Monday, September 30, 2013

bbqs, steryotypes, tours, and babes

 This weekend was a good one.  Brand's school had a little BBQ/get-together/giveaway extravaganza. Well, it wasn't extravagant, and we didn't win any of the prizes -such is our luck.  But we had fun!  I was able to meet the kids, I need to come up with a different words because they really aren't kids, that Brandon has class with.  Sometimes it's good to put names with faces.

Also, it's funny how quickly some people's personalities show.  Like one person always had to end the conversation talking about themselves, and they always end up changing the entire conversation just to for that.  Another takes it upon themselves to be constantly talking and never let anyone get a word in edge-wise.  There is the nice one, who listens and talks, but isn't over bearing -the kind I think make the best kind of friend. The ones who are literally too cool for school, like they won't talk to anyone unless they already know you. Do you like how I didn't specify gender with these examples?! That's the social worker in me!

After I was introduced to Brand's new friends he gave me a tour of campus.  I tried to remember all the buildings, but sometimes I forget.  We walked out of one of the buildings and he pointed and said what building is that.  I quickly shouted out a name and not surprisingly, I was wrong.  But really there are way too many buildings there. I got to see his classrooms and he showed me where he sat in each. All I can say is, I'm glad that I don't have to go to post graduate school.  I would never pass a class.
Sunday was our day of church and rest.  Why is it that when Sunday afternoon comes around I just feel sooooo tired? I was crocheting this black and white blanket (I can't wait for it to be finished) and I was watching hunger games and I just started getting really sleepy. I think this kind of sleep needs a name, especially since it really only comes around on Sundays. What's with that?!

During Sunday school (at church) Brand and I took a walk outside because it was so extremely freezing inside.  The weather this weekend was so amazing.  We had our windows open all day Friday and part of Saturday. I love this kind of global warming.
My most favorite part about this weekend was this picture ^^.  I fall in love every time a baby falls asleep in my arms.  I haven't had this kind of opportunity in about 6 years. But this is one of my absolute favorite moments of all time. Cuddly, sleepy babies. I could have laid there all night and I wouldn't have minded one bit. Unfortunately the nap was cut short because Uncle Brand was in the middle of almost winning a very exciting game of farkle. But, I enjoyed the moment while it lasted. 

And can I tell you how fun it is to be an Aunt?! I mean picture this. The sweetest, cutest kids wanting to sit by you, play with you, hangout with you, and even just talk with you.  On Friday Brand showed this cute little red-head a magic trick.  She was really taken back by how magical he was, Brand might have convinced her that the cup they were using was magic too -which doesn't help her mom when she tries to throw away the old plastic thing.  But the end-all favorite part is that when she picked up her older sister from school she told her about Brand's magical talent.  I love this childhood innocence. 

Why is it Monday?!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013


and because this is what my life has become

watching: fraiser has taken top rank on the tv, well on the weekends when we watch tv.  I'm pretty sure I've discussed this before, but I can't get over how in love with the show I am.  I mean cafe nervosa on the daily, being on the radio and just being classy. I mean seriously.

crocheting: ear warmers.  and I love it because that means I can soon buy a new shirt... or something like that.  Also, it makes me feel good when people want to buy my things! 

thinking about: what I'm going to do after I'm done with school.  I think I've been asked this question a good 10 times these past few weeks. Not that it's a bad thing.  It definitely gets me thinking on all the things I really want to do with my life. 

grateful for: everything. it seems like every time I come to this currently I always say everything.  It's true though,  I don't know where I would be without so many of the things I have.  I'd say mostly right at this moment I'm so grateful for Brand.  He has been such a hard worker this past month, well he always is but it's especially shown through now.  He is studying so hard in school and is really taking time to learn as much as he can.  

wearing: pjs. very missed matched, but very comfortable pjs.  is there a better kind?  

reading: school text books.  Seems these are the only things I really have time to read anymore. And they don't even have fun stories in them.  rude. 

preparing for: fall. I love when it starts to get cooler outside. I really do. Arizona has theeee most perfect kind of fall and winter. 

looking forward to: the end of the school year. I'm pretty sure I have one of the worst attitudes about school this year.  It's like school is a big giant monster who destroyed my life and now I'm getting back at it by having a really bad attitude and complaining a lot. <---^^-- not attractive. 

listening to: pandora, the classical channel.  you know where Bach and Mozart join forces to entertain my brain and allow me to concentrate. I swear by it.  It's the only way I can study/get things done. Plus, it's so peaceful! 


Saturday, September 21, 2013

the most pictures from a coffee place that you will ever want to see

As I sit here and enjoy my double chocolate-y chip frap I start to understand why they say self care is so important. 

