Wednesday, March 05, 2014

awkward and awesome

top: gifted (Midwestern Dental), necklace: c/o, jeans: nordstrom (similar), flats: target (similar), watch: no longer sold (similar

- Standing in line at Joann's waiting to check out and the lady behind me doesn't understand what 'too close' means. I had my arms folded and tried to turn from side to side but couldn't because that's how close she was. 
- People picking groups in class and you're the lone ranger. "Hey guys, does someone need a partner? I don't have one." #storyofmylife
- Walking out of a chic-fil-a, making my way through alllllll the people, and I get out side and I have random baby vomit on my pants... did I walk by a baby?

- News about Brand getting into Dental School
- Learning how to quilt!
- Sitting in class yesterday and the guest speaker asks us to introduce ourselves and say what we plan to do, professionally after we graduate. Everyone says their peace and I say "I'm Alyssa, I don't plan to do the masters program, and professionally I just want to be a mom." Everyone loved it and I got the whole class to laugh... only because it was one of those simple realistic types of things. 
- When you turn on Pandora two months after Christmas and still have Christmas music queued to play. 
- Making plans for our summer vacation, we've never been on a 'real' vacation together since our honeymoon, so this should be fun!
- Realizing that I'm half way to graduation, looks like I need to start decorating my cap!


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  1. I'm in love with those pants and the pearls!!
    Gorgeous. c:




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