Thursday, May 08, 2014

soapbox thoughts

top: j.crew (similar), cardigan: jcpenny (similar), jeans: buckle (similar), shoes: jcpenny (similar) purse: coach/gifted, watch: fossil (similar), earring: my nana. 

Why do some trash bins say "landfill" instead of trash or garbage? Are they trying to make us feel guilty for throwing something away?! I think they are.  

Don't ever call a shuttle a bus-that's what I've been told.

If you have to stop and look at your phone or tie your shoe please don't stop riiiiight where you are.  There are probably people behind you so it would be best to look behind you and move to the side. 

Just because you like the noise of clicking when you text on your iphone doesn't mean everyone else does. Tuuuurn it off. 
Click, click, click-click-click, clickity-click! 

When you're talking to a group of people make sure you aren't standing with your back towards a member of the circle, it makes it kiiiind of awkward and it's no longer a circle, it's a.... weird shape. 

Don't post five instagram pictures in less than an hour-this also means don't post more than five either. 

Why are people naturally bad drivers when they see caution cones? Sir, you don't have to come to a complete stop to turn right when the light is green.  And don't worry your little car can make it between those two cones don't-you -worry. 

When you're coming out of the grocery store, don't assume that all of traffic is going to stop for you. Walk out the doors and look to see if cars are coming, if they are you should probably stop. 

Be nice to store/retail workers. You really think that they want to deal with you when you are a big grouch? Start by using please and thank-you. 

Okay, I'm off my soapbox. But seriously, sometimes people need to get a clue. haha! 

Happy Thursday! 

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  1. Hahaha love this post covers my thoughts at moment, especially the phone nor I hate hearing the click click lol.
    Btw nice outfit looks very very nice x

  2. I hate when people just STOP where they are and completely unaware they just blocked everyone behind them. So frustrating!

  3. I agree with ALL of these! Haha. Especially when people stop in the middle of the walking path totally unaware of anyone else!

  4. Everyone needs a gingham should be mandatory!

  5. I love that shirt and cardigan! Also agree with the instagram thing. I have people who post twenty pictures at once, but only post once or twice a month. You're also spot on about the retail workers.

  6. "When you're talking to a group of people make sure you aren't standing with your back towards a member of the circle, it makes it kiiiind of awkward and it's no longer a circle, it's a.... weird shape." This was my favorite one. It was one of my dad's biggest pet peeves - so I try never to do it, or I say, "excuse my back".

  7. Super cute!! I love the lil pop of leopard at the bottom!! It makes it so fun!

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  8. I totally HATE when you can hear someone else clicking away on their phone and they refuse to turn it off - that has always baffled my mind!!!

    your post brought a smile to my face!!! Also - CUTE OUTFIT!! Love the shoes!

  9. Cute outfit!!! And I agree with the clickity clickers comment. Enough is enough!

  10. Love the blue gingham and red cardi combination and a BIG yes to all what you´ve said. It´s the first time that I heard of trash bins being called as landfills!

  11. Haha, YES on the circle one. There have been so many times we've been in a nice little circle, the someone steps in, takes over the conversation, and plants themselves right in front of me. Then, I do this awkward slow-motion shuffle thing to try to make it a circle again. So awkward.

    I love your outfit! The belt, the shoes! Love.



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