Wednesday, April 30, 2014

awkward and awesome

top: c/o Choies, jeans: tjmaxx (similar), shoes: target (similar), watch: no longer sold (similar), bracelets: threads, sunglasses: c/o Choies, earrings: nana. 

- When you braid your hair and you forget a loooong strand. I was already at school and wasn't going to redo it. 
- Realizing that I got outside the "lines" with this pink lipstick, guys obviously I don't do this often. 
- When you're teacher asks who's going second and someone raised their hand, but you yell out "we are, we're going second, we already called it." I kind of embarrassed myself, but I only have one more day so what's the harm riiiight? I kind of felt like Katniss too, I volunteer, I volunteer as tribute!
- When flies buzz around me... it makes me feel all kinds of stinky-and sometimes I check to see if I am. 
- Close talkers-let me juuuuust scoot back a bit, or maybe I can find a chair to put between us. Yikes.  
- Toe pictures on instagram-just don't people. just don't. 
- Telling a veterinarian that you think the cat's "udders" are big-they're teets, not udders, cows have udders. 
- This is a good one... Sitting at a city council meeting and an elderly woman bends over in her chair and farts. Brand and I look at each other and walk out. Guuuys she straight up farted!!! 

- The voice of a four year old "I know what they call old people.... elderly." As if it's a bad word or something. 
- Having my nana on tv with me last week. We showed off her foster pups and I got to show her the ropes. 
- Long Flow-y dresses for spring time-you know me. 
- Finishing school, done with my internship and done with school... tomorrow. One of the biggest accomplishments I've ever done, even though it took so long it was so worth it! 
- Switched at Birth referencing Anne of Green Gables, I always thought Daphne had a similar resemblance to Anne. 
- Still rediscovering m&m mcflurrys, they're treating me great and if I wouldn't get onset diabetes from eating them every day I would be in that drive through line promptly after dinner time... or later at night-that seems to be when I get the most m&ms! 

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  1. All of your awkwards literally made me lol! Thanks for the laugh :) And also, your outfit is, like, everything! You're simply beautiful!



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