Tuesday, December 31, 2013

realistic resolutions for 2014

top: f21 (similar, similar), skirt: eshakti (similar), tights: target, shoes: famous footwear (similar), necklace: c/o PersunMall, watch: no longer sold (similar), bracelets: threads

 Last year I created a list of realistic resolutions for 2014.  
To check them out head here.  It's kind of fun to look back at them and see what my intentions were at the beginning of the year. And then the other part of me is like, well I didn't do this and I didn't do that... but overall I still love making these resolutions.  Also, there isn't anything wrong with putting the good ones, or the ones I didn't do, on my list for 2014.

Use social media less
Strengthen spiritually
Be more positive
Gossip less
See the good intentions in everyone
Complete homework/other things in advance
Spend more time with family/grandparents
Finish one project at a time
Read more
Cook more
Become more organized 
Get active, go hiking, running, climbing, etc.
Smile more

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Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 a year in review

So many things happened this year, and it's this time of year that I remember why I love blogging.  I love looking back on my life and seeing all the things I've written, remember the places I've been, and all the friends I've made.   

At the beginning of this year I made my first beanie for Brand and styled it in my first awkward and awesome post of the year.  It was a great month for fashion because I bought my very favorite-ever-loving bordeaux jeans that I have worn at least two times a week this winter alone.  I started school a few weeks into January and it what seemed to be the beginning of a forever journey of school life.  And with the journey of school life comes the awkward moments of first days and really the overall awkwardness of real life moments. 
January was also the month that I restyled my hair and created a new part.  It was one of those should I do it?? Moments, because I wasn't too sure about the whole thing.  But It has definitely caught on. 

February was the month of love and I shared with you my tips to having a memorable valentines day. I talked about my love for my pup, Mandy, and shared with you my first tv debut. I gave an ode to Brand about all the things I love about him and shared with you my Valentines playlist.  And in the theme of Valentines day I made red velvet cakes cookies that I had to share the recipe for because they were the most delicious things I've ever eaten!  My first time sharing something personal on the blog took place in February, it was one of those 5 things that you share about your self. 

The end of February turned March into a rather trying month, a trying three months to be correct.  It was the month my car was totaled.  You could say that these positive post became my crutch and light in the whole episode. After the whole thing played out it seemed that things started to become easier and my attitude changed,  it could have been from this sweet experience or the fact that I literally could not change what happened.   In Arizona March marks the start of warmer weather, so obviously I blogged about that too.  The month went on and I talked my imperfect life, and how being grateful for trials it what it's all about. 
In April I talked a lot about my self, bullying, that one time I was actually dress coded, the first time I remember being happy when someone said I looked like I was eighteen,  the wedding registry disaster of a list when I thought I was being smart, and when we were featured in the newspaper for our awesome volunteer skills.  April seemed to be a turning of events, and I happily greeted it. 

May started off rather down, when my step-grandfather passed away and we headed down to his town and celebrated his life.  The rest of may wasn't so bad especially since it seems to be the month of mothers and obviously I expressed my feelings for how left out I feel on mothers day.  It also is a high school graduation month and my younger brother graduated this year, which of course made me nostalgic about when I was in high school. May came to a close and we finally found a replacement car

June was our turn around month, I shared about 10 things that make me happy, I sheared one of my favorite friends who has become one of my best examples, and the things I love the most.  My brother came home from his mission in mid June and it was one of those things that I waited two whole years for, the most perfect reunion for me and my family.  June was a bit of a heat wave, but there was one weekend where the weather was exceptionally wonderful and of course Brand and I took advantage of it

When I think of July two things come to mind, the 4th and Brand's birthday... well, we celebrated both and this year I actually documented and took pictures of my 4th. Brand's birthday was extra special, I wrote him a poem and decorated the apartment for him just because I wanted him to feel special!  July seemed to be a fun month, we went to a baseball game and had a fun spontaneous date night in downtown phoenix

August I started one of my last first days of school... one of because I had one semester after that. Brand started back at school in August too, so it only seemed appropriate to get in all our 'I want to go to's", we went to the Phoenix Art Museum with some fun friends, we experiences our first dinner at texas road house where we had a rather weird experience.  Before school started I was a full time nanny and told about how much I've learned from the kids and how great of a blessing they really are.  In August I also started my posts about how to dress a pear shaped body, one and two

September I was a really bad blogger and seemed to be trying to get the hang of all this school junk.  My Great Aunt passed away in early August, which was pretty tough.  I talked about stress and how I was already burnt out with school, and lastly I wrote about my first encounter with the kids from Brand's school, and our fun weekend with family in town.
October was more school posts and of course you can't forget about my weekend shenanigans-which usually consisted of school.  I talked about Anne Shirley and how sometimes I too feel like I'm in the depths of despair.  Don't forget about the one where I gave some awesome tips for those of you who are in school or your husbands are in school.  I talked about good ways to keep your relationship strong when someone's in school. 

