Thursday, April 24, 2014

what I'm liking:

01 Multilayer Bracelet ▲ 02 Geometric Print Dress  03 Rose Blazer  04 Black Button Satchel  05 Gold Heart Chain 
Spring has sprung throughout the country and I am loving all these flowery instagram pictures. This time of year I get obsessed with dresses, long-flowy-dresses. They are the epitome of spring, the wonderful air, the cool grass, the brushing trees, the way your hair blows in the spring wind. I'm obsessed.  

I'm also obsessed with this dress above-it also comes in a green hue. Just imagine twirling around in it with your favorite sandals, grass beneath your feet. Yikes, I'm in heaven. I'd say it's the perfect picnic outfit, a blazer juuuust in case the cold breeze is too cold while you're under the shade. The sweetest heart necklace, with the most perfect bracelet set, and a sturdy satchel that will perfectly fit your camera, or your sandwiches and fruit. It all makes me want to plan a picnic just because.  

Anyways, Sheinside has tons more long flow-y dresses at the perfect price, I especially love this little number. The embroidery is to die for, it looks so extremely comfortable, and again-flow-y.

Happy Thursday!! 


  1. Love, love, love maxi dresses. Just got a new one yesterday. And a maxi skirt as well. Fun, comfortable and fashionable. :-)

    Stopping by from the Not a Mom Blog FB group. Cheers!


  2. That ring is beautiful and I love the gold heart!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes



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