Sunday, February 23, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend

Happy Sunday night. Brand is out on an emergency dental visit with a dentist in our area, he's getting a head start on learning all the fun stuff. I'm sitting here, light on in every room, watching the office, hearing 
mumblings of the neighbors next door, remembering my weekend and loathing tomorrow.  Monday's are so lame. I just have to keep telling myself 95 days. I'm almost done. And I liiiive for Thursdays. I don't think you understand... liiiiiiiiiiiiiive

Last week Brand had finals.  I never saw him except for the early hours in the morning and the late ones at night.  So this weekend was fun because Brand didn't have to study at all. We got to play! It was fun being around Brand, it's weird going from not seeing him for a long time to seeing him a lot. Such a drastic change. 

The pictures above are what our weekend consisted of, including some Russian grub and of course Cane's.  Don't forget to add family Sunday to the list.  I love being so close to family and I'm grateful that we get to spend at least the next four years here too. It's so nice to finally have a plan in life. 

Good luck tomorrow friends! 


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