Sunday, January 05, 2014

weekend shenanigans

Guys, I'm loving my winter break.  I've done more relaxing these past several weeks than I've done in these last 5 years of marriage.  This week/weekend was no different.  Really though, my weeks and weekends have been rolling together and every day feels just like a Saturday. It's the most wonderful feeling ever.  I cannot say that I've gotten many things accomplished, besides crochet projects of course, but I've gotten well versed in this thing called Netflix-oh how I love watching these shows with no commercials. How much better would it be if tv was actually like that, no commercials ever.  Sure, we'd miss the fun ones, but really. Not that I have tv channels anyways.

So weekend shenanigans really turn into week shenanigans, so let me update you.  This week Brand and I brought in the New Year while playing smash brother on the game cube, well Brand played with his brothers, I watched and crocheted of course-with all this crocheting I've been doing I'll likely have tendon surgery in 10 years. Live your life, riiight?!  We also have this tradition, that we started last year, where our last meal of the year takes place at Denny's.  What brings in the New Year like a stack of pancakes with chocolate chips?! I'll happily call it my last meal of the year, in fact the last mean of 2012 was the same-darn-thing. On New Years Day we slept in almost till 10-this never happens. And Brand studied most of the day.

Later in the week I created that little owl on the right, she's Wink's sister and I'm thinking her name is Hootee.... maybe. Oh, and I have to tell you about that pup pictured above.  Isn't he the cutest fluffiest thing you've ever seen?! I call him my dog-in-law.  Brand's mom and dad adopted him from AHS and he is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. I got to hold him after he was a tv star, I took his picture, sent it to Brand's mom and the rest is history.  Honestly the whole thing was completely kismet, he is the protector of the house and always at her side. I love shadow pups! This picture shows his cuddly side, he loves to be warm, wrap him up in a blanket and make sure his mom is near and he is perfectly content. I love it!

Anyways, happy weekend! Link up your weekend shenanigans in the comments! I'd love to see how you've been doing!



  1. What a fun tradition! I love that.
    And those owls are too cute! :)

  2. Girl, those owls are adorable!!!! I'm so glad you're having such an awesome break!

  3. Those owls are pretty darn cute. I'm really into crocheting too...... in fact I now own my own crochet business. I feel ya on the tendenitis! My hands sometimes go numb..... yikes!
    Cute blog.... I'm linking up too.



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