Wednesday, April 23, 2014

to quote shakespeare: parting is such sweet sorrow

Holy cow you guys. I finished my internship today. Yes, on employee appreciation day, and they brought us ice cream, and they had sprinkles, and nuts, and hot fudge, and cherries, I could have eaten all the ice cream. It was like they secretly planned the party for me but called it employee appreciate day instead.  I didn't mind though.

It was all so surreal today. I woke up just as I would any old Monday or Wednesday and I got ready for my internship, I hardly thought about it being my official last day. I did however play "One Day More" but I think that obviously needed to happen. 

It was difficult saying goodbye to everyone, they were apart of a whole nine month chapter in my life. I think there's something about having certain people in your life for a certain amount of time. I know that I was supposed to be at my internship for a reason.  I was supposed to be there to support the people I worked with and they were there to support me. They have had such a great impact on me and have taught me so much about becoming a social worker, and about becoming what I want to be. Some of my favorite times where driving in the car with them, just talking about life building friendship relationships.  They were such a positive part of my life and I feel so blessed to have been a part of their team for the past nine months. 

It was definitely hard for me to leave. Normally I'm out the door by 4:30, but today I took my time.  I said my goodbyes and made sure I had everything picked up. The day wrapped up, I logged off the computer, took one last look at the cubicle where I sat for the past four months-allllll those cats!!, and my supervisor walked me out. It was such a weird feeling, to be walking out those doors for what may be the last time.  I definitely made sure to save the tears till I got in the car, I must say though I got really close to crying quite a number of times, some of the day's conversations were tough and made me a little emo, but I kept it under control. 

I feel so relieved, my internship wasn't horrible at all, I'm just relieved that I'm that much closer to being done with school. To graduating and finally getting my degree. It's really starting to feel so real to me. 

8 days.


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