Monday, October 14, 2013

weekend shenanigans

This weekend was definitely the weekend that brought fall to Arizona. There was a nice crisp breeze during the day, and when you stood in the sun it felt oh-so-right.

In our neighborhood it was garage sale weekend.  I was so excited because I remember when I was a kid how huge garage sales were. Almost every other house used to sell/give away their junk, and it all seemed like one really big party.  Well, in case you didn't know, times have changed and now there is only one garage sale for every twelve houses, or so.  I was pretty bummed out. The night before I dreamt about walking through the neighborhoods looking at people's old things, enjoying the weather and just spending some time outside with Brand. After reality hit and we started driving through the neighborhoods to "window shop" I had about enough, this wasn't what I had planned.  So, we headed to Brand's parents to take their doggies for a walk and look at the garage sales in their neighborhood.

And let me say walking was so much more fun.  We stopped at the places that looked the most interesting and found some really awesome deals, but didn't buy any of course.  Just picture this really smart dark emrald green leather chair with gold pinching and dark cherry wood arms and legs.  It was something out of an office design catalog. I tried to picture it in our apartment, but couldn't find a spot for it.

This weekend Brand studied at school and I brought him dinner.  I was driving home from "work" and stopped on by the panda express for some to-go orange chicken.  We ate in one of his classrooms and boy did I feel like a rebel without a cause.  Brand has been studying oh-so-much lately, which again I'm not complaining, I'm so impressed with his ambition to learn and succeed.

I also accomplished a lot of crocheting this weekend.  I'm off school and "work" a couple days this week so I didn't really have much homework to prepare.  I created "hoot" the owl, half of his body is pictured above and he will be placed in my etsy shop soon, and I'm also trying to quickly finish this tunisian black and white (my second afghan that I'm making for Brand and I, one that will be used more often though).

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  1. That blanket looks SO comfy & that tiny owl. Soon! :)

    xo fal •

  2. Your crocheting is so amazing! That little owl is so cute.

    New bloglovin follower from the Collective Blog Hop!
    Hope you'll hop over to my blog, too!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  3. That owl is adorable! You have skills, lady! :-)



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