Sunday, February 23, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend

Happy Sunday night. Brand is out on an emergency dental visit with a dentist in our area, he's getting a head start on learning all the fun stuff. I'm sitting here, light on in every room, watching the office, hearing 
mumblings of the neighbors next door, remembering my weekend and loathing tomorrow.  Monday's are so lame. I just have to keep telling myself 95 days. I'm almost done. And I liiiive for Thursdays. I don't think you understand... liiiiiiiiiiiiiive

Last week Brand had finals.  I never saw him except for the early hours in the morning and the late ones at night.  So this weekend was fun because Brand didn't have to study at all. We got to play! It was fun being around Brand, it's weird going from not seeing him for a long time to seeing him a lot. Such a drastic change. 

The pictures above are what our weekend consisted of, including some Russian grub and of course Cane's.  Don't forget to add family Sunday to the list.  I love being so close to family and I'm grateful that we get to spend at least the next four years here too. It's so nice to finally have a plan in life. 

Good luck tomorrow friends! 


spiritual sunday: mountains to climb


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

and I know how chapter six begins

Last week Brand had an interview for the Dental program at Midwestern. 
It's the day we've been waiting for, for the past three years.

Those past three years we've been stressing and putting so much time and effort into applying to Dental school. 
There were so many times when that big dark storm cloud hung over our heads, it just seemed to feel like there was something we were doing wrong. 
When others were getting into school and we weren't it made it even worse. 

Brand has worked so hard for the past five years, he's done well in school and was such a hard worker in the corporate America world. 

Yesterday I was in the bedroom doing laundry and watching teen mom. 
It's my Thursday night routine. 
Brand called me up and told me that we had a change of plans for Valentine's Day because he had a lab that he needed to be at between 5 and 8. 
I was frustrated because I thought I was going to get a nice Valentine's date night-selfish me I know. 
Anyways, he comes home and I'm in the room still doing laundry and watching teen mom when he comes over to me and says
"I got into Dental school."
My reaction wasn't what it should have been and it was quite a bit like our engagement.
I didn't believe him, and I told him that. 

Just earlier in the week we were talking about the what if's. 
What if we didn't get in, what would we do?
What if we did get in, what would we do?
So many things run through your mind when things like this change your life. 
And for me, I totally thought he was joking about the whole thing. 

And he told me again. 
"I got into Dental school!"
I think I'm still in shock with the whole thing. 

It's so relieving, to finally have a place to go, to know what our future is going to hold. 
One of the best feelings ever. 

We have been so blessed with this awesome news. 
And it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. 

\I'm so grateful for Brand, for everything he has done for us.
f you're stuck in the same situation we were, I know how you feel. 
It comes to an end sooner or later, even though it may feel like an eternity.


Monday, February 17, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend

So here is my version of Cardstore's printable Valentine's Day cards. I had to make my own because our printer isn't working, but I give full credit to Cardstore because it's such a cleaver idea!  At first I thought I would surprise Brand with these hearts when he came home from school, but it ended up that I woke up early and did it before he left. It was fun to see his reaction.  I love the little things. And it turns out that he hid my Valentine's Day card in the fridge riiiight by the milk. I should have guessed it would be there, the night before he was asking me what my morning routine was... what a goof.

Our Valentine's Day evening was good. Brand had school until 8 pm, which I was seriously annoyed about, but oh well. We didn't go all out for Valentine's Day, but again we like the simple things. We went to Five Guys, one of my favorite hamburger places ever, and then we got some cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory! (chocolate mouse if you must ask)
Brand has finals this week and was studying for most of the weekend, so I put on my big girl pants and headed out on an adventure all by my self.  I don't like going places by myself, but if I just get that little puuush to go, I could be out all night. So I went to all my stores, Target, Hobby Lobby, Tjmaxx, and Barnes and Nobel, you know the stores that are all by each other so that I didn't have to drive around so much.  I love just browsing and I also love people watching.  Sometimes I get creepy though. So I was at Barnes and Nobel looking at the crochet books, and then I walked by the Starbucks when all of a sudden I saw this older guy stand up from his table and head to the books.  I was rather intrigued because he looked like he was on a serious mission, so I followed behind him.  Okay, I wasn't right behind him so that it was that creepy, but I walked toward the general area he was in.  I found him in the diet section-he didn't look like he needed to go on a diet- and that's where my interest ended. There sure are some interesting people at the library.  And is it just me or do you take a deeeep breath when you walk through the library doors? I love the smell of coffee and books mixed together.

