Monday, December 09, 2013

weekend shenanigans

This weekend Christmas became official. Legitimately it was in my mind the day after Thanksgiving when we put up our Christmas tree, but something about a hometown parade really brings the Christmas cheer.  I don't know if it's the dancing grandmas, the miniature ponies, Santa, or the awesome realistic floats that we saw, but it was one big Christmas explosion in the length of two hours. And as the parade was going along everyone kept yelling Merry Christmas with the cheeriest of yells. It was one of the best things I had heard all week.  I think in school I'm trained to not express my self because 'it might hurt someones feelings'--so glad I'm graduating in May. But, I couldn't help but implode with gladness for all the Merry Christmas-es I was hearing! It was like a choir of angels was singing. Oh, so glorious.

This weekend was a little bit cold--and I loved it. I love the cold weather, I love dressing up in warm clothes, wearing boots, an ear warmer and boot cuffs.  I couldn't be happier. And as I was sitting waiting for the parade to start the leaves from the tree above me were falling and all of a sudden it finally felt like fall. Oh I love when those leaves fall down, it makes me nostalgic for last year when I played in them with those kids.  Oh, those afternoons in the cold, with the leaves, and the red cheeks and noses, the "no, I'm not coooold!" shivers.

I also loved this parade because it was in downtown glendale, and downtown glendale had theee cutest most cozy looking shops and churches.  I could take pictures down there just of the architecture and it would keep me occupied for quite a while. --Random fact, did you know that I used to want to be an architect... until I found out there was a lot of math involved. Also, I love those old shops.
to finish out saturday we went to cane's-if you haven't eaten there you don't know good chicken.  And we went to the cutest soccer player's soccer game, she's gonna go pro.  My favorite part of the game just might have been when she was talking to her friend on the field about us. Well I only assume she was talking about us because she was pointing in our direction.  And can I tell you that little girl can run!  I love awesome saturdays!

sunday was church and then some rest.  Brand has become quite the Trekkie and we've been watching Star Trek a lot lately... I can't full complain because I don't really hate it, I mean live long and prosper, right?  I would however, prefer to watch some Frasier, but then I think about the times I'll be able to watch it by myself, I mean I am on winter break!

sunday night ended with lots of family fun. I mean who knew the game of life would take an hour and a half to play and that you would be cracking up practically the whole time? Only with family I tell ya! I love moments like these that build memories.

Happy Monday friends!

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  1. That parade looks like it was so much fun! And those little shops are adorable!!! :-)

  2. How fun! That parade looks great!
    I'm having a Weekend Recap linkup on my blog ! Would love for you to be a part of it :)

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