Thursday, May 22, 2014

State Forty Eight

shirt: State Forty Eight, jeans: wet seal (2012), shoes: TOMS, watch: Michael Kors (gifted), necklace: cents of style, earrings: nana
shirt: State Forty Eight, jeans: jcpenny, shoes: sperry

I'm an Arizona native, born in and raised in this beautiful desert landscape. 
I've never lived anywhere else and I don't regret it for one minute. 
I love Arizona. 

I love Arizona because of the weather, the summers are blazing hot, but our winters-oh my gosh, our winters. 
I love Arizona because of the sunsets, the beautiful sunsets, I'm pretty sure no other state gets to experience as many beautiful sunsets as we do in good ole AZ.  
I love Arizona because of the landscape, down in Phoenix we have cactus-lots of cactus, and all kinds of desert plants-don't forget those desert animals too.  And then you head north and we have pine trees, loads of pine trees as far as the eye can see. Just the smell alone is breathtaking! 

Because I love Arizona I love representing Arizona any way I can. 
I've always wanted one of those classic tourist Arizona shirts, you know the kind you find at the airport. 

But a few months ago I found this awesome online shop called State Forty Eight.
(Arizona is the Forty Eighth State.)
State Forty Eight has some awesome graphic-t's that will help you show off your Arizona pride. 

There are lots of different designs-in different colors, and they also have them for guys and kids!
I love my black and white tee because it goes with everything! I love wearing it with my skirt to be a bit more dressy, and then I love wearing it with my comfy jeans! 
It's such an awesome versatile shirt, you can be that I'll be wearing it alll the time to show off my Arizona pride! 

And their motto: 
Arizona Passion meets Arizona Fashion 

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


necklace: Tiny Dazzles,  top: c/o Persunmall, jeans: tjmaxx, watch: Michael Kors, flats: jcpenny (similar)

Watching: the guardian, they just found out they are having a baby with downs. made me ball-soft spot in my heart for those babies.

Crocheting: finished knitting my "first" blanket.... not the first one I've done thought

Anticipating: my summer nannying job and all the "what are we doing today" questions that I'm not looking forward to.

Listening to: stereo hearts-internship nostalgia. It was the last song I heard traveling home from my internship. Not sure why, but it felt relatable at the time.

Thinking about: summer plans, my brother leaving for his mission... is that really happening next month??

Feeling thankful for: safety.

Wanting: the weather to cool down so I can open my windows, it's getting so hot!

Enjoying: not having to go to school, or write papers, or take tests.  That stuff was sometimes such a pain.

Wondering: how I'm going to occupy my time tomorrow, I don't know how people justify not getting a job and just sitting at home all day doing nothing. I'm going crazy here trying to keep myself occupied.

Smelling: Cookies. I've been baking cookies lots lately... well two times last week. They smell so good.

Wearing: Anything stretchy. it's hot, I'm not wearing jeans and leggings are stretchy and comfortable!

Following: my heart and taking a break from working.

Opening: my heart and not sweating the small stuff.

Feeling: hot and sweaty in the afternoon anyways.

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Don't forget about the Tiny Dazzles giveaway I've got going on. 


Monday, May 19, 2014

Tiny Dazzles Necklaces + Giveaway

necklace: Tiny Dazzles
necklace: Tiny Dazzles
more of the second outfit coming later this week-ps I'm going to be wearing these necklaces a lot!

Everyone needs a statement necklace... or two.

You guys, I fell in love with Tiny Dazzles the moment I found them.  
They have the most trendy inexpensive statement necklaces out there-seriously, so inexpensive.
They look just like the jcrew necklaces without the price tag.

I love statement necklaces because they go with anything. 
You can wear them on a lazy saturday to dress up your plain white graphic-t, or you can wear them with your sunday best. 
Whatever the occasion it's the perfect kind of necklace.
They add that extra boost of color to any outfit and you can never go wrong with them. 

Tiny Dazzles doesn't just specialize in necklaces, they also have braceletsbow tiescardigans, and boots too.  
All super versatile and inexpensive.

Today I'm teaming up with Tiny Dazzles to bring you this awesome giveaway. 
The winner gets these two necklaces that I'm wearing above!  
They seriously go with anything and have become my favorite go-to necklaces! 
If you can't wait to win one you can always purchase one!
Use code: Alyssa35 for 35% off your purchase (until Friday the 23rd)!!