Anyways, the rest of the night I was at Hobby Lobby trying to figure out what kind of quilt I want to make.  The hardest part is finding a pattern and then picking the fabric. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.  I'm loving all these bright/old fashion colors, but which ones do I pick?

Happy Monday Friends! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

happy valentine's day eve

I don't know about you, but I always have a difficult time gift giving, especially when it comes time to getting a gift for Brand. 
It's especially difficult when you are on a strict budget.  
Within the past several years I've realized that simple, meaningful gifts are the best kinds of gifts to give. has got me covered for this Valentines Day. 
They have the best, most simple idea that will really go a long way for your sweet Valentine.

To get your free Valentine printables and surprise your Valentine this year head here

Stay tuned to see how I used these printable love notes! 
Let's get creative! 


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Color Fun Fest 5K + a Giveaway

Guys, today I'm bringing you an awesome group of people who are all about adding color to your life and to those who are less fortunate.

COLOR FUN FEST 5K is an EPIC color fun run that heightens positive emotions by combining a 5k fun run with the energy of electronic dance music, all while coloring the crowd with thousands of pounds of vibrant colored powder. The event is family-friendly, and features a post-run celebration with DJ entertainment.

A portion of the proceeds will be benefiting Free Arts for Abused Children, a nonprofit organization that gives children that have suffered adversity a chance to express themselves through art. Bring arts and crafts donations for the kids! The organization will be accepting donations at the event and there will also be a special performance by the children for all attendees. Another organization involved with this event is called Hope Kids, an institution that helps the families of children with life-threatening medical conditions find hope and enjoy life with a loving and supportive community of compassionate people. Sometimes people need a reminder to live every day with a smile on their face, and Hope Kids delivers a vital daily dose of hope.

Who should attend: Whole community- including kids/parents, couples, groups of friends, fitness gurus, dance enthusiasts, runners, joggers, walkers, bloggers, couch potatoes, the young, the old, and basically everyone and anyone that likes to have fun!

Entertainment: DJ Mad Max will be performing at our post-run festival, here is a link to his latest mix on Soundcloud

When: March 15, 2014 - First wave of runners at 4:30 pm, second wave at 7:30 pm

Where: Ak-Chin Pavilion, located at 2121 N. 83rd Ave, Phoenix AZ 85035


Now, it's your turn to win tickets to run in the Color Fun Fest in Phoenix!

Good luck!

And if you can't wait for the giveaway to end use cod IMPRACTICAL for $30 off your tickets


Monday, February 10, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend: a linky party

This weekend was a good one. On Saturday I said that it was the kind of weekend that I've been waiting for since August.  But I've realized that, that was a bit exaggerated. I'm not that deprived and I'll admit it. I guess I've just learned to appreciate the amount of time I have with Brand.

