Tuesday, October 15, 2013

that's what I'm talkin about


With the fall and winter season upon us I get really excited. 
I love the Arizona winter. 
It's not too cold, but cold enough to have to bundle up. 
When I think of the winter season I think about dressing warm. 
When I think about dressing warm I think about big chunky scarves, leg warmers and blankets. 
Thinking about them makes me want to make them. 
Here are some chunkys that are necessary for a warm winter. 
Super chunky scarf
This girl takes some of the most random pictures, but her chunky scarves are amazing. 
Needing me a pair of boot cuffs.
I can picture myself on this couch with this chunky blanket
And the color in this one?! Wow. 

What do you like most about winter? 


  1. i love chunky scarves for the winter especially warm crochet ones!

    Thanks for stopping by Grab A Friend Hop! new follower via bloglovin & GFC!

  2. I most definitely love dressing all warm and cozy in the fall and winter. It makes my heart so happy!



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