Friday, April 25, 2014

I needed non-mommy bloggers and I needed them now!

A few weeks back I was scrolling through my instagram feed, I was scrolling and scrolling-like we all do- when I got kind of annoyed.  Almost every picture on my feed was in regards to someone: being pregnant, showing a picture of their child, showing a picture of themselves at the water park (while I was at work mind you), and other ones that I just can't remember right now.  Now, lets get things straight. I'm happy for these people, glad that they have these opportunities and I am in no way discrediting them or calling them annoying-in fact I'm sure I liked (double tapped) all the pictures. I'm a crazy liker. But here's the thing... I cannot relate to them one bit. 

So that's when it hit me, I needed to reach out and find some of my fellow bloggers-and I knew they were out there-to follow along with. I needed someone to relate to, someone to be able to talk to about work, the kind where we both agree about how crazy/nice/unreal/annoying/over with our co-workers, or consumers, or bosses, or even just drivers that we have to deal with on our way to work, can be to work with. Also, those descriptions were in no particular order... 

So I tweeted, I facebooked and I tweeted some more, and I found it. I was told-on twitter-about a facebook group for non-mommy bloggers, it was like the light at the end of the tunnel. So I have for you a list of non-mommy bloggers... I've developed the name "Not Your Typical Blogger" to describe us because... well I couldn't come up with a more creative one. If you have any ideas plllllease send your ideas my way! 

You can put this button on your blog, or pin it so that you can refer back to all of us "Not Your Typical Blogger"s. (: 

Angie's Angle
Something Winnderful
Ten Feet of Beale
Velvet and Vinyls
In the South, it's a religion
Pin Stripes and Lip Gloss
North Carolina Grown
A Peak at Karen's World
The Life Unexpected
Something Splendid
Hodge Podge Moments
My So-Called Chaos
Naomi Liz 
Peace Love Sequins
Busy Being Jennifer
Patricia Alexandra Creative
Love, The Skinnys
Gen Pink
Life with Amberly and Joe
The Stories of Kelsey
Oh, Just Living the Dream
Lip Gloss and High Heels
The Dallas Socials
Glitz n Gritz
Fit & Awesome
Everything Happens for a Reason
A Southern Girl's Guide to Being a Mile High
Moments with Michelle
Stumbling Along
Life of a Sports Wife
A Lovely Life Indeed
The Married Me
He Calls Me Grace
Love and Hot Chocolate
A Tattooed Teacher in Texas
A Labor of Love
Probably Rachel
My Beautiful Crazy Life
Pink Heels Pink Truck
Chase All Your Dreams
All That Glitters is Gold
Notes From A Newlywed
Sassy Sweetheart
Budziak Beauty
Design By Emily
Whispering Sweet Nothings
Color Me Brave
Irresistible Pets
Irresistible Icing
Keeping up With The Jayneses
Marilyn's Way
Allison Leighann

Happy Friday! If you are a non-mommy blogger please link up your blog name and link in the comments! We'd love for you to join us!

Again, I want to say that this post is in no way trying to say that mommy bloggers don't matter-heck if I get to be a mom I'd post about the same thing-it's just a different kind of outreach for us! Thanks for understanding!



  1. I'm so glad I saw your twitter post and sent you the group link! It's awesome to see the group growing so much :)

    Much love,

  2. This is so awesome. Thanks for including me! It helps to have a group of women who relate to not having babies yet! Babies are cool and all, but they do tend to dominate feeds sometimes.

  3. Thank you for this! I'm not a mom and never will be. My life is fabulous nonetheless. And I love blogging. Thank you for supporting those of us who have something different to bring to the table. :-)

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  6. I typically follow all mommies too, its nice to see projects and things about NOT babies sometimes.

    Tattered to Taylored

  7. Non-Mommy blog over here! I can relate to you! Plus my name is Alyssa too, so obviously we're both awesome.
    Two-Thirds Scarlett

  8. I can't wait to start going through these blogs and discovering new ones!

  9. Woohoo! I am so glad someone thought to make a list of us bloggers without kids. We need to support each other.

    Leelee Finds Herself

  10. Well now I know what I am doing for the rest of the day! Thanks for the list, glad to see there are so many of us. :)

    Lovin' Lee Life

  11. Wonderful idea and a great list of blogs! Looking forward to some non-kiddie related content (& I say that with love - smile).

  12. I completely understand. Though I myself am a mom of three, and my private facebook account is jam-packed with picks of the kiddos, my blog is not. I consider it a bit of a me time oasis, if you will!
    L A

  13. awesome :)

  14. This is great! Thanks for including all of us!

  15. This is great! Thanks for including all of us!

  16. Hallajuah! Just what I've been looking for! I love all my prego friends, but there's just not much I can relate to them.

    Now work issues, breakups, shopping, adventuring on a that's my kind of fun!

  17. I listed my blog on the facebook post, but also wanted to come over and check out your blog! It's a great idea to compile everyone and I'd love to be included. Thanks!

  18. YAY! This makes me so excited. I'm in that same exact boat. :)


  19. Hey Alyssa, thanks for mentioning me! I'm excited to start following your blog.


  20. YES! FINALLY! A non-mommy blog. Thank you for posting this. I've been looking for non mommy blogs for months.

  21. Thanks so much for this! I just pinned it to let other bloggers know :)

    My blog focuses on life after graduating college (and all the ups and downs.) It's also your typical lifestyle blog, focusing on this and that.

    Check it out here:

    Thanks a bunch!
    Val <3

  22. Thanks for including us! We've pinned this to help get the word out! :)


  23. Yes!

  24. Yes! I was just venting to a friend that it seems like us non-mommy bloggers are all alone in the space.So thanks for including us. My food blog is



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