Thursday, November 28, 2013

topics and questions to leave out of thanksgiving dinner

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I love thanksgiving, the comradery family brings, the joy, the love, the food. It's such a great time of year to be with family and enjoy the time off! No matter who you are with on thanksgiving, or any holiday for that matter, somebodys always gotta put their two sense in.  Unless your family has perfected the don't ask awkward questions dilemma, or everyone is on the same page with every tension building topic, things can sometimes get awkward.  

So, to make sure you aren't the bringer of awkwardness at these holiday events I've gathered a few questions not to ask and a few topics you should just stay away from--unless you like being the one that stirs the pot. Some of these questions are honest I'm-not-trying-to-be-mean questions, but sometimes it's just good to play it safe. 

In no particular order

Hot Topics
01. Politics- I don't think I have to address this, I thought it was more of an obvious one. 
02. Religion- Unless everyone is the same page it's not worth it.  If your looking for someone to question you about your religion then by all means be my guest. 
03. Your medical problems-- Unless it's something rather serious, no one wants to hear about your colonoscopy you had last week as they stuff turkey in their mouth. 
04. Your Work- When people are on holiday the last thing they want to talk about is work, especially when you had to go in depth describing specific things about your job... is it just me?
05. Laws- Gun laws, school laws, immigration laws, any laws... 
06. You and only you-- No one likes the guy at the dinner who just talks about himself--and only himself. Switch the subject up and ask people questions

Questions Not to Ask
01. When are you having a baby?- Really?! Just mind your own business.
02. I see you've gained some weight?- But when is this ever a good question to ask someone?
03. Hows the job search going? - Sometimes it's best to lay off the small talk. 
04. When are you getting married? - Especially if you are just meeting the persons date for the first time, maybe they aren't going to get married...

I hope you enjoy the holiday season! I'm so grateful for this time of year, to be able to be so close to family and enjoy time with them. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 


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