Saturday, November 16, 2013

what I'm liking: persunmall love

Hello and happy Saturday! 

If you follow me on instagram you will see my numerous pictures bragging about my weekend.
I'll fill you in on Monday, but for now let me introduce you to persunmall

So I love finding new online shops and spending hours browsing through selections of beautiful clothes. 
When I found that is exactly what happened.  
I found myself spending some time perusing through there oh-so-trendy clothes and adding them to my wish list. 
At this moment I think I have about 15 items in my wish list. 
This might be a problem, it's just a wish list though... right?
Persunmall has so many cute clothes it's really hard to just pick a few things that I like. 

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   

As you can somewhat tell, I'm going through a more modern black-ish phase. 
I don't know what it is about that color, but something about it just drawls me to it. 
And I don't think I'm alone when I say how awesome that lace dress and that flannel jacket are. I mean, lets get real.

Persunmall provides high-quality and on-trend clothing collections at affordable prices. And they ship to 25 countries throughout the world.  There isn't anything better then trendy clothes with great price tags. 

Check out some other covet-able clothes:

Happy Clicking! 
Happy Saturday! 


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  1. I would like 1,5,6 and 7 - but mostly 1 and 5. Adorable.
    New follower - Whit @ { Raspy Wit }



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