I can't tell you the last time I did something for myself, well I volunteer and that's always a blast; but I'm talking something literally just for me. So lets mark the calendar for today. 

I'm so burnt out.  
I'm done with school and seriously done with being the "new girl".  Because when you're the "new girl" you don't know anything, you have never worked, and you need to learn how to do the tedious things (aka the things no one wants to do).
to this I say "really?!"

Being burnt out isn't fun at all... Obviously. 
I mean just last week I started a count down until the semester ends.
76 days. 

These past few weeks I haven't really been caring about my self.  I've just been going with the motions... no emotion included.  And if there was an emotion it was something negative. You know the feeling I'm sure. 

But I sit here and type this and I think, oh this chocolate-y chip frap is so delicious. And at this point I'm not caring if it adds an extra pound to my hips. (this is a big deal.) And why is it when you are in these kinds of moments that you feel the worst?  It's satan I'm telling ya! (And no, I'm not giving him the satisfaction of having his first name capitalized because he's mean! 


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

how to dress a pear shaped body {the dressy capri}

top: jcpenny (similar short sleeve, long sleeve), capri: walmart (similar, here, here), shoes: tjmaxx (similar, here, here), earrings: c. wonder (similar), watch: no longer sold (similar, here, here - mens version), jewelry: random, sunglasses: juicy (similar

It's wednesday!! I'm not gonna say it, but the most recent thing that comes to my mind when someone says it's wednesday is... yeah that commercial. My dad is a big fan of it. HA! 

Anyways, I like wednesdays because it means the week is almost over and that the weekend is near, which means play time!  This week might be a little different thought, because I actually haven't finished my homework so I'll be up late working on all that jazz. Buuuuumer. That's what you get for procrastinating folks. I really need to start learning my lesson. 

Oh, and I'm really trying to be an overachiever... I know I know... But, I seriously want that suma cum lade cord.  Go ahead and laugh. 

Let's talk about this outfit. So, we've got the dress pants for work, paired with a top that really pops.  Remember this draws the eye up and not at your hips.  I've also got a heel, honestly I can hardly walk in these bad boys I don't even know why I bought them. Buyers remorse? I think so. But It's really only because I need some kind of strap on the front of my foot to keep the shoe on, maybe I bought them too big?! Wow, someone needs to help me shoe-shop!  I love wearing heels though because they make me tall and add that length that I love. So, if you have a heel that you love let me know! 

Also, unlike all you lucky people, the folks here in Arizona are still dealing with 102 degree weather, oh wait sunday it will be 99. 

Happy wednesday friends!

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Monday, September 16, 2013

time heals all

wedding day circa 1975.
Last weekend my Great Aunt passed away. She was a survivor of breast cancer and then a few years later came bone cancer.  She was the kind of person who I never heard complain, and she was never one to boast about her good fortune. She was extremely humble. I always thought of her as one tough cookie because she never gave up and always had a smile on her face, even though she was fighting cancer for almost a decade. 

This past week was her funeral and I learned so much.  I learned about her childhood and how she was such a positive influence to everyone around her.  It's always wonderful to learn about those who have passed away, but it makes you wish you knew that before they passed away.  Like you should have known them better before. 

I've been talking about death a lot lately, just a few months ago my step-grandpa passed away and just two weeks ago I talked about how I longed to have my bumpa back again.  And a the funeral this past Thursday I got to thinking about life after death, where do we go? What will we see?  WHO will we see? I don't know what exactly will happen, but I know we will have joy in reuniting with those who passed before us.  I know that we will be judges upon the works that we've done on this earth, and that if we live righteously and keep the commandments we will be able to be with our families forever. 


Sunday, September 15, 2013

weekend shenanigans

so my weekend kind of started on Thursday afternoon.  I left school early to go to a funeral.  And can I tell you about this trip to the funeral? My younger brother drove, my youngest brother sat in the passenger seat and I sat in the back.  Obviously, since I am the shortest one -see, we drove the truck.  So while we were driving we started reminiscing about the past, in a way it was a sad reminiscing moment because we were talking about our grandpa and grandma who had passed away 10 years ago (they weren't husband and wife).  We were talking about how we were remembering their funerals, the songs we remembered hearing and the way we remembered the room.  After we talked we sat in silence for a minute. It was a good kind of silence and I really got to thinking about life.  And boy do I miss my bumpa and g-t.
Also, lets discuss Arizona weather from this past week. I mean REALLY?! Talk about making me long for cooler weather.  I came home from work one day, it felt amazing outside and so I opened all the windows and let the air just pour in. It smelt so beautiful and made me dream of the up and coming november month.  Not that I want to fast forward right through october, I really do though, but november is the month where this desert of mine actually cools down. The kind of weather where you leave your windows open all day and all night. I'm so achy for it right now just by thinking about it.

