Saturday, November 30, 2013

what I'm liking: small business saturday

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Small businesses are tough people. I mean, it takes a lot of work to be a small business, late nights, small pay checks, you know.  I love shopping small business especially when the small business is handmade. So I thought it would be appropriate to share with you some fun small businesses, while also sharing with you some items that I've currently got on my mind in the want section. Yes, there are many sections in my mind. 

/// these camera straps
/// this gold triangle necklace 
/// this bow skirt
/// these custom handmade dolls
/// these hand knit fingerless gloves
and of course, i can't leave out my own handmade items. 
/// these bow ear warmers

I've got a giveaway going on over here --scroll allllll the way down (;


Thursday, November 28, 2013

topics and questions to leave out of thanksgiving dinner

top: target (similar), jeans: old, shoes: converse (here), jacket: gifted (similar), beanie: Alyssa Dawson Design

I love thanksgiving, the comradery family brings, the joy, the love, the food. It's such a great time of year to be with family and enjoy the time off! No matter who you are with on thanksgiving, or any holiday for that matter, somebodys always gotta put their two sense in.  Unless your family has perfected the don't ask awkward questions dilemma, or everyone is on the same page with every tension building topic, things can sometimes get awkward.  

So, to make sure you aren't the bringer of awkwardness at these holiday events I've gathered a few questions not to ask and a few topics you should just stay away from--unless you like being the one that stirs the pot. Some of these questions are honest I'm-not-trying-to-be-mean questions, but sometimes it's just good to play it safe. 

In no particular order

Hot Topics
01. Politics- I don't think I have to address this, I thought it was more of an obvious one. 
02. Religion- Unless everyone is the same page it's not worth it.  If your looking for someone to question you about your religion then by all means be my guest. 
03. Your medical problems-- Unless it's something rather serious, no one wants to hear about your colonoscopy you had last week as they stuff turkey in their mouth. 
04. Your Work- When people are on holiday the last thing they want to talk about is work, especially when you had to go in depth describing specific things about your job... is it just me?
05. Laws- Gun laws, school laws, immigration laws, any laws... 
06. You and only you-- No one likes the guy at the dinner who just talks about himself--and only himself. Switch the subject up and ask people questions

Questions Not to Ask
01. When are you having a baby?- Really?! Just mind your own business.
02. I see you've gained some weight?- But when is this ever a good question to ask someone?
03. Hows the job search going? - Sometimes it's best to lay off the small talk. 
04. When are you getting married? - Especially if you are just meeting the persons date for the first time, maybe they aren't going to get married...

I hope you enjoy the holiday season! I'm so grateful for this time of year, to be able to be so close to family and enjoy time with them. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 


Monday, November 25, 2013

what I wore: you always seem so happy + a giveaway

sweater: target (similar), chambray: f21 (similar), jeans: nordstrom (similar), boots: famous footwear (similar), necklace: groopdealz (similar), belt: thrifted, watch: no longer sold (similar)

(for the giveaway scroll to the bottom)

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my classroom waiting for school to start and the group of people around me start talking about being stressed. 
They talk and talk and someone turns around to me and says
"You always seem so happy.  Do you not have any stress?"
My reply was to the extent of, well yes I have a lot of stress in my life, but I have been trying really hard to not let it affect me. 

There have been many times in my life were stress has overwhelmed me and really taken control of my life. 
It's not something to brag about, and it's not something I'm proud of. 
I used to think that I wasn't able to control the stress and that it was just something that I had to deal with.

The problem is
I used to get stressed out so easily. 
Things that I couldn't control would stress me out. 
Not having a plan would stress me out. 
House Work
You name it I was a constant ball of stress.
So much that I thought I had an ulcer.
Ends up I didn't, it was just really bad stomach pains, constant headaches, you name it.

I decided to take hold of this stress.
It wasn't doing anything for me except making me feel sick.
At first it was really hard to ignore the things that would normally have me stressed out and I had to work at it.

For me it helps to think about the bigger picture.
I think about how I can change the situation that is stressing me, if I can change it.
And if I can change it easily I'll fix it, but if I can't fix it or change it, then there is no reason to stress.

Does it affect me?
Will the outcome really be that bad?
Can I ask for help?

Ask your self these questions.
Don't be over dramatic.
Honestly answer them.

I don't care.
It doesn't bother me.

These are my new phrases.
Because in reality, I really don't care about something that is stressing me out.
It can't bother me because I can't change it, so whatever.
I know this all seems like a bunch of rambling on, but it really has helped me to just put these stressors out.

What triggers your stress?
Find it and get rid of it, or stay away from it.

You have a choice, choose to be happy. 

