Sunday, December 01, 2013

weekend shenanigans

So much happened this weekend I don't know where to begin. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious of course, my mom completely out-did herself and made a huge feast.  So huge that we've been eating leftovers allllll weekend. It's not a bad thing though, I've become quite acquainted with turkey sandwiches and turkey soup. It might be my new favorite dinner. 

For black Friday Brand and I like going out to the stores to see all the crazy people.  Sometimes we go because we are looking to get something, but it's never anything serious.  This year the stores opened wayyy too early on thanksgiving day--I'm not a fan of the whole opening at 6pm.  I mean come-on some people are just starting dinner.  So we decided to head out and check the people out after we were done with our dinner and festivities.  I was disappointed because I didn't get to see as many crazies as I would have liked to, but I will say that there were some pretty interesting people out there. 

Friday we went out to the beautiful desert I like to call my backyard. Brand took so many great pictures of the landscape and maybe I'll save that post for another day. You see, we got this new big-kid-camera, our first ever, and we had to play with it and test it out a little bit! Oh, how I love that camera. 
Of course we set up for Christmas, traditionally we set up the day after Thanksgiving.  I've had this Christmas tree since I was in high school--yes I was one of those spoiled kids who had a tree in her room, yes it was 6 feet tall. Anyways, the bottom lights on the tree decided they didn't want to work, Brand spent a good hour and a half to two hours trying to find the light that was making the whole strand not work, kind of a tedious process, but he was a trooper.  In the end we decided to go and buy a few hundred lights and just wrap them around the ones that were already there.  Thankfully you can hardly notice.  Also, I absolutely love this throw that I inherited from my mom a while back.  Snow capt houses, trees, a dark snowy sky, and a church with a bright star in the middle. Ironically the star is at the perfect spot for one of my nativities. Like picture book perfect, the kind you'd have to plan out. I don't know, Brand pointed it out and now that's how it will have to be forever... new tradition?! Yes.

My mom also made pumpkin muffins, Brand started eating them the other day and told me they were poison and I shouldn't eat them, tricky guy.

Happy Monday Eve! 

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