Sunday, April 13, 2014

my biggest weakness.

One of my biggest weakness is animals. 
I've had a soft spot for them my whole life and it didn't matter the breed. 
Although I'm allergic to cats I still enjoy being around them-even if the aftermath is sneezing uncontrollably. 
What makes this ironic though is that I don't have a pet of my own-I guess that's why I volunteer. 
So this weekend Brand and I were walkout out of our apartment when we saw one of our neighborhood cats. 

She was laying on the sidewalk and at first it looked like she was just sunbathing.  
She is the sweetest cat and loves a little ear rub, she has the most beautiful eyes and such a unique face. 
When I got closer to her, and when she got up, I noticed that she wasn't putting any weight on her paw and that it looked all bloody and red. 
I immediately called ahs and told them about her, and they asked me to bring her in because they were so busy. 

Thankfully this sweet little cat let me pick her up.
So I wrapped her in a blanket and we got in the car and drove to the shelter. 
I cannot begin to tell you how nervous I was for her. 
She wasn't even my cat and immediately I was worried that she wasn't going to be okay, that she wasn't going to be adoptable. 
Every horrible thing ran through my mind and I was a wreck.

We got to the shelter and she seemed to like the car ride, or at least she didn't mind it, she sat in my lap for a bit but I think the sun was too hot on her paw so she took refuge down by my feet away from the sun. 
I was worried that she would be too scared to sit in the lobby with all the other animals, but she did such a wonderful job. 
She sat there in my arms like a pro-after watching "my cat from hell" I've come to realize that cats don't really like to be held so that's another thing that got me all worried. 

Sitting in the waiting room with other people who were surrendering their pets just made me so sad. When people were saying goodbye to their dogs I couldn't help but start to cry. 
I cried for the animals, but I also cried for the owners because you knew they were having such a hard time with it all. 

I was sitting there, petting Doily (that's what I named her), giving her chin scratches that she loved so much when the lady next to me asked. 
How old is she?
I'm not sure, she's a neighborhood cat and she had an owie on her paw. I replied with a few sniffles. 
We're here because our kitty is 16 years old and he can't get up any more so we're here to put him to sleep. 
Water works start to flow from both our eyes. 
We get to talking about cats, she tells me about how many cats she has saved and how she wishes she could save them all. 
Of course I agree with her and we start crying some more. 
She gets up, grabs herself a tissue, me one as well, and then comes back to sit down. 
It was our turn to go up to the counter and the rest is history. 

The man that helped us was really nice and was so sweet to little Doily. 
I hope she gets fixed up and finds a home real soon. 

I'm pretty sure I'll never forget this day.  
So many new experiences, so many emotions wrapped up into one day. 

I hope I get to see Doily again.


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  1. what a sweet baby kitty thanks for sharing her story visiting from sunday funday hop have a great day



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