Wednesday, November 06, 2013

influenster: varsity voxbox

I love influenster because I love that they give me free things to test.  If you want to become an influenster sign up here.  

Clearasil Daily Clear refreshing Superfruit Wash:
- I'm kind of skeptic when it comes to face wash because I have really sensitive skin and have pretty bi-polar acne.  When I first tested the product I was impressed with the way that it smelled and how light it felt on my skin.  It seemed like it didn't sud very easily, but I think it did the trick because my face felt clean and smooth after using it.  I would recommend this product if you are looking for a fast and easy face wash regiment. 

Airheads Xtreames Bite:
- As soon as I opened my voxbox Brand was waiting for me to open these Airheads, just looking at them makes your mouth water.  When I tried my first one was was waiting for the sour to kick in, I know it doesn't say sour on the package, but for some reason I thought they would be. I was pleasantly surprised when they weren't sour, I'm not a fan, and I really liked the berry taste that they have.  Brand says he only wished they were sour --he's a big fan.  I would recommend these Airhead Bites, I can totally seem my self buying these when we go on a long car rid. 

Kiss Nail Dress:
- I've always been interested in trying these nails because they look so fun and are a nice change from just painting my nails. I'm half and half on these nails.  I like them because they look really cute and they are a fun change, but I don't like how long they took to put on or that they already started to peel off a few days after I put them on. And sometimes my hair gets stuck in the nail part.  I think the only way I would buy these again is if someone put them on me and if they lasted a bit longer. 

NYC New York Color Big Bold Plumping & Shine Lip Gloss:
-I love this lip gloss! The color I received was Pleasantly Plump Pink and I think it is the perfect color for me.  It's got the shine and the slight hit of color all in one. I also love the applicator brush, it's nice and soft just like I remember my mom's being when I was little --yes, I just confessed to using my mom's lip gloss when I was younger. I recommend this product.

Tide Pods
Spring Meadow
- I was so happy with the outcome these Tide Pods brought! My laundry smelt so good and the clothes were so soft when they came out of the dryer. All I can say is that I will be buying these from now on. They did a great job at cleaning my clothes and I really just couldn't get over how wonderfully my clothes smelt after! I recommend this product. 

*this review is my own, I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 


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  1. I received this box too. I was going to post my review tomorrow but I changed it to next week. I didn't like the lip balm at all. It was really light for me and had a funky smell. I haven't tried the nails yet, mine are different then yours. I am excited but Id didn't think they would take so long to put on.



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