Good luck friends!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

no more school for me!!!

Yesterday morning I woke up at 5-first time since I went with my dad to work on take your child to work day. Had a piece of toast, double and triple checked that I didn't forget anything, and made sure I was out the door by 545.  I was anxious to get it all over with, and of course I was super tired because I was up till 1130 the night before decorating my cap-it's the cool thing you know.

When it was my turn to go on stage-after all the yammering from the Deans about social justice and blah-blah-blah-I handed the announcer my card. Typically people don't pronounce my name correctly, they usually say A-lisa, or Alison-don't understand that one.  So I put the phonetic pronunciation: uh LIH s uh.  So the announce looks at me and says A-lisa Dawson. I look at him smile, shake my head no, and walk to where I'm directed. So the moral of the story is that it doesn't matter wither I put the phonetic pronunciation  or not, they are never gonna get it.

And the cords you see above, the gold ones, those are my honors cords and let me tell you they cheated me. In order to get suma cum lade you needed a 3.8 gpa, mine was a 3.77- I was a little peeved, because I really wanted a burgundy cord too, and suma cum lade, but I decided not to be a big brat about it. Oh well.
ASU has a cap decorating contest-I didn't enter. But I loved seeing every one's caps, all the creativity, and wit.  I was the least creative because I copied my friend who graduated last year, hers had more bedazzle on it thought.

My family was able to make it-I'd put a picture up of my mom and brothers but they would probably not like that-you're welcome guys! But this is me and my dad! (:
Brand has finals this week and wasn't able to go to my graduation. Such a total bummer because I really wanted him to be there, but I guess finals out rule any kind of graduation-especially when you're paying a lot of money for these finals.  So after everything ended I went to visit him at school.  I got all dressed up in my graduation garb to show him what I looked like, and then we took a picture.

I'm so grateful to everyone who had helped me in any way through these past six and a half years. It's been such a long journey and I'm so grateful to finally have accomplished and ended this part of my life. I love learning and growing, but I'm so glad to be done with school, no more papers to write, or presentations to give, no more exams. Life is good.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Graduation Giveaway

The days is finally here, it's the day I've waited for, for the past 6 years. I'm graduating today!! *raise the roof emoji*  I cannot begin to tell you how exciting and relieving it's going to be to walk across that stage. I really just hope I don't trip-but I think that's what goes through everyone's mind!

So, today I'm teaming up with 10 wonderful bloggers to bring you this graduation giveaway in hopes that you will enjoy today as much as me! 

Good Luck to you all!

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Friday, May 09, 2014

Happy Birthday $250 PayPal Giveaway

Happy Friday everyone! Friday's are thee absolute best-especially for those of you who have to work in the corporate world--I do not envy you!! Friday is awesome because it brings the weekend and the weekend is a time for relaxing, being with friends and being with family.  Thiiiis Friday I'm participating in a $250 paypal giveaway. One winner will score $250, this is not a joke.  Here's a sweet message from Elizabeth herself:

hello sweet readers! today i have something BIG for you! you probably already guessed it buy the title of this post and the giant picture of my cupcake & my face, but tomorrow i am turning 26!!! in honor of such a momentous occasion, i joined up with some lovely ladies to give you the chance to win $250 cash! as i thought about what i wanted to do, i wanted to find a way to celebrate with all of you because you are a huge part of my life. think of this as a party where you are all invited over to my house, you get to meet new friends, chat about, and then one of you gets to walk away with the ultimate party favor - two fifty bucks (because i don't want to be the only one getting gifts today!).

THANK YOU TO ALL THESE LADIES WHO ARE HELPING ME WITH THE PARTY!!! Brynne of Thatch & Thistle, Maddie of Maddie Richardson, Alyssa of Impractical Composition, Megan of Rivers & Roads, Liz of Life as Liz, Britney of the Quiet Place, Rachel of Rachel Boulevard, Abby of Becoming Blog, Robin of Fly Free, Elizabeth of Omnnomnom, Jenna of Dearest Love, Tina of Like Ordinary Life, Robin of Living Colorfully, Katie of Lublyou, Angie of My So Called Chaos, Tyler of Arkansassy, Amanda of Little Tranquility, Jillian of Brave Sunday, Mary of Trusty Chucks, and Janene of Celebrating Life.

