Monday, April 07, 2014


top: c/o Persunmall, jeans: tjmaxx: sold out (similar), necklace: caroline g. (giveaway I won), shoes: famous footwear '06, watch: fossil (gifted)

watching: the guardian. It's one of those social work-y type shows that I just-can't-stop-watching. And it's from 2001 so that makes it even more great, the theme song screams 90's as do the outfits, it makes me feel like I'm waiting for Y2K to strike again. 

crocheting: I just finished a huge afghan, fourth of all time, this time it was for a special someone who has literally given me many things.  I'm also in the process of crocheting more mini owl dolls and large giraffes-they are my new favorite projects. 

anticipating: the capstone project I juuuust literally finished. As I write this I come to realize that the rest of the work that I have to do this semester is so extremely trivial that I should just start celebrating my graduation now.  I mean 24 days left, this is getting real. 
listening to: I made a playlist for school. It's got of monsters and men, some lana del ray, only the deep tracks though, they're the better ones. 

thinking about: graduation, summer plans, a trip to Russia (crossing my fingers that these people don't screw it up), babies, family, what I'm going to wear to school tomorrow, should I do my hair or not. 

feeling thankful for: Life, being here at this place and this time. I feel like I'm leaping over these big huge banks with a superman cape strapped to my back. But it's been such a trying road, and it continues to be, but I'm thankful. 

preparing for: a new house to rent? I'm kinda done with apartment living. I don't really love hearing my neighbors sneeze at night, or hearing them use the restroom, or hearing loud rumbled from above. Cross your fingers that we find a house close by! 
Boy time is flying by. Happy Monday friends! 

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  1. Good luck on moving to your new place. I currently living in an apartment and I know what you mean about your neighbors. sometimes you just need some quiet time



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