Tuesday, October 08, 2013

that's what I'm talkin about


This weekend I had one of those shut-up moments! 
Not like shut-up and be quiet, but
Exciting wise!
So I was googling and found this seriously awesome etsy shop
They crochet handmade mini dogs. 
Obviously I want this one, because that's almost exactly what my dog looked like! 
I know right?! 
Okay, so let me show you what else I found this weekend.
A carrot cake recipe that looks heavenly
This girls new skirts, it looks so twirl worthy. 
Not to toot my own horn, but I've been making this on the regular. So easy and yummy
One tip, don't use too much salsa. 
Oh and this sweater, this one, this one (I mean any color, really) and this over sized cardigan.  
Where's the $100 gift card I'm supposed to find in my pocket?



  1. Those dogs are so cute! I wish I were that talented! :-)


  2. I understand your excitement. very cute!

  3. I want $100 to spend on frivolous things on Etsy haha.



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