Monday, April 28, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend

I'm not dreading Monday today. I'm done with my internship and I don't have work. Not that I dread my internship, but it's nice to have no where to go. Really nice. 
My nana was on tv with me this weekend! It was seriously such a fun moment. She's the one that got me hooked on AHS, so it was that much more fun to have her there and to be able to show her the ropes of the magic that tv brings.  And to top that off we showed her foster pups, aren't they the cutest?! 
This weekend I babysat-yes, I'm 25 and I still babysit, I'm sure you'd understand if your husband was constantly at school studying and you didn't have kids or friends. Haha!  Plus, it's money that I cannot pass up, and it's fun. -That's my explanation of thaaat. We went to this park, it was an open green park that I loved and one that I knew we'd spend a lot of time at. Plus the breeze was to die for-great weather just adds to any kind of adventure.  I could picture myself just lying on a blanket on the grass, listening to the calm breeze and the baby birds chirping. 
Saturday we went to the temple! The flowers that lined the temple sidewalk were so fragrant, I feel like I can still smell them. It was such a beautiful day, Arizona really showed her stuff this weekend because the weather was amazing. I used to hate the wind, but now after getting a bite of the heat I don't mind it one bit. 
I also finished making another giraffe for a school-mate, her sister is having a boy and it was super fun creating this custom guy. I'm kind of excited for the summer because I know I'm going to crochet till my fingers fall off-I've gotten really close before. But when it's my therapy and something that I love so much I'm not sure how I can say no to it.

How was your weekend? Link up your weekend recap in the comments so I can come visit you!

Happy Monday Friends!


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  1. Love the giraffes... wish I had that skill! I understand about being bored on the weekends. My hubs job has us living 10+ hours away from family!
    L A
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