Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the grass is greener where you water it

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I've been thinking a lot about these next few months. 
So much will happen and it's such an exciting time in our lives.
I finally graduate college with my bachelors degree and Brand graduates from the masters program and moves on to dental school. 
And then I've been thinking about the after part. 
After I graduate what's my plan? 
And I think as it gets closer and closer I've been feeling more stressed about the whole situation. 

I never really wanted to work, although I understand it because there's got to be some kind of money coming in. 
I've just wanted to just be a mom. 
But, really the last thing I ever saw myself doing was being a working woman. 
Not that I completely hated the idea-although it was extremely stressful at times-but generally that's not my idea of a good time. 
Working the Corporate America life, the 8-5 monday through friday.  
I've done it. 
I lived the Corporate America life for 4 years. 
And I worked hard. 
Through those years I continued working on my education, because it was important to me and because if ever anything happened to Brand I would want/need something to fall back on. 
I graduated high school in 07 and went to college that fall semester. 
And I've been in college ever since. 
It's a super-senior kind of thing.
But, I'm not ashamed of it.
I never planned for this to happen, I didn't think it would take me nearly seven years to get my bachelors degree. 
In reality do we ever?
These sorts of things are never really planned are they?

I've gotten comments about my current situation a lot. 
When are you having a baby?
What are your plans after you graduate? 
What do you want to do?
Are you pregnant yet?

Some people say I'm lucky to have had so much time alone with just Brand and I. 
And I agree. 
These past 5 and a half years have been great for us and I'm so grateful for them!
I've learned so much about Brand and we've gone through so many things together already. 

Some people tell me that it must be nice to just be able to pick up and leave for a fun night on a whim. 
It must be great to get to sleep through the night and not be woken up by cries of a baby. 
It must be so wonderful to be able to sit through church and be able to listen to what is being taught.
And sure, it is wonderful!

But if I had the choice to choose between being a mom and working, I'd choose being a mom in a heartbeat. 

But when people say these things to me I just think
the grass is greener where you water it. 

Be grateful for what you have. 
You don't know the hard work others have gone through to get where they are. 
And you don't know where they find the greener grass.

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  1. I completely agree with you! I HATE working 9-5. It's not me at all! My dream has always to be a mom!

    1. And by mom I mean stay-at-home-mom. :-)

    2. Right there with you girl! Isn't it interesting the way things work out? They hardly ever go according to plan, but I guess that's just it. (:



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