YOUR CHANCE TO WIN! all entries to this giveaway will be run via rafflecopter. in exactly one week the giveaway will close, one winner will be selected at random and announced! all entries will be verified, so please play by the rules! i will transfer the $250 from my paypal to your paypal and it is just that easy (if you do not have a paypal

Thursday, May 08, 2014

soapbox thoughts

top: j.crew (similar), cardigan: jcpenny (similar), jeans: buckle (similar), shoes: jcpenny (similar) purse: coach/gifted, watch: fossil (similar), earring: my nana. 

Why do some trash bins say "landfill" instead of trash or garbage? Are they trying to make us feel guilty for throwing something away?! I think they are.  

Don't ever call a shuttle a bus-that's what I've been told.

If you have to stop and look at your phone or tie your shoe please don't stop riiiiight where you are.  There are probably people behind you so it would be best to look behind you and move to the side. 

Just because you like the noise of clicking when you text on your iphone doesn't mean everyone else does. Tuuuurn it off. 
Click, click, click-click-click, clickity-click! 

When you're talking to a group of people make sure you aren't standing with your back towards a member of the circle, it makes it kiiiind of awkward and it's no longer a circle, it's a.... weird shape. 

Don't post five instagram pictures in less than an hour-this also means don't post more than five either. 

Why are people naturally bad drivers when they see caution cones? Sir, you don't have to come to a complete stop to turn right when the light is green.  And don't worry your little car can make it between those two cones don't-you -worry. 

When you're coming out of the grocery store, don't assume that all of traffic is going to stop for you. Walk out the doors and look to see if cars are coming, if they are you should probably stop. 

Be nice to store/retail workers. You really think that they want to deal with you when you are a big grouch? Start by using please and thank-you. 

Okay, I'm off my soapbox. But seriously, sometimes people need to get a clue. haha! 

Happy Thursday! 

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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

thinking about lasts

 top: tjmaxx, necklace: c/o toADORN, pencil skirt: jcpenny, (also worn like this), flats: jcpenny sold out (similar), watch: Michael Kors (gifted), sunglasses: c/o Choies

I've been thinking about lasts a lot lately. A few weeks ago the kids I nanny for moved into a new house and I had one last walk around their old house. Remembering all the times we went swimming in that pool, jumping from the waterfall trying not to burn out feet on the rocks. Feeling the crisp cold air on our faces when we would play in the leaves in the backyard. Our noses would turn pink because it was soooo cold outside. Sitting on the couches in the family room where I held each of their little baby bodies. The kitchen table where crafts were taken to a new level and oats were eaten prrractically every summer morning.
How I'll miss that house.

And then there was school last week. Walking such a long way in the heat to catch the shuttle, hearing the birds chirp and the neighborhood dogs bark  Thinking of all the times I cursed the heat because I was so sweaty and sticky when I got to the shuttle. Taking in the scenery-that you can only see from a grayhound bus, seeing the house with creepy statues lined up around a pool and the walkway in the front yard-the Phoenix skyline doesn't look as good in a regular car.  Walking to class, smelling starbucks, hearing the homeless people talk to themselves, seeing friends pass by.

Remembering sitting in my classes, there was this one class that when I sat down and crossed my legs I would hit my knee soooo hard-never crossed my knees in that class again. Remembering the feeling of relief on the very last day, everyone was so cheery, filled with excitement to graduate and move on to the next chapter. And the smiles, I'll never forget the smiles.

Lasts get me so nostalgic, isn't it crazy how quickly things change? I feel like it was just yesterday when I started my very first class at asu.  Each time the semester ended it felt like it all flew by. Soon I was registering for my last classes and getting ready to put it all in the bag. I guess that's just the thing with lasts it's fun to sit in the moment and realize-this is my last time I'll be here, and you just soak it all in.

Soak it in my friends.


Have you ever heard of toAdorn?  I've become obsessed with checking their website on a regular basis just to see their latest and greatest. 
They have so many cute items at amazing prices, you must check them out! 
Some of my favorites right now include these harem pants, high low summer tops, and of course these spring perfect maxi dresses

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