Wednesday, October 09, 2013

awkward and awesome

 Top: downeast basics, cardi: jcpenny, jeans: nordstrom, sandals: famous footwear(I think?), watch: no longer selling, earrings: walmart

When it's windy outside, you have your backpack on, and something keeps hitting your bum.  You look behind you to see if someone is playing a trick on you and realize that the cuplrate is your backpack straps. 
For a second there I thought it was possible that someone was actually hitting my bum. 

When someone steals your seat and then you have to steal someone elses because there aren't any open seats in the class.

Getting ready to take a test, the papers are being handed out and someone's phone goes off and the ring tone is "let the bodies hit the floor".  Kind of fitting. 

Buttcracks.  It doesn't matter where you see them. Well, except if they are on a baby. 

I'm late for the bus and there is standing room only except for the one seat that has a girls backpack on it.  I ask her if I can "sit there" she responds by giving me the biggest stink eye moves her bag with a sigh, and then moves her legs gesturing me to CLIMB over her.  I'm sorry, I didn't realize your BACKPACK was so important! 

When you accidentally make someone think you go to whiskey row for the alcohol. And it's too late to recover so you change the subject. 
The person next to you on the bus giving up their seat so an elderly woman doesn't have to walk all the way to the back of the bus to find a seat. 

The season permier of the mindy project. Seriously, such a funny show! 

Having your bus driver call you little sister, long story short he's Native American and I'm 1/16 Chippewa.

The weather cooling down. But I don't think many of you understand... this is awwwesome

Happy Thursday lovely friends!



  1. I LOVE the Mindy Project! Definitely one of my favorites! :-)

  2. Stealing someone's seat because someone stole yours. Yup it's pretty weird. haha. And buttcracks. Always buttcracks.



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