In Arizona there's this thing called the chocolate affair, it's one of those Valentine's Day events that you cannot miss. It's held in downtown Glendale, also known as vintage central, and it's lots of fun.  There are so many vendors there with things made of and dipped in chocolate, it's a chocolate addicts dream. Every time we go it's a must that I get a chocolate covered frozen banana, dipped in chocolate, dipped in nuts.  And if you try and remake this treat yourself it just isn't the same. 
I love all aspects of this chocolate affair. A must I tell you. I love watching the fudge people make their fudge. Such a lot of work, but it's so worth it. Oh, and when they give you free samples that doesn't hurt either. 
When you're in downtown Glendale you must stop in some of the shops, especially the shops that are inside those old time-y houses. They cram all kinds of goodies in the rooms, so much that it's almost impossible to have more than three people in one of the rooms. I'm not kidding, but seriously it's a dream. I love the shops, especially the ones that have the jewelry. 
Anyways, we spent all morning together and then most of the afternoon. Sometimes I forget to take advantage of these moments, when I'm in them that is. Of course when they are over it's sometimes all I can remember. 


Tuesday, February 04, 2014

what I wore: what are YOU doing after graduation?

button up: c/o Persunmall cardigan: mom (similar), jeans: f21 (similar), flats: target (similar), earrings: the limited (similar), watch: no longer sold (similar)

Seriously, this is the question of the semester. 

What are YOU doing after graduation?

I kid you not, everyone I sit by, everyone I talk to wants to know what I'm doing once I graduate. 
I'm sure it's just the natural curiosity of a social worker, but remember what we learned in 303? Boundaries, people! Okay, I'm getting worked up. 

Here's the toned down version. 

This semester is the semester I've waited my entire college career for. 
The past six and a half years have all lead up to this exact semester, the final chapter. 
I got a little teary eyed last night talking about the end of this semester. 
Thinking about how both Brand and I will be graduating from something. 
I'll be getting my Bachelors and he'll be getting his masters. 
Don't think I haven't already thought about the cute pictures we will take in our cap and gown outfits. 

So many things that Brand and I have done have taken time, and I have learned so much from it. 
Finding new jobs, going to school, finishing school, applying to new schools, working our bums off, I feel like these past few years have been such a test for us. A good test that is. 
I've learned patience, how to de-stress, how to choose to be happy, to love, to be understanding, to pray, to listen, and mostly I've learned to trust my Heavenly Father. 

Anyways, my answer usually tends to be somethings like: Oh, well I want to be a mom, but I think this summer I'm going to nanny and after that I don't know. 
Sure I get weird remarks, but can't I just enjoy this time?!

I am so absolutely excited for May to get here and to feel the weight of school be lifted off my shoulders. 
Till then.


Monday, February 03, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend: linky party

This time around Brand and I actually had plans on our weekend.  Lately it's been just lots of studying for school, but I'm not complaining because this is totally what I expected. But it was nice to have time to go and do something together. 

So this weekend we went to the Gilbert, Arizona Temple open house.  I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVE this temple.  The inside is so extremely beautiful it's almost indescribable. If you live in the Phoenix are, heck if you live in Arizona you must go see the temple! It's open to the public until the 15, the last day people without a temple recommend are able to go inside. So take advantage of it, see what our temples are all about. 

I love being on temple grounds.  I feel so much peace when I'm there, especially being inside. 

So that was our Saturday in a nutshell, after the temple we went to Cafe Zupas, where I rediscovered my love for their Wisconsin cauliflower soup. I love it!  I mean the name does not appease me in the least, cauliflower? Yeah, no thanks, but really it's the most wonderful thing I've ever had. I also re-realized how inexpensive Cafe Zupas is, more date nights there are necessary. 

Friday night we went to Cheese Cake Factory with Brand's friends from school.  It's fun to see them in a different setting, I like having friends and people that we can hangout with.  I branched out and tried a different cheese cake, not my personality, but I was very pleased and my new favorite might be the chocolate chocolate mousse. Thee perfect amount of chocolate that's for sure. And while I'm talking about chocolate this weekend in Glendale there is a chocolate affair. Yup, I'll be there. 

Sunday Brand's brother and his wife and kids came into town and tonight we had a big fun family home evening at peter piper. I love family time, it's the best. I especially love seeing all those scrunchy baby/toddler smiles! Mix that with my new favorite cheese cake and you'll have the best day ever. 

Happy Monday Friends!



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