I wish you luck with your stress.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or just want to talk.


Now for the giveaway!
As you already know I am an avid crocheter.
It's my most favorite hobby.
A few years ago I decided to open an etsy shop and fill it with my handmade crochet items
and Alyssa Dawson Design was born.
Today I'm giving one of my ear warmers away!
Perfect timing for the holiday season or to keep yourself!

My gift to you! (:

Good luck! 


Sunday, November 24, 2013

weekend shenanigans: take note almost all pictures are of food

This weekend officially welcomed the holiday season as it was the first weekend where we had nice cool weather.  It rained and in some of the higher parts of town it snowed. Arizona, you sly dog you, tugging at my heart and granting me my wish. I love the winter season, one of the main reasons is because I love winter clothes! LOVE! In the winter you can always put on more clothes and look stylish, but in the summer when it's hot you can't always take off your clothes... unless you are in the comforts of your own home, in which case that would be completely acceptable--if that's what you like. I guess there are some who believe in nudest colonies... I however am not that type.  That would call for a big loud TMI.  


This weekend we also had a first.  Who knew you could have a 'first' after 5 years of marriage. I mean you'd think that we would have accomplished all these must dos of marriage by now.  We were wondering town, Brand's on fall break from school so we aren't confined to the house studying,  and we were looking for Christmas gifts, while also just looking for the heck of it. It was getting pretty late and Brand brought up the idea of takeout Chinese food.  It's something we've never done, not that I'm opposed to it, it just never crossed my mind.  So I put Brand in charge of finding a good place to eat and told him to order what he thought I would like.  So we drove to this Chinese food place and it's this ity bity hole-in-the-wall place practically in the middle of nowhere, that smelled of Chinese food mixed with something rather odd--I still cannot put my finger on what that smell was... maybe it was just the old building... there were maybe 5 stores around this shop in the whole complex... on an unrelated note Brand tried convincing the shop lady to buy the space next to her--I don't blame her for saying no, it was a horrible location and they didn't have many customers. Long story short we had dinner and it was good. 

BoBo China, I'm glad you were my first impression of hole-in-the-wall-takeout. I will forever be changed. And no, you have a nice day! 

Happy Monday!

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you can do anything

This video is oh-so-powerful. 
It amazes me what these children can do, they are so smart! 


Thursday, November 21, 2013

its been 5 years and I can't believe it

I don't know, don't these kids look so young?  It's weird looking back at wedding pictures.  I can honestly say that I don't remember much about my wedding day.  I remember the temple, I remember taking some pictures, I remember eating lunch and I remember part of the reception.  I don't however remember many details from the day, it's kind of a sad thing. If I were able to go back and tell my young self to soak it up, live it up and write it down... I would.  I'm sure grateful for pictures though. 

Isn't there just something lovely about pictures? They capture that moment in time. The places you've been, the people you've met, your experiences. I love pictures.  And that could be the very reason why I am constantly taking pictures--which in turn is the reason why my memory in my phone fills up so fast. Don't hate me. 

Anyways, today marks our 5 year anniversary.  Sometimes it feels like yesterday, other days it feels like decades ago. I think these past 5 years we have experienced sooooo much.  We've gone through school, worked our tail ends off, gone to school again, made our first big-kid car purchase, moved a few times, been robbed, held "together" church callings (my favorite by the way).  We have inside jokes, a lot of them are about The Office--who would have guessed, we've fallen in love with shows, share the same belief in Frasier, we sing the following two songs constantly, don't know what it is about them... something about love. 

I'm so happy, lucky, and blessed to have such a great best friend.  The kind that knows how to make you laugh, the belly laugh kind where your abs get sore.  The kind that can make references over and over about movie quotes, including and not limited to 'the man who knew to little' and 'tommy boy'. And it doesn't get old.  

Happy 5 years Brand, here's to many more and to the future that we can't yet see. 

to read up on our wedding day, pre wedding day, decor, and other things start here

Heart And Soul by Dean Martin on Grooveshark
A bushel and a peck by Doris Day on Grooveshark


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

when in Rocky Point

when in Rocky Point eat Thrifty. 
Never heard of Thrifty? 
You must be from another country, it is solely one of the best places to get ice cream.
It's one of those older than dirt ice cream makers--not to be confused with how the ice cream tastes, and I think the fact that we went two times in a day and a half tells you just how good it is. 

when in Rocky Point enjoy the beach. 
I don't care if you live in California, the beach in Rocky Point is soooo much better. 
I'm not the kind of person who likes over crowded beaches. I mean I like having plenty of room to spread out my beach towel.  Also, it's nice to not have to worry about crashing into someone when you are in the ocean. 

