Sunday, November 24, 2013

weekend shenanigans: take note almost all pictures are of food

This weekend officially welcomed the holiday season as it was the first weekend where we had nice cool weather.  It rained and in some of the higher parts of town it snowed. Arizona, you sly dog you, tugging at my heart and granting me my wish. I love the winter season, one of the main reasons is because I love winter clothes! LOVE! In the winter you can always put on more clothes and look stylish, but in the summer when it's hot you can't always take off your clothes... unless you are in the comforts of your own home, in which case that would be completely acceptable--if that's what you like. I guess there are some who believe in nudest colonies... I however am not that type.  That would call for a big loud TMI.  


This weekend we also had a first.  Who knew you could have a 'first' after 5 years of marriage. I mean you'd think that we would have accomplished all these must dos of marriage by now.  We were wondering town, Brand's on fall break from school so we aren't confined to the house studying,  and we were looking for Christmas gifts, while also just looking for the heck of it. It was getting pretty late and Brand brought up the idea of takeout Chinese food.  It's something we've never done, not that I'm opposed to it, it just never crossed my mind.  So I put Brand in charge of finding a good place to eat and told him to order what he thought I would like.  So we drove to this Chinese food place and it's this ity bity hole-in-the-wall place practically in the middle of nowhere, that smelled of Chinese food mixed with something rather odd--I still cannot put my finger on what that smell was... maybe it was just the old building... there were maybe 5 stores around this shop in the whole complex... on an unrelated note Brand tried convincing the shop lady to buy the space next to her--I don't blame her for saying no, it was a horrible location and they didn't have many customers. Long story short we had dinner and it was good. 

BoBo China, I'm glad you were my first impression of hole-in-the-wall-takeout. I will forever be changed. And no, you have a nice day! 

Happy Monday!

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  1. what a fun weekend!!

    great pictures,now I want pizza :)

    cute blog!

  2. I love asian takeout but, like you, I don't think about it often. That may have to happen soon. :-)



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