Thursday, May 22, 2014

State Forty Eight

shirt: State Forty Eight, jeans: wet seal (2012), shoes: TOMS, watch: Michael Kors (gifted), necklace: cents of style, earrings: nana
shirt: State Forty Eight, jeans: jcpenny, shoes: sperry

I'm an Arizona native, born in and raised in this beautiful desert landscape. 
I've never lived anywhere else and I don't regret it for one minute. 
I love Arizona. 

I love Arizona because of the weather, the summers are blazing hot, but our winters-oh my gosh, our winters. 
I love Arizona because of the sunsets, the beautiful sunsets, I'm pretty sure no other state gets to experience as many beautiful sunsets as we do in good ole AZ.  
I love Arizona because of the landscape, down in Phoenix we have cactus-lots of cactus, and all kinds of desert plants-don't forget those desert animals too.  And then you head north and we have pine trees, loads of pine trees as far as the eye can see. Just the smell alone is breathtaking! 

Because I love Arizona I love representing Arizona any way I can. 
I've always wanted one of those classic tourist Arizona shirts, you know the kind you find at the airport. 

But a few months ago I found this awesome online shop called State Forty Eight.
(Arizona is the Forty Eighth State.)
State Forty Eight has some awesome graphic-t's that will help you show off your Arizona pride. 

There are lots of different designs-in different colors, and they also have them for guys and kids!
I love my black and white tee because it goes with everything! I love wearing it with my skirt to be a bit more dressy, and then I love wearing it with my comfy jeans! 
It's such an awesome versatile shirt, you can be that I'll be wearing it alll the time to show off my Arizona pride! 

And their motto: 
Arizona Passion meets Arizona Fashion 

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  1. loooove. Wish they had one for utah!! And i love your necklace too!:)

  2. Loved visiting arizona, but this Washington turned Southern California girl would most likely melt in the summers. We are in the inland area and it gets to 100 in the summer and I practically die. I keep being told that I'll get used to it, but after 13 years I'm trying to figure out when I'll get used to it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shirt...I need a Washington and CA one!

  3. That is a really fun shirt! I LOVE it.

  4. So cute. I wish I could wear pants like that! You look adorable. I'd look like a clown.

  5. I would love to visit Arizona one day, its way up there on the list of places I really want to go. You look great :) good photos! x

  6. I love Arizona, I'm an Arizona girl myself! You look adorable representing our great state!!! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire



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