when in Rocky Point drive around. 
Experience the drive, I'll tell ya some of the people are theee woooorst drivers ever, but I think you will find that anywhere you go. 
See the town during the day. See how the people live. 
It will open your eyes and you will definitely feel grateful for what you have. 

when in Rocky Point go to the grocery store. 
Buy tortillas!  Buy some of their food. I have an addiction to their peanut butter and these delectable cookies called Chokis! 
You also might find that their version of walmart has green, yellow, and red buggies. 

when in Rocky Point eat out.
They have some of the best food, it's made fresh and it's delicious. 
My most favorite toping is the guacamole, but you can't forget about the delicious tacos and burritos. 
We have a few "go-to-s" when we go down there, we are on a nane-to-name basis kind of thing.
p.s. my mouth is watering. 

when in Rocky Point go to church.
seeing people worship in a different language is one of the coolest things for me. 
I remember my first time going to church in Rocky Point. 
I had no idea what was being said, but I knew that I was home. 

when in Rocky Point visit the shops.
Buy stuff, this time Brand bought this hat--I love it. 
It's one of those awesome fedoras, spent 10$ on it--could have bought it for 8 maybe 6, oh well. 
and of course I wear it too. 
It's the perfect color and was the first one he picked up. 
Good pick Brand.

when in Rocky Point take pictures of the Spanish signs. 
You'll see that so many of them have English translations, it's a tourist town guys.

If you are headed to Rocky Point anytime soon or thinking about it and have any questions what-so-ever email me! I'd love to help you out and give you some tips on where to eat! 

if you want to see the resort we stayed in while we were there go here


Monday, November 18, 2013

Sonoran Sun Resort, Rocky Point Mexico Sea Side Reservations

A few months back I was contacted by Sea Side Reservations and asked to review one of their resorts located in Rocky Point, Mexico.  
And of course I started blushing as soon as I read the email.

If you've been following me for a while you'll know that Brand and I are suckers for Rocky Point. 
The first time I visited I knew it would only be the first of many trips. 
And I don't care what people say about Mexico, I can't tell you enough good things about Rocky Point. 
When Brand and I go down to Rocky Point we usually stay in a beach house, so going to a Condo Resort was something new and let me tell you, it was a great first impression! 

I can't tell you enough good things about The Sonoran Sun Resort
From the Condo to the beach to the amenities to the pool. 
We had everything we needed right at the Resort. 

Our Condo was a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo with plenty of open space. 
I'm pretty sure the first thing I said when I walked in was
"Wow! This is nice!"

When you walk in there is a entry way (you can see it in the first picture) that leads you to the kitchen and the big open family room and dining room space. 
Through the hall that leads you to the kitchen you'll find a bedroom, bathroom and a laundry room. 
And then at the end of the big open family room, near the balcony door is the master bedroom, with a really pretty bathroom. 

I'm serious guys, I felt like I was on house hunters international. 
It's such a pretty place! 
I didn't get a picture of the other bedroom or bathroom, but picture a room a tad bit smaller with similar design ideas. 
If you want to see more pictures of a similar condo with really good angles head here

And to make matters even more paradisaical just walk out onto the balcony and breath this in. 

I think it's safe to say that we had a beautiful view at a beautiful place. 
The pool to the east was heated and they had 2 jacuzzis that Brand and I took advantage of one night. 
I never thought I would use them, but it was really nice to just sit back in the warm jacuzzis and listen to the ocean. 
Oh, and between the heated pool and other pool is a swim up bar!!

This time of year in Rocky Point is heavenly, you've got the cool air, with the nice breeze. 
The ocean was a little bit too cold for me, but Brand and the boys were no strangers to it. 
I think one of the nicest things about having a heated pool and jacuzzi near the ocean is that once you get out of the cold ocean you can jump into a nice heated pool.
After washing off all that salt water of course. 

I'm pretty sure I have at least 10 pictures of that swimming pool, ocean, and point view.
It's the kind of view that I just couldn't get over, I haaaad to make sure I got a good picture of it. 

Annnnd here are a few more pictures of some of the areas around the resort. 
They have a restaurant, a gym, and a gift shop. 

Oh, and don't forget about the parking, at the entrance to the Resort there are guards who control who comes in and who goes out. It's really nice and made me feel at ease.

Obviously me, Brand, and the boys had an awesome time at The Sonoran Sun Resort
We recommend going through Sea Side Reservations to book your next stay in Rocky Point! 

Stay tuned for tomorrow for tips on what to do in Rocky Point. 

*For this review I was provided a two night stay at The Sonoran Sun Resort.  These words are my own.



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