November was a good month for us.  Brand and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary, and I shared a few of our favorite songs.  In November we got to go to Rocky Point and stay in one of the resorts on the beach-such an awesome experience, we love Rocky Point and all the fun things there are to do.  I found my way through stressful situations and learned from them.  I learned not to stress-such a huge thing for me to learn.  And of course I talked about my weekend

December has kind of been a lazy month,  I finished the school semester early in the month and have had the most enjoyable time playing and doing absolutely everything I've ever wanted to do.  It's one of the greatest things ever!  I shared the best chocolate chip cookie recipe-literally the best. Brand and I went to the hometown Christmas parade and enjoyed every minute. And then I also shared a list of must watch Christmas movies! 
This year was pretty darn eventful!  And 2014 only brings so much more potential. I graduate in May, Brand graduates in May and then hopefully that's only the beginning.  Here's to a wonderful new year! I hope 2014 brings you everything you wish for! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

a successful first week of winter break

I'm starting to understand why these students love winter break so much. How can you hate waking up whenever you feel like it, or getting ready for the day whenever you feel like it? Yeah, I don't know either. There have been a few days this week where I've felt really productive.  Like Wednesday when I baked cookies all morning, made a crock pot dinner and cleaned up the house. Or when I did alllll the laundry, like everything was put away and there was no more that needed to be done--I think this has only happened a handful of times in the past five years. I like this whole not working thing, however it's kind of a burden when you have bills to pay.

I've been able to work on my crocheting, obviously, I finished up my Christmas orders, and have had time to watch some Christmas movies.  I'm in love with this time of year.

Also, yesterday as I was driving home it started to rain and the thought occurred to me: rain in the winter is the Phoenix form of snow.  Which then got me to thinking about how if that rain was actually snow I would probably freak out and not be able to drive, for the fear of driving on the slippery ground. And then I thought about how all the other drivers around me would probably do the same since they freak out the tiniest bit when rain starts to fall.  Arizona drivers are the worst I tell ya!  Anyways, it rained a lot last night, and I can feel the chilly air seeping through these horribly insulated walls that I'm surrounded by.  At least its like I'm outside within the comfort of my own home. Riiight?!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

how to keep your color run shirt stained or how to keep the color on your color run shirt

Yes, you read that right. 
I wanted to keep my color run shirt stained with color.
Well, why not?!
It just adds that extra festiveness to a plain old white shirt, plus I wanted to remember all the color full fun we had. 
Our color run was a little bit different, in that it was raining while we were running. 
But, this should still help keep the stain in. 

All you need is vinegar. 
and newspaper

Monday, December 16, 2013

what i wore: currently

top: LC Lauren Conrad Kohls, cardigan: jcpenny (similar), jeans: tjmaxx (other), boots: famous footwear (similar), watch: no longer sold (similar), belt: nordstrom

watching: Frasier or Star Trek... Frasier when I'm home by myself and Star Trek when Brand's home. 

crocheting: finishing up some super cute minnie-mouse beanies for the cutest little girls. I think my favorite part about making things is seeing them on the people I make them for! 

making: actually it's more like debating on making, I haven't gone grocery shopping for a few weeks, so my pantry is a little sparse and I'm thinking it's curtains for being domestic tonight.  Little Caesars here we come. 

anticipating:  graduation. I'm so close to being done, yet so far away (not really, but you know). I'm getting ready to steam roller Spring semester, simply with my emotions. If I can get through next semester without shedding a tear because "i'm so happy" it will be a miracle! 

listening to: a little Christmas music.  I'm not sure you are allowed to listen to anything else during the most wonderful time of the year. 

thinking about: what to get my BIL for Christmas.  See we pick names for Christmas and I'm still not sure what to get him. I'm wanting to do something from his mission or really anything else, because it's all air in my head this time of year, I swear school sucks it all out of me. 

feeling thankful: for family. I'm so grateful for both sides of my family.  I think this time of year I especially think about how hard life would be without any one of them gone.  I cannot imagine being without the people I love.  They all influence me and the things I do. 

loving: Being done with school.  I'm thoroughly enjoying not having homework to worry about or an internship to go to.  I could really get used to this whole thing these students call winter break. 

I'm also starting a link up for what i wore, link up your outfit pictures below and make sure you link back so other people can link with us! --Let's see how long this linky lasts!  Use this link to link back! 

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas movies to watch that will bring holiday cheer

Guys, I love Christmas. I love the cheer, I love being with family, I love Christmas traditions, and I love Christmas wear.  I love Christmas lights and driving around with my hot chocolate in hand, looking at the lights.  I love how icy pink my nose gets because it's cold out. I love how I have to bundle up extra warm to keep from being cold, I love being with Brand and making our own traditions as a rather small family. I just love everything about Christmas!

Another thing I love about this time of year is Christmas movies! So, I've picked 12 Christmas movies--in no particular order--that are perfect to watch and make you feel extra Christmas-y this season.  