This time of year I start to get jealous of all you north america folk.  I mean seriously, you get to enjoy the cool weather much sooner than we do. But I have to admit I wouldn't trade you because I'm NOT a fan of freezing snow, you can have that much.
And at my work this past week I was getting a drink at the drinking fountain when I found these posters that show us how to wash our hands and cough.  Because we didn't already know the correct way in which one washes their hands or coughs.  Soap? What's soap?  Also, should I use the vampire cough or just cough in my hands and then shake my co-workers hand to spread germs?  

Secondly, this hand sanitizer (or hanatizer, how ever you prefer) doesn't look so sanitizing. I'm not sure if it's the bulge of its container, the clog it has at the end of the nozzle or the crusty stuff that covers the top half, either way I think I'll have to buy my own. 

Happy Monday friends!  Let's hear some random happenings from your weekend!
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

how to dress a pear shaped body {work outfit} & what true love is

top/cardi: target (old), pants: jcpenny (similar), boots: ross (similar here and here), earrings: walmart (similar), watch: no longer sold, (similar here and here - mens version) 

First I have to tell you about this outfit. These pants, when worn with a heel, are very forgiving and the flare at the bottom directs the eye away from your hips. (thank heavens!!) When pared with a bold bright top, long earrings, and hair pulled back it draws you toward the top.  And when pared with a great pair of shoes everyone in the office says "oooh I like your shoes!" It's a win-win. Also, the pants aren't extremely tight, tight pants accentuate. 


True love is bringing your wife her deodorant  when she's at work and you should be on your way to class.  I tell you, every time I ask this guy for something he quickly obliges... okay, not eeeevery time but I was desperate this time.  It's one of those things, deodorant.  There's times when I specifically remember putting it on, others when I'm like okay I think I did, and then there's the oooooooh crap time!  For me the ooooooooh crap moment usually happens when it's really hot outside and I know I'm going to be out there sweating or when I know I'm going to be working with and sitting closely by my co-workers. Yiiiiikes! 

True love is eating lunch with your wife on her second internship day because she didn't have time to make lunch.  But also because she doesn't want to sit in the lunch room by herself... so I'm the loner who sits in the lunch room and who everyone avoids like the plague.  Okay, it's not that dramatic, one of the ladies actually asked me what department I worked in.  That was nice. 

True love is scratching your husbands back until he falls asleep because he has a big test in the morning and it's only 9 o'clock at night.  Honestly though, I about fell asleep myself.  You see there's this episode of the office that somehow almost always puts me to sleep, no offense to the office because I'm a mega fan, but it's almost always! 
True love is making your husband cookies when he says "hey, how long does it take to make cookies?" as a small hint toward saying "woman, make me cookies!" He's a real sweet heart.  It's also fun to come home to only four of the 15, give-or-take, cookies that were there that morning. that's how you know he liked them! 


Monday, September 09, 2013

weekend shenanigans

This was one of the first weekends where we did a whole lot of studying for big tests, well I guess I should say Brand studied for a big test. I took the lazy route and just relaxed. Which probably wasn't a good idea because I really do have a lot that I need to get done. And yet, I'm sitting here writing this blog post.  Priorities. I guess we know where mine lye. 

So this weekend while Brand studies I volunteered at the Humane Society, of course.  It was such a good time! I just can't keep my self away.

Saturday morning as we were headed to AHS my mom called to tell me that my great aunt had passed away just a few hours before.  She was a breast cancer and liver cancer survivor and then wound up having bone cancer. She is one of the toughest sweetest kind-hearted people I know. And I don't mind saying that I'm related to her.  When my mom told me of her passing I couldn't help but think of the reunion that her and her son would have in heaven, he passed away at a very young age and I can't help but imagine how wonderful that reunion was. 

We also took a family trip to the temple on Saturday, I have a beautiful picture of it, that for which I will save for another/its own post because it's THAT beautiful.  One of our friends went through the temple for the first time and it was neat to go in support of her. (For more about temples go here and here) It's always such a wonderful place to go and get away from the world. Lots of temple traditions end with Cafe Rio for dinner so we obliged and joined in on the tradition.  They didn't have to pull our leg. Just say honey roasted pulled pork burrito and I come running. 

How was your weekend?! 

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Friday, September 06, 2013

my week in pictures or a summary of what happened in school this week

For some reason this week flew by like lightening.  I'm not complaining because I actually am very happy about it.  It helps that Monday was a holiday and that I got an extra long weekend to enjoy.  

This week at school was really easy, we didn't do much and if anything it was all still review.  On Tuesday my first class was cancelled so I gave myself a tour of the Walter Cronkite building, where my classes are, and I found out that PBS records shows on one of the floors there.  Random? I think so. 

Thursday we learned how to use the online database, which honestly was so boring that I started taking pictures of my afternoon snack.  The teacher asked the class if any of us use the online database, of course no one raised their hand and then she said that we should because part of our tuition is used for it.  What I wanted to say was, okay well then since I don't use it you should lower my tuition. What a waste of money I tell ya.  Thankfully we got out of there early, honestly though I'm not sure how much longer I would have been able to listen to database lingo.  First you click the internet tool, then you type your url, then you select social work database.... yeah yeah.  

Oh and you know how some buses/shuttles (asu lingo) have those weird foot rests? What good are they? I mean they don't really do anything except give you a step stool for your feet to hang on to.  Someone should come up with a better invention. 

When I first took this picture I didn't realize how huge my hips looked.  Last night I was scrolling through
 pictures, saw this one and zoomed in and said "Whoa! My hips look like that? Someone needs to start working out!"  Then I realized that the angle is kind of weird and hopefully the glass was an optical illusion.  But really, I do need to start working out. 

Is it ironic that I have the above picture next to the cookies that I made on Monday? Well, I didn't do it on purpose if that's what your asking!  Monday night at 9 o'clock I thought it would be a great idea to make cookies.  And the only way to make cookies is to make s gigantic mess. If making a mess was a contest I would more than likely win. See that box of cornstarch? I opened it and it split all over the floor.  In fact when I was done cooking I went to sit down and put my feet up and found a powdery substance on my foot... if other people saw it I know exactly what they would have thought.  I'm not a druggie!  Also. I'm pretty sure I'm the one who has eaten most of these cookies, which in turn explains the bloated hips. W-O-W. 
I also want to talk about Brand.  He started the Masters program last week and I will say that it's in full swing.  He is gone all day, but I'm used to that because he used to work all day, and he studies all night.  I'm not complaining, because it's actually letting me get my homework done. When he used to work and when I would have homework I would always wait till the last minute to finish things, now I find myself doing them whenever I get a chance.

On Tuesday I got to drop Brand off at school, we got two nails in two different tires over labor day weekend so we only had one car. I'm pretty sure I looked like a creeper snapping pictures of him walking to class, but it's one of those memories that I don't want to forget.  A beginning of a new chapter for us.  And if I had to guess, this chapter would be called School Part Deux.  Good luck in your classes this year Brand! You are gonna do great!

And Happy Friday Friends!


Thursday, September 05, 2013

awkward and awesome

top: old, jeans: thrifted (rock n republic), shoes: target, watch: etsy, necklace: caroline g. 

Being called on in class when you didn't raise your hand. You look around to make sure the teacher is pointing at you and your classmates wonder why nothing is coming out of your mouth. Then you make this 
awkward noise that you hope no one else heard. 

Applying deodorant while sitting in a parked car... in a full parking lot. You gotta look around and make sure no one's watching

No dress code in college.  You'd think by now, with age, people would know how to dress accordingly.

Sitting in my classroom really early and the lights turn off.  I had one of those omgosh someone is coming for me feelings for about three seconds till I stood up and the lights turned back on. 

Waiting for the bus to take me to school and we are standing outside in a big group and this bee comes and lands on this girls head, she shakes it off and then it comes over to me and lands.  I could feel it moving on my head, like walking its creepy little legs around, and I might have screamed and everyone might have been watching. This happened literally this morning. 

The feel of cutting 6 inches off your hair. 

At school waiting for the bus and a boy takes off his belt and uses it as a bike lock.  He walks inside, I'm staring at him because I'm so interested and he looks at me like I'm a total creeper!  Dude, you are pretty cool. 

Having two cars when your first car gets two nails in its back tires. I'm not sure if I've ever been more grateful for two cars. 

Spending Labor Day with Brand and not having school or work.

Finishing my first heirloom blanket, it's one of my most favorite creations. 

My teacher keeps letting us out of class early... I thought she wasn't going to do that. 

Entertaining bus drivers.  Today we got a lovely rendition of suit and tie which ended with the bus driver taking his hat off and dramatically swatting at the air then saying "Whoooooo! That was a big one! I think I got him though!" #yesss!

Also, who says you can't wear white after labor day? 



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