Monday, November 18, 2013

Sonoran Sun Resort, Rocky Point Mexico Sea Side Reservations

A few months back I was contacted by Sea Side Reservations and asked to review one of their resorts located in Rocky Point, Mexico.  
And of course I started blushing as soon as I read the email.

If you've been following me for a while you'll know that Brand and I are suckers for Rocky Point. 
The first time I visited I knew it would only be the first of many trips. 
And I don't care what people say about Mexico, I can't tell you enough good things about Rocky Point. 
When Brand and I go down to Rocky Point we usually stay in a beach house, so going to a Condo Resort was something new and let me tell you, it was a great first impression! 

I can't tell you enough good things about The Sonoran Sun Resort
From the Condo to the beach to the amenities to the pool. 
We had everything we needed right at the Resort. 

Our Condo was a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo with plenty of open space. 
I'm pretty sure the first thing I said when I walked in was
"Wow! This is nice!"

When you walk in there is a entry way (you can see it in the first picture) that leads you to the kitchen and the big open family room and dining room space. 
Through the hall that leads you to the kitchen you'll find a bedroom, bathroom and a laundry room. 
And then at the end of the big open family room, near the balcony door is the master bedroom, with a really pretty bathroom. 

I'm serious guys, I felt like I was on house hunters international. 
It's such a pretty place! 
I didn't get a picture of the other bedroom or bathroom, but picture a room a tad bit smaller with similar design ideas. 
If you want to see more pictures of a similar condo with really good angles head here

And to make matters even more paradisaical just walk out onto the balcony and breath this in. 

I think it's safe to say that we had a beautiful view at a beautiful place. 
The pool to the east was heated and they had 2 jacuzzis that Brand and I took advantage of one night. 
I never thought I would use them, but it was really nice to just sit back in the warm jacuzzis and listen to the ocean. 
Oh, and between the heated pool and other pool is a swim up bar!!

This time of year in Rocky Point is heavenly, you've got the cool air, with the nice breeze. 
The ocean was a little bit too cold for me, but Brand and the boys were no strangers to it. 
I think one of the nicest things about having a heated pool and jacuzzi near the ocean is that once you get out of the cold ocean you can jump into a nice heated pool.
After washing off all that salt water of course. 

I'm pretty sure I have at least 10 pictures of that swimming pool, ocean, and point view.
It's the kind of view that I just couldn't get over, I haaaad to make sure I got a good picture of it. 

Annnnd here are a few more pictures of some of the areas around the resort. 
They have a restaurant, a gym, and a gift shop. 

Oh, and don't forget about the parking, at the entrance to the Resort there are guards who control who comes in and who goes out. It's really nice and made me feel at ease.

Obviously me, Brand, and the boys had an awesome time at The Sonoran Sun Resort
We recommend going through Sea Side Reservations to book your next stay in Rocky Point! 

Stay tuned for tomorrow for tips on what to do in Rocky Point. 

*For this review I was provided a two night stay at The Sonoran Sun Resort.  These words are my own.



  1. That is gorgeous! And a swim up bar! Totally jealous.

  2. Wow! Great review! We have been by there before and walked around but not stayed there. Looks like it would be worth giving it a try.

  3. That is breathtaking. I also love Mexico - we honeymooned there, I would literally live there if I could. I love the people, the food, the beaches (who doesn't love the beaches), and now with all the controversy it's not a "hot tourist location" so you don't have to put up with too many blithering idiots calling for a "towel muchacho por favor". But let me tell you how I really feel...
    Next trip we'll have to check out rocky point - never been to that area but it looks amazing. I'm kind of jealous.
    Anyway new follower - Whit @ Raspy Wit

  4. Wow!!! How amazing that you got invited to review this condo!!! I'm sure it was a fabulous get away for you and your hubby!



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