You're welcome.

01. Elf
02. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the Jim Carrey one)
03. A Charlie Brown Christmas
04. Miracle on 34th Street
05. The Santa Clause
06. The Polar Express
07. Home Alone (1 and 2,)
08. Deck The Halls
09.  A Christmas Carol (2009)
10. White Christmas (1954)
11. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
12. It's a Wonderful Life

and of course we mustn't forget the reason for Christmas with videos about Christ and The Christmas Story

I hope these movies bring you some holiday cheer and also help you remember what Christmas is all about! 

Merry Christmas! 


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

and again, my semester comes to a close

top: c/o Persunmall, necklace: c/o Persunmall, jeans: nordstrom (similar), watch: no longer sold (similar), shoes: target (similar)

First, let me talk to you about this top and this necklace. I love these pieces.  I've been eagerly awaiting their arrival and as soon as I found out they had arrived I rushed down to my mail box. I've been wearing them both all day--but I changed for lunch so I wouldn't get pizza on the sweater.  Annnnnd I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing them a couple more times this week...  The sweater is so comfy and warm.  I can't wait to wear it all to church on sunday. Did I mention this outfit is completely versatile... and they have the sweater in blue, and the necklace in coral?! 

I also wanted to bring you an awesome giveaway from Persunmall.  Persunmall is giving 10 winners a $50 voucher to shop for anything at their online store.  The giveaway ends December 20th so be sure to sign up on Persunmall, like them on facebook, and post about them on your blog! For more details about the giveaway you can head here. Don't forget to share the giveaway with your friends! Good luck! 


Okay, so yesterday I officially finished my last long essay of the semester and a week ago tomorrow was my last day at my internship for the semester. As I was walking out of my internship I couldn't help but get a tiny bit teary eyed.  A small part of me was going to miss all the people there and the clients that I worked with. The moment didn't last too long, but it made me think about what's going to happen come May. 

I know I've talked about it before--maybe too many times so much that it's getting annoying. But I'm finally graduating in May.  This whole school thing has been a long time coming, from going to school full time and working full time, to working full time and going to school part time, and deciding if I wanted to keep going to school after I got my Associates Degree.  It's all been such a whirlwind of a time and I don't really know how I was able to make it through it all.  I mean, I do--it's all thanks to my Heavenly Father, but right now when I look back at it I just think of all the crazy things I've been through. 

I'm so blessed to almost be done with school.  And I'm already loving this thing they call winter break. I haven't known its acquaintance since high school. But I can tell you that it is oh-so-wonderful. 

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Monday, December 09, 2013

weekend shenanigans

This weekend Christmas became official. Legitimately it was in my mind the day after Thanksgiving when we put up our Christmas tree, but something about a hometown parade really brings the Christmas cheer.  I don't know if it's the dancing grandmas, the miniature ponies, Santa, or the awesome realistic floats that we saw, but it was one big Christmas explosion in the length of two hours. And as the parade was going along everyone kept yelling Merry Christmas with the cheeriest of yells. It was one of the best things I had heard all week.  I think in school I'm trained to not express my self because 'it might hurt someones feelings'--so glad I'm graduating in May. But, I couldn't help but implode with gladness for all the Merry Christmas-es I was hearing! It was like a choir of angels was singing. Oh, so glorious.

This weekend was a little bit cold--and I loved it. I love the cold weather, I love dressing up in warm clothes, wearing boots, an ear warmer and boot cuffs.  I couldn't be happier. And as I was sitting waiting for the parade to start the leaves from the tree above me were falling and all of a sudden it finally felt like fall. Oh I love when those leaves fall down, it makes me nostalgic for last year when I played in them with those kids.  Oh, those afternoons in the cold, with the leaves, and the red cheeks and noses, the "no, I'm not coooold!" shivers.

I also loved this parade because it was in downtown glendale, and downtown glendale had theee cutest most cozy looking shops and churches.  I could take pictures down there just of the architecture and it would keep me occupied for quite a while. --Random fact, did you know that I used to want to be an architect... until I found out there was a lot of math involved. Also, I love those old shops.
to finish out saturday we went to cane's-if you haven't eaten there you don't know good chicken.  And we went to the cutest soccer player's soccer game, she's gonna go pro.  My favorite part of the game just might have been when she was talking to her friend on the field about us. Well I only assume she was talking about us because she was pointing in our direction.  And can I tell you that little girl can run!  I love awesome saturdays!

sunday was church and then some rest.  Brand has become quite the Trekkie and we've been watching Star Trek a lot lately... I can't full complain because I don't really hate it, I mean live long and prosper, right?  I would however, prefer to watch some Frasier, but then I think about the times I'll be able to watch it by myself, I mean I am on winter break!

sunday night ended with lots of family fun. I mean who knew the game of life would take an hour and a half to play and that you would be cracking up practically the whole time? Only with family I tell ya! I love moments like these that build memories.

Happy Monday friends!

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