Monday, January 13, 2014

what I wore: peter pan plus Paris

 top: c/o Choies, jeans: nordstrom, booties: c/o plato's closet arrowhead (buy), watch: no longer sold (similar), bracelets: threads, earrings: c. wonder (similar)

If one things for sure I've always loved these peter pan collars. I love how feminine they look-I don't understand their name either.  I especially love them when they are paired with buttons right-down-the-middle.  It screams Paris and makes me feel like I'm back there already. Walking those bumpy cobbled streets, smelling the fresh flowers as you pass by every other store, hearing the locals speak French-and, gosh-darn-it you can't understand a lick they say because you took Spanish?! Oh Paris *said like a french woman of course.*  And then almost naturally you start singing this classic:

All I've really got to say is I love this shirt. I love the chiffon, I love how breathable it is, and I can already tell you that it's going to be one of my favorites this summer.

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  1. I adore Peter Pan collars too! That shirt really is perfect!

  2. Love it!
    And that song brought back my childhood. ;)

  3. aaah peter pan collars. what a dream :) love it. and your hair is so prettyyy!

  4. Love those shoes! i need/want black booties.



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