Monday, February 10, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend: a linky party

This weekend was a good one. On Saturday I said that it was the kind of weekend that I've been waiting for since August.  But I've realized that, that was a bit exaggerated. I'm not that deprived and I'll admit it. I guess I've just learned to appreciate the amount of time I have with Brand.

In Arizona there's this thing called the chocolate affair, it's one of those Valentine's Day events that you cannot miss. It's held in downtown Glendale, also known as vintage central, and it's lots of fun.  There are so many vendors there with things made of and dipped in chocolate, it's a chocolate addicts dream. Every time we go it's a must that I get a chocolate covered frozen banana, dipped in chocolate, dipped in nuts.  And if you try and remake this treat yourself it just isn't the same. 
I love all aspects of this chocolate affair. A must I tell you. I love watching the fudge people make their fudge. Such a lot of work, but it's so worth it. Oh, and when they give you free samples that doesn't hurt either. 
When you're in downtown Glendale you must stop in some of the shops, especially the shops that are inside those old time-y houses. They cram all kinds of goodies in the rooms, so much that it's almost impossible to have more than three people in one of the rooms. I'm not kidding, but seriously it's a dream. I love the shops, especially the ones that have the jewelry. 
Anyways, we spent all morning together and then most of the afternoon. Sometimes I forget to take advantage of these moments, when I'm in them that is. Of course when they are over it's sometimes all I can remember. 


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