held each of their little baby bodies. The kitchen table where crafts were taken to a new level and oats were eaten prrractically every summer morning.
How I'll miss that house.

And then there was school last week. Walking such a long way in the heat to catch the shuttle, hearing the birds chirp and the neighborhood dogs bark  Thinking of all the times I cursed the heat because I was so sweaty and sticky when I got to the shuttle. Taking in the scenery-that you can only see from a grayhound bus, seeing the house with creepy statues lined up around a pool and the walkway in the front yard-the Phoenix skyline doesn't look as good in a regular car.  Walking to class, smelling starbucks, hearing the homeless people talk to themselves, seeing friends pass by.

Remembering sitting in my classes, there was this one class that when I sat down and crossed my legs I would hit my knee soooo hard-never crossed my knees in that class again. Remembering the feeling of relief on the very last day, everyone was so cheery, filled with excitement to graduate and move on to the next chapter. And the smiles, I'll never forget the smiles.

Lasts get me so nostalgic, isn't it crazy how quickly things change? I feel like it was just yesterday when I started my very first class at asu.  Each time the semester ended it felt like it all flew by. Soon I was registering for my last classes and getting ready to put it all in the bag. I guess that's just the thing with lasts it's fun to sit in the moment and realize-this is my last time I'll be here, and you just soak it all in.

Soak it in my friends.


Have you ever heard of toAdorn?  I've become obsessed with checking their website on a regular basis just to see their latest and greatest. 
They have so many cute items at amazing prices, you must check them out! 
Some of my favorites right now include these harem pants, high low summer tops, and of course these spring perfect maxi dresses

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  1. oh my goodness, yes. I am "lasts" kind of girl. I'm really trying not to be though - I feel like it's living in the past and I just want to move forward.

  2. Cute blouse and love your sunglasses!

  3. My second (and last) baby is 7 months old, life is a series of lasts and it's hard. Have to focus on the new firsts! Very cute outfit :)

  4. This is adorable. Sometimes I see cheetah shoes and I would never know how to wear them. I love these.

  5. I'm the same way! Except with firsts. This is the first time we'll watch a movie as a married couple. Or this the the first time I've been to Chicago. Etc.

  6. I hate lasts. I love that top!

    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

  7. I had to pop by and see what you meant - I thought you were talking about the lasts you use to make shoes (abstract) but you're right, you do have to make sure to enjoy every moment , no matter what you are doing, because nothing 'lasts' forever. Have a great week!

  8. Great post! Lasts are always bittersweet, it means the end of one thing and usually the beginning of another!
    Also, just what I need, another pop up shop to adore!!!

  9. Lasts are always really hard for me. Always have been, and probably always will be.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

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  12. Lasts don't get easier as you get older either...the last time I saw my Dad... the last child finishes school. But I think Nay is right - dwelling too much on them feels like living in the past. I'm not ready for that yet!



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