Wednesday, May 14, 2014

no more school for me!!!

Yesterday morning I woke up at 5-first time since I went with my dad to work on take your child to work day. Had a piece of toast, double and triple checked that I didn't forget anything, and made sure I was out the door by 545.  I was anxious to get it all over with, and of course I was super tired because I was up till 1130 the night before decorating my cap-it's the cool thing you know.

When it was my turn to go on stage-after all the yammering from the Deans about social justice and blah-blah-blah-I handed the announcer my card. Typically people don't pronounce my name correctly, they usually say A-lisa, or Alison-don't understand that one.  So I put the phonetic pronunciation: uh LIH s uh.  So the announce looks at me and says A-lisa Dawson. I look at him smile, shake my head no, and walk to where I'm directed. So the moral of the story is that it doesn't matter wither I put the phonetic pronunciation  or not, they are never gonna get it.

And the cords you see above, the gold ones, those are my honors cords and let me tell you they cheated me. In order to get suma cum lade you needed a 3.8 gpa, mine was a 3.77- I was a little peeved, because I really wanted a burgundy cord too, and suma cum lade, but I decided not to be a big brat about it. Oh well.
ASU has a cap decorating contest-I didn't enter. But I loved seeing every one's caps, all the creativity, and wit.  I was the least creative because I copied my friend who graduated last year, hers had more bedazzle on it thought.

My family was able to make it-I'd put a picture up of my mom and brothers but they would probably not like that-you're welcome guys! But this is me and my dad! (:
Brand has finals this week and wasn't able to go to my graduation. Such a total bummer because I really wanted him to be there, but I guess finals out rule any kind of graduation-especially when you're paying a lot of money for these finals.  So after everything ended I went to visit him at school.  I got all dressed up in my graduation garb to show him what I looked like, and then we took a picture.

I'm so grateful to everyone who had helped me in any way through these past six and a half years. It's been such a long journey and I'm so grateful to finally have accomplished and ended this part of my life. I love learning and growing, but I'm so glad to be done with school, no more papers to write, or presentations to give, no more exams. Life is good.



  1. Congrats to you! I love how you decorated your cap. :)

  2. Congrats! It's a great feeling to be a grad!!

    L A

  3. Congratulations I know how you feel, I was the same last year but now into the corporate world now wishing I was back in uni. x

  4. Congrats! You will have to update us with how being out of school is treating you.

  5. Yay!!!! Congratulations!!! :-D

  6. How exciting!!! CONGRATULATIONS♥

  7. Congratulations! So awesome! Love the bedazzle!

  8. Congrats! It must be such a huge relief to finally be done. I decided to go back to school but just to get a certificate (for now).

    Jenn~ //

  9. Congrats on graduating! can't wait to do that for myself next year!

  10. congratulations! and love how you decorated your cap, so so pretty!
    good luck with everything



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