Friday, October 11, 2013

my week in pictures

Let me tell you about Bell{e}. She is a one-of-a-kind, warm hearted, loving, girl who longs for affection. Every week at AHS I fall in love with a few animals and watch on the website to make sure they get adopted. Its like my mission of sorts. My favorite part about Bell{e} is that if you stop petting her she will nose bonk your hand to get you to keep going. She got adopted this week, so all is well in the world. 

It seems as though those cold or warm, whatever the weather demands, metal benches are my lot-in-life, figuratively and literally.  I find myself there way too often to wait for the school shuttle to pick me up and take me to school. I would not be surprised if I started developing a irrational hate relationship between those benches.

I've found my self sitting at this exact computer bench every night for the past two weeks. (Don't mind the wires, I'm only human).  It would be a better story say if I was having fun or getting creative on this computer, however it's all about homework.  But, wallowing in self pity is not attractive.

This week seemed to have flown by.  The weather is starting to get so nice here! I can't believe how beautiful it was outside today. The smell of that fresh air in my apartment really tickles me. Its oh so crisp and cool.

Happy Friday Friends! I hope the weekend finds you well!

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wednesday: awkward and awesome

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  1. i'm loving the weather here lately too! hoping it gets just a little cooler so i can wear boots! have a great weekend!!

  2. I love your cute little desk area. We don't room for a desk so I study at our kitchen table haha. I'm loving the